Gemstra (Gemstra) Review

Gemstra Brings Businesses and Influencers Together

Gemstra is a blockchain ecosystem designed for the mutual benefit of businesses and thousands of established influencers and opinion leaders. The project had already created a digital infrastructure, known as ASTRA, using Dexon protocol. ASTRA is comprised of three key modules, Knowy, Boutiques, and Dash, powered by the DRC-20 tokens called GEMS. It provides means for the biggest players on the retail market to connect directly with influencers and use their social media presence for building new sales funnels. The influencers are given a unique opportunity to monetize their recognizability.     


It is sad but true: honest and trustworthy reviews on pretty much every online retail platform are as scarce as hen’s teeth. It is not a secret that the likes of Amazon are ‘bribing’ the customers with gifts or substantial discounts, asking them to compose positive reviews even though the product itself might be of sub-par quality. 

By corrupting the concept of unbiased reviews, these retail platforms deprive the consumers of an opportunity for making an educated choice of a commodity that should fully satisfy their needs.

Gemstra aims to restore consumers’ trust in the review system by introducing such notions as reputation, relevance, and ratings. This idea has found its embodiment in the project’s flagship module called Knowy, a Dexon-enabled online medium for objective product reviews.

Each review is to be evaluated by other users, who can deem it either honest and useful or inappropriate. These assessments impact the relevance of the review, which, in turn, correlates directly with the overall rating on the reviewer. The publication of the honest and relevant review is rewarded in the form of GEMS tokens, proportionally to the author’s rating.

Currently, Gemstra runs an alpha-version of Knowy on the Dexon mainnet. The public release of Knowy for iOS is planned for the Q2 of 2019.


Boutiques is an innovative framework for online commerce that has been put into operation in 2017. It serves as a point of convergence for brands and influencers. The former integrate their product catalogs while the latter pick the favorable product and start promoting it via sales funnels and online stores, which influencers can build using a broad range of instruments provided by Gemstra. The project members claim that 8 brands and a couple of thousands of influencers are already using Boutiques in a profiting way.


Dash is a management module that allows influencers to administer the flow of sales, transactions, and analyze the performance of each given product. Businesses, on their hand, are afforded to exercise supervision over influencers and check the efficiency of their sales activities.

GEMS token economy

GEMS is a fungible token that has several areas of implementation: staking, reward allocation, compensation, and payments. Staking plays a key role in the process of governance execution on the platform which stipulates for the provision of rights, granting of voting power, and establishing the reputation. Influencers receive rewards and compensation in GEMS for successful cooperation with brands and businesses.

IEO details

Gemstra is currently running the pre-sale on Cobinhood crypto exchange. The pre-sale ends on June 30, and should be followed by the two-week ICO scheduled for the period from August 1 until August 14.

The price of 1 GEMS is 0.0001 ETH, including a 12% bonus. The minimum investment limit is set at 0.3 ETH. Gemstra offers an opportunity to get free GEMS via its airdrop and bounty programs. Citizens of the United States and China won’t be allowed to join the token sale.

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StartNovember 1, 2018
EndNovember 27, 2018
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