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Blockchain technology's impact on modern industries is huge, even if some of its use cases are still only theoretical. Still, the blockchain is seen as the next step in our technological evolution, and with it, it would be possible to revolutionize the world. Countless industries out there require changes to their technology, upgrades, or completely revamped methods of doing things. Without blockchain, this was either impossible, or extremely difficult to achieve due to older technologies' limitations.

The effects of blockchain are already clear when we take a look at the crypto industry, its fast evolution, as well as everything that it managed to achieve in the last two years, since going big. But that is still only one of many that blockchain can impact. This technology is quite close to the gaming industry, and the two are becoming closer and closer with each new project. Next, blockchain is also believed to be the solution that would improve the healthcare industry.

The technology used in healthcare is so old and outdated that it would be considered as such even if blockchain did not even exist. With the blockchain around, it is only a matter of time before it starts infiltrating healthcare and bringing major changes.

However, some industries already saw huge impacts thanks to this technology, and new projects that are solidifying the change keep emerging. That includes logistics, supply chains, transit, and alike, and one of the new projects that aim to help improve these areas is IMMLA.


IMMLA, or International MultiModal Logistics Application, is a project that is working on creating multimodal deliveries service with decentralized control system of transportation, payments, and document flow. The ecosystem employs monitoring cargo damage during transit, time of delivery, as well as Dutch auction of carriers, in order to offer the best prices.

In addition, the project can also secure GPS-cargo monitoring, as well as insurance to make a safe and transparent delivery. Of course, IMMLA is also capable of handling the trust-sensitive parts of the service, and it does so through the use of Ethereum-based smart contracts.

This is designed to reduce the risks of unfair business practices, and even eliminate them completely, if possible. What's more, the project remains convinced that the spread of fast internet on transport routes and the use of blockchain technology are at the perfect level for IMMLA to be launched successfully. Of course, to do so, the project will also need its own cryptocurrency to power the ecosystem.

IMMLA ICO details

IMMLA did not release a lot of details regarding its upcoming token sale. In fact, even its date is currently unknown. However, it is known that the token will be known as IML, and that it is a utility developed on Ethereum network, which makes it another ERC-20 token.

It is also known that the project will only be accepting Ethereum coins in exchange for IML, and that 1 ETH will allow investors to purchase up to 5,200 IML. The Russia-based project has so far announced a bonus, but nothing other than that.

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StartJuly 1, 2019
EndSeptember 30, 2019

After checking the pre-alpha video, posted on IMMLA website, I can conclude that the platform is somewhat simplistic with regards to the interface and the feature set. Everything looks, and seemingly works, just like a common logistics software where you pick two points on the map and then choose the appropriate carrier, and so on. Basically, all they do is digitizing and expediting the usual process. IMMLA leaves it to a cargo owner to pick the optimal route, hauler, etc. That is very time-consuming. They should have thought about incorporating artificial intelligence.

Synthia   August 10, 2019  

From what I can see, the logistics is gradually becoming the third most popular area of application of the blockchain technology, behind finance and data management. Right now, there is a plethora of startups that offer solutions for this particular sector, which subsequently boosts the competition and the quality of developed products. Speaking of IMMLA, I can’t really say that their concept and business model has taken my breath away, though it is elaborate enough to get on my list of projects “for consideration”.

Mickey   July 26, 2019  

The project was announced a long time ago, back in late 2017. However, it would appear that it is either taking its time, or it got abandoned in the meantime, as the ICO is still pending. Not only that, but there is a serious lack of information, the project has no white paper, and it has some unverified team members and advisors. Add the lack of ICO KYC report on top of that, and it is clear why many avoid it.

Gerry   July 14, 2019  

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