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Throughout the entire history of cryptocurrencies, one of the main methods of obtaining new coins and tokens has been crypto mining. Mining is still present in massive quantities today, even though there are numerous projects that do not depend on it anymore. However, for those that do — crypto mining remains as crucial as ever. It is the process that helps run the blockchain, it rewards those who verify transactions, and it releases new coins into circulation in a controlled manner.

However, depending on the project, mining can be a troublesome process, at least as much as it is rewarding. As you likely know, Bitcoin is the king among cryptocurrencies, but also the most expensive coin to mine. It requires expensive gear, quite expensive resources, such as electricity, and it is extremely competitive.

These issues are a part of the reason why a number of project developers have given up on mining a long time ago, and have chosen to either mine all of their coins themselves, or use another method of releasing them into circulation. Of course, this is not the case with every project, and some have taken a different route — one that has a goal of providing new solutions when it comes to mining. One of the newest projects that have decided to tackle this issue is GoMiner.

About GoMiner

GoMiner is a new project that acts as the first token-based Cloud Mining in the entire crypto mining industry. The project has created its own token that will ensure the most profitable and versatile cloud mining.

Simply put, the new cloud mining process will allow miners to earn profits in a very easy, laid-back way. All that miners will have to do is purchase the firm's token and sign a contract wit the company. That way, they will be allowed to convert the token into hash power.

The project's token will be a P2P token, featuring highly-sophisticated security. It will also be a multi-functional cryptocurrency, which can be used for interaction and expansion of the way the miners earn money in cloud mining. In other words, miners will be able to upgrade their accounts further, as well as purchase additional services.

The project was originally founded back in 2017, with nothing but a group of programmers who wanted to bring a change to the crypto industry. As the company started to grow, it also started attracting professionals who provided their services and allowed the firm to grow further. Now, the project is nearing the launch of its systems, with its ICO already being underway.

GoMiner ICO details

As mentioned, GoMiner has already launched its ICO. The token sale started on September 14th, and it will last until December 21st of this year, ending in approximately 65 days. This leaves plenty of time for interested investors to do all the proper research that they require before deciding whether or not to invest in this project.

The token sale is offering a token called Gominer Token (GT) — a utility created on its own blockchain, unlike most other tokens that are created on Ethereum's or other platforms. Gominer's ICO price sits at $0.00136363 per unit, and interested investors can purchase it with BTC.

The minimum investment is only $10, which makes the token available for anyone who might be interested. Other than that, it is also known that the project was registered in Canada and that investors have to go through KYC and Whitelist procedures in order to participate. As far as it is known, there are no restricted areas that might be prevented from participating.

Author: Ali Raza for Crypto-Rating.com

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StartSeptember 14, 2019
EndDecember 21, 2019

Judging from the info on the GoMiner official website, the token sale is going pretty well. As of now, the project has already gathered approximately 20% of the established financial goal, which is a good showing for a team that didn't have that much media coverage. Cloud mining has always had its share of users, who can't afford to buy mining equipment. I think that we will see more projects like GoMiner in the future, but they would definitely remain the pioneers in this field.

Kelsey Bing   September 23, 2020  

This elaborate and poorly executed scam starts with presenting a website of "GoMiner Tech" with the basics of any Cryptocurrency startup: Timeline Roadmap, Development Team, and GoMiner even has it's own "hardware" to carry out the proof of work - mining - of several algorithms. However, the Development team are digitally composited by AI and career CV profiles have been fabricated. The mining dashboard also indicates that the GMXR1 Cryptocurrency Miner is another myth, as user's mining hash rate and rig temperatures are randomly generated at runtime for the website with Math.Random functions. The videos are likely of an existing model such as an Antminer S9, that is vinyl wrapped with a carbon fiber plastic sheet. Updates are done arbitrarily and users are never notified through official channels of communication. The Android app no longer states its development team are based in Canada, but in Hong Kong. Many connections to fake websites help propagate the scam. It even has received positive reviews, that give withdrawal proof, but on close examination, identical bitcoin wallets are used by the several "individuals" providing the review. Administrators have trouble with simple arithmetic, such as applying 10%, 20% or 40% discounts, or providing the correct earning rates for mining or staking. GoMiner are also not registered to legally deal or advise as a Financial Securities Firm in Canada, as advised by the Ontario Securities Commission.

NeoBeum   June 30, 2020  

The first thing that I thought after opening the go-miner homepage is, "Oh well, just another mining startup that probably offers something trivial." But after doing some browsing and getting acquainted with the mining options that they offer, I must say that Gominer managed to kindle my interest. I like that they offer the two-week trial with no financial commitment. Sure, it is a marketing trick, but not many cloud mining providers actually do that, so kudos to Gominer.

1Whiskey_Please   April 29, 2020  

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