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The cryptocurrency market continues to progress and develop, with more investors, traders, coin holders, and regular crypto enthusiasts joining the sector from all around the world, on a daily basis. The surging crypto prices of 2019 have certainly inspired many new participants to join the market, as well as some of the old ones to return. The sector is advancing faster than ever, with new projects, coins, and tokens emerging all the time.

New, advanced technologies are appearing all the time, as well, promising to revolutionize old concepts, or coming up with entirely new ones. Countless issues are being resolved right now, and it is certainly an exciting time for tech and finance industries alike.

Of course, there are always more issues to be solved, more advances to be made, and more technologies to revolutionize. Money transfers themselves are still considered overly complex in the crypto space, and it is believed that simpler alternatives could be reached.

Not to mention the fact that users from around the world need a reliable way to purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat, or vice versa. Of course, there are many services that are already providing such services, but more is always better, as it provides alternatives, better solutions, and competitive prices. All that is left is for users to get an easy way to locate them. This is what the project called Find.Exchange aims to provide.

About Find.Exchange

Find.Exchange is a project that offers everyday users a powerful aggregator, a comparison, and a search engine. It promises numerous services, such as money transfers, prepaid currency cards, access to foreign currencies, and more. Simply put, the platform would find and compare everything regarding these services, including speeds, rewards, exchange rates, offers, and more.

Comparisons of online money transfers, card providers, forex bureaus, travel agents, banks, post offices, supermarkets, and alike will allow users to easily find the best service for what they need. The project is, of course, based on the blockchain technology, and its goal is to create a Decentralised Global Comparison Money Transfer Platform for crypto and fiat currencies.

Blockchain's decentralized architecture will allow Find.Exchange to enable a more cost-efficient, seamless, and secure method of transferring money abroad. The project will make matters even simpler through strategic partnerships. Meanwhile, the introduction of a blockchain within the KYC process will also reduce the need for 3rd party KYC compliance firms. That way, users would be able to get an independent verification by one of the firm's partners, and recognized as a verified user by other partners as well. All that the project requires now is its own native token.

Find.Exchange ICO details

The time and date of Find.Exchange's token sale remains unknown at this time. However, a lot of other details were released.

For example, its token will be known as FEX, and it will be a utility that is being developed as an ERC-20 token on Ethereum's network. Its preICO price will be $0.22 per token, while the ICO price will be $0.4 per 1 FEX.

The project already announced a bounty, a bonus, and it features an MVP. Users will be able to purchase the token in exchange for Bitcoin or Ethereum coins, with the minimum investment being 0.1 ETH. Meanwhile, the ICO's soft cap will be $3 million, and the hard cap sits at $33 million.

The project itself was registered in the UK, with the US and China being its only restricted areas. For the rest of the world, KYC and Whitelist procedures will be mandatory, but those willing to go through with them will be welcomed to join.

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StartJuly 1, 2019
EndSeptember 30, 2019

Find.Exchange definitely has very ambitious plans, but I highly doubt that they will be able to put it into practice. The Decentralized Global Comparison Money Transfer is a very pompous name for a project that doesn't even have an accessible website. To tell you the truth, I am growing tired of startups that try to win over some investors by self-proclaiming their uniqueness. I see no substance behind Find.Exchange, let alone the potential for further growth.

Victor   September 25, 2019  

In my opinion, Find.Exchange is the kind of project that is built entirely on smoke and mirrors. These people want to make their sales pitch sound all sophisticated and smart, but, in reality, one can see it with the naked eye that Find.Exchange has no technological substance behind it whatsoever. Okay, so you are going to gather and analyze all info concerning cryptocurrencies, Forex bureaus, etc. By what means, may I ask? It should obviously be some kind of AI, but I don't see any mentions of that is the papers.

Anthony   August 11, 2019  

The project has a strong team, multiple advisors, and a clear goal, which all works to its benefit. It will certainly be worth following its progress.

Karen   August 5, 2019  

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