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EzyStayz: Holiday Rental Platform on Blockchain

EzyStayz is an Australian blockchain project that has created a community marketplace where users can book and recommend rental properties located all over the world. The startup claims to be operating under the auspices of the registered rental company, though refrains from providing any concrete details. The token sale takes place in the form of the IEO, carried out on an unspecified launchpad.  

Platform specifications

Contrary to the majority of blockchain projects, EzyStayz approached the IEO fully prepared, having already rolled out a minimum viable product, the EzyStayz booking platform where one can get acquainted with the interface as well as some of the features, like booking or adding the property to the list of available rentals. Although the platform still looks somewhat underdeveloped, it appears to be functional with a decent list of apartments and terrace houses, located in such popular destinations as London, Sydney, Ibiza, and Bali.

By building the platform on the foundation of the Ethereum blockchain, EzyStayz attempts to relieve the property rental market of the excessive centralization and unreasonably high fees. In addition, the project wants to narrow the gap between the traditional and crypto markets, tapping into the latter's pool of gridlocked assets.   

To power this platform, EzyStayz introduces the ERC-20 compliant EZT token that must provide for the seamlessness and cost-efficiency of all transactions that take place in the ecosystem.   

The team

  • James Moses. The founder and CEO. Moses holds a bachelor degree in economics from the University of Sydney. Prior to establishing EasyStayz, he held the post of CEO of JMGM, the Australian property development company.
  • Sebastian Ashar. The co-founder and CTO. Ashar has extensive business experience, having established his first company, Boyle Business Group, back in 2010. He has also been involved with a number of companies, most of which were part of Tieday Group, a Stockholm-based e-commerce platform.      

IEO details

The sale of EZT tokens is going to take place in three stages, each stage having the predesignated token bonus and funding goal. The first stage is currently underway, with the end date established on January 5, 2020. The token price for this stage, as well as for the other two stages, is established at $0.01; all investors are eligible for the 50% token bonus. The second and third stages provide for the 20% and 10% token bonus, respectively.

The project allocated 240 million ETZ for the initial stage of the IEO, with another 480 million offered during the next leg of the token sale and 280 million at the concluding one. Correspondingly, EzyStayz has imposed different funding caps, in the amount of $1.6 million, $4 million, and $2.5 million for each respective stage. The overall hardcap of this IEO is $8.1 million. The project accepts payments in BTC, ETH, and USD.   

The last wave of IEO will be held in the period from February 17 until March 29, after which all unsold tokens will be burned. All investors are subject to KYC & AML check-up. The list of restricted areas includes the United States, Syria, North Korea, and Sudan.

Author: Alex Paulson for Crypto-Rating.com

Pre-Ico Start dateOctober 1, 2019
Pre-Ico End dateOctober 31, 2019
  • Sebastian Ashar. CTO
  • Sofia Cornelia Sörberg. Marketing Communication Manager
  • Hristo Piyankov. Tokenomics Expert
  • Manish Saini. Simplifying The Unthinkable With State Of Art Tech
  • Rahul Sharma. Designer
  • Carlii Lyon. Executive Branding Consultant
  • Rod Bellon. Community Manager
  • Catherine Kuzmina. Head of Content
  • James Moses. CEO
  • Andrey Shypunov. Advisor
  • April 2017. Private Investment raised of more than 1.5 million dollars EzyStayz Product. Development begins.
  • April 2018. EzyStayz launches MVP Web responsive.
  • June 2018. EzyStayz launches Web IOS App.
  • Sept 2018. EzyStayz launches Android App.
  • Dec 2019. Focus on host acquisition - 44,000 Listings in 60 countries achieved. We are adding 500 new listings per week, meaning a growth of host value of 50k-90k USD per month. With unique we mean that these are not coming through any channel partners making them more or less exclusive on our platform.
  • Jan 2019. Start building EzyStayz 2.0 large focus on hotel market.
  • Feb 2019. Start building EZT token, the Ezystayz token.
  • June 2019. Launch of EZT token and wallet.
  • July 2019. Release of Ezystayz channel manager open API on the blockchain enabling us to connect to massive databases of properties and hotels.
  • July 2019. Partnership and integration with the 1st Channel manager giving Ezystayz access to 400.000 new properties worldwide.
  • August 2019. Partnership and integration with the 2nd Channel manager giving Ezystayz access to 500,000 new Hotels worldwide.
  • Sept 2019. Partnership and integration with the 4th Channel manager giving Ezystayz access to the biggest database of hotels in the world.
  • Oct 2019. Partnership and integration with the 5th Channel manager giving Ezystayz access to APIs to find and book hotels including retail and negotiated rates from over 400,000 properties around the world.
  • Dec 2019. Acceptance of the EzyStayz coin as a new form of payment making it one of the very few OTA’s accepting crypto and accessing trillions of dollars. Launch of Ezystayz IEO.
  • March 2020. Release of the EzyStayz Credit Card so Hosts and travellers can use their EzyStayz. Tokens for payments.
  • Oct 2020. Reach 4500 bookings and a net revenue of 260000 USD (before marketing cost).
  • Jan 2021. EzyStayz will launch its property management marketplace which will help hosts management of guest arrivals, professional cleaning, around the clock assistance, cooking services and more. The feature will be built on the blockchain and connect service providers & EzyStayz members with hosts requirement.
  • Jan 2021. 76 00 00 bookings, 48M USD net revenue (before marketing cost), conversion rate increase from year one with 0.4% & average customer acquisition cost decreased with almost 30%.

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StartDecember 1, 2019
EndMarch 29, 2020
Soft cap$2 500 000
Hard cap$8 100 000
Minimum investment100 USD
Tokens for sale1792000000
AcceptingUSD, ETH, BTC

The property market offers enormous potential for the incorporation of blockchain technology. All technological specifications and capabilities of blockchain are tailored for the needs of the real estate industry. EzyStayz wants to occupy only a certain niche of this market, but it would be enough for this project to shine, given that the team puts more effort into platform development. All in all, EzyStays will stay on my radar while I'll keep looking for other interesting ICOs.

Manol0   December 31, 2020  

EzyStaZ has a number of pros and cons. First of all, it pleases me to see that someone is responsible enough to develop at least some kind of a working platform before going out to beg the crypto community for money. Secondly, I like their team roster. But they are entering a space that is becoming super competitive, so the chances of success are getting slimmer by the day.

QwertyPuma   January 22, 2020  

The project boasts about having a downloadable application available at both Google Play and App Store. I checked the app at Google and found out that it was downloaded only slightly more than 50 times, which is a pathetic result for a startup that wants to attract serious funds. The idea is fine - we need a blockchain alternative to AirBnB - but EzyStayz didn't manage to execute it properly.

Mr.Right   January 10, 2020  

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