GOeureka (GOeureka) Review

After the crypto price surge in late 2017, many expected the prices to continue going up in 2018 as well. As we know now, this never happened, and instead, the crypto world experienced a massive market crash, and then a year-long bear market which drove the prices further down. A lot of coins lost over 80% of their value, and even Bitcoin itself eventually dropped down to $3,200.

The entire crypto world felt the consequences, and many believed that the issues that the ICO model had experienced would finally lay it to rest. With the investors highly skeptical of new coins, and reports of scams coming from all around the world  - the future of ICO did not seem bright.

But, even so, there were several successful token sales during this period, with one of the most notable ones being GOeureka.

About GOeureka

GOeureka is a travel tech company which has created its booking platform on the blockchain technology. The company's goal is to decentralize hotel booking and provide hotel customers with greater transparency. In addition, this method would allow hotels to get in contact with their customers directly.

GOeureka acts as hotels' tech partner, with an aim to provide a more dynamic and enjoyable digital experience for users, while also making it a lot more cost-effective. With online travel agents charging a massive commission on providing pretty much the same service, GOeureka's project will come as a much more affordable alternative.

The project has a good team, a great vision, and a huge available market — all of which are crucial aspects for the success of a project such as this one.

GOeureka ICO details

As mentioned, GOeureka's ICO was held in 2018 — which was one of the worst periods to hold an ICO. However, the project still holds great potential due to a necessity for this kind of service.

It launched its cryptocurrency, known as GO Token (GOT), from Singapore, with the preICO starting on June 15th, 2018, and ending on July 15th. The ICO itself started on July 16, and it lasted until November 30th of the same year.

Unfortunately, the ICO had some restrictions, which prevented investors from USA and China from participating. However, it was open to the rest of the world, with an ICO price of $0.1 per token. The token itself was designed to act as a utility. In order to participate, investors were required to go through KYC and Whitelist procedures, but that was the only requirement.

Currently, the project has a circulating supply of 139,762,758 units, although its market cap is low, sitting at only $158,335. However, there are many who believe that this coin's time has yet to arrive and that investing in it while it is cheap could bring massive profits in the future. Of course, investors are advised to carefully study any coin they might want to purchase before actually doing so.

With a high number of scams and bad projects around, investors should be sure that each investment is exactly what they want, and not simply follow the hype or others' advice.

Author: Ali Raza for Crypto-Rating.com

StartJuly 16, 2018
EndNovember 30, 2018
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