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Farm2Kitchen: Ensuring Food Traceability through Blockchain

The contemporary science has achieved significant results in growing and producing food en masse for the population of the developed countries. We already have plants that grow without soil, chemical fertilizers that allow farmers to gather incredible amounts of crops, powdered edibles, artificially enriched foods, and so on.

Despite that immensely broad variety of food options, the consumer is still kept in the dark about the origin of products, the methods of their processing and delivery, as well as the full chemical and biological composition of food that we see on the shelves.

Company information

However, as consumers are getting smarter and more demanding, the food industry found itself in desperate need of solutions that will ensure the traceability of food and the transparency of the entire production and distribution process. One such solution was elaborated by a healthy food distribution startup called Farm2Kitchen, which is comprised of entrepreneurs and IT specialists from India.

In was founded in 2015 as an online store of organically grown wholesome food, and over the years, has grown the network of 100 thousand farmers and distributors which operate mainly in India. Now, the team has arrived at the stage where the need to scale the operations with the help of the blockchain technology.

The mission statement and the network architecture

Thanks to the use of the Ethereum blockchain, and its trademark smart contracts, Farm2Kitchen built a platform that resolves such issues as the lack of traceability, the absence of means for recalling the spoilt food, the ever-growing volume of food wastage, and the shortage of mechanisms for establishing a fair price on healthy food.

The Farm2Kitchen team has set itself a goal of revolutionizing the food industry by establishing the first blockchain-enabled supply chain that allows the end-consumers to rest assured of the impeccability of the purchased food, whilst the farmers and distributors get a chance to maintain a proven reputation.

The platform architecture is not overly complicated: it consists of an API layer atop of the blockchain foundation, supplemented by such tools as mobile apps and admin web portal. Farm2Kitchen features three types of applications: the transporter app for delivery tracking; the farmer app for order management; the restaurant app for food tracking and raising safety alerts. All these operations are powered by the ERC-20 utility token named F2K, which can be used as a payment tool and also provide access to the exclusive features.

Team members

  • Anand Dholi. The founder who had devoted 18 years to working as a project manager for different Fortune 500 companies before turning his complete attention to the food industry.
  • Yogesh Kondaskar. The co-founder and CEO. An innovator and startup advisor who combines the active work at Farm2Kitchen with the role of an innovator at Bizteon.
  • Hemraj Gaidhani. The co-founder and COO. A PhD in chemical engineering who has vast experience in supply chain management.

Social media presence

Farm2Kitchen has a sizable army of followers throughout all social media platforms: 27,388 followers on Facebook, 6,589 on Twitter, and 9,010 on Telegram. The project produces content fairly regularly and in a well-written form.

ICO details

The project is currently conducting the third stage of the IEO that is organized on the Probit exchange through the Exmarkets launchpad. The price of 1 F2K is $0.1 with the minimum investment level established at 100 F2K. The project accepts only Bitcoin and Ethereum. All investors must pass KYC and get whitelisted. Citizens of China and the United States are disallowed from participating in the IEO.

Author: Alex Paulson for

StartApril 22, 2019
EndAugust 5, 2019

Farm2Kitchen doesn’t strike me as a project that can eventually achieve global success. Nevertheless, this project is actually promoting a very important concept, which is immensely useful for all those who are on the “diet watch”. Even if you aren’t on a diet, it is always good to know where the food that lays on your plate has come from. Best of luck to Farm2Kitchen, from now on, I will be on the lookout for similar projects that have better potential .

Drew   August 2, 2019  

Being a professional fitness model, I understand the importance of consuming healthy and high-quality food more than anyone else. You can’t even begin to imagine how tiresome it is to “hunt” for such food at the supermarkets. So, I am super excited that projects like Farm2Kitchen are emerging on blockchain. Once the team confirms that they will enter the British market, I will definitely become a member.

Mitchel   July 19, 2019  

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