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Exortion - ICO Review

Among the many improvements that cryptocurrency brings, one of the largest ones is its inclusiveness. In other words, cryptocurrencies can solve one of the biggest world issues, which lies in the fact that a huge percentage of the population is still either underbanked, or completely unbanked.

It is estimated that over a billion people don't have access to banks and finances that are the privilege of more developed countries. As such, they are denied access to the global economy and financial industry, which hurts them, as well as the industry itself. Efforts to change this through traditional methods have been fruitless due to a variety of issues, and the situation has changed little so far.

However, cryptocurrencies have much better chances of actually bringing change to these people, thanks to the fact that they are available instantly to anyone from any place. Of course, there are issues to deal with here as well, most of which concern the crypto industry itself. The lack of regulations prevents adoption, whereas regulations themselves won't arrive until cryptos reach a certain point in their development.

Because of this, there are projects that are trying to achieve change by providing more efficient and stable solutions, which may have the potential to be implemented sooner, with one such project being Exortion.

About Exortion

Exortion is a project that aims to enable individuals to play a greater role in modern society, simply by giving them access to finances. This can push the economy further by allowing people to start their own businesses, secure their financial future, achieve better education, and more.

Exortion is also home to some of the most sophisticated financial markets around the world. Even so, a lot of the financial sector that it covers is being dominated by banks, However, other technological advances, such as those in the mobile phone industry, as well as digital banking, are rapidly removing former barriers to finance.

However, there is another issue to consider — the fact that product innovation must ensure that customers have access to as many financial services products as possible. More than that, these products need to be secure and trustworthy, which is why the project is launching its own gold-backed cryptocurrency. 

After all, mobile apps and various digital trading platforms allow people to purchase or sell gold with ease, and gold is still one of the most attractive assets to customers around the world. This is why Exortion's coin will be stable, reliable, and transparent. The combination of gold and crypto and blockchain technologies will become a perfect payment and investment tool for users across the globe. All that remains is for the project's token to be distributed, which is happening right now.

Exortion ICO details

As mentioned, the project is currently in the process of distributing its token, with its preICO stage currently being underway. The preICO started on Septemeber 30th, and it will end in about 12 days, on October 29th. After that, the ICO will start on October 30th, and it will last until January 29th, 2020.

The token sale will offer a token called EXOE, which is a utility token developed on Ethereum's platform. Its ICO price will be $0.1 per 1 EXOE, and the project will accept Ethereum coins in exchange for their tokens. The project already features a bonus, and it has set up its soft cap at $3 million, while the hard cap sits at $21 million.

Finally, the project is registered in Thailand, and interested investors can join after going through the KYC procedure. Also, while the project did confirm that it will have restricted areas, it is still unknown which areas will actually be prevented from participating in the ICO.

Author: Ali Raza for Crypto-Rating.com

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StartOctober 30, 2019
EndJanuary 21, 2020

Projects like Exortion remind me of turtle babies that are trying to get to the ocean waters across the blistering hot sand, right after they hatched out of the egg. I hope you get the analogy here. Hundreds of them start on this hard path but only a few of them survive. The same would happen to Exortion. The niche of blockchain microfinancing is already oversaturated, while this project doesn't offer any unique solutions. But who knows, maybe Exortion will turn out to be a late bloomer.

John_Pirate_Neruda   December 29, 2019  

Exortion is one of many microfinancing, trading, and gold-backed projects that I come across almost on a daily basis. As you can probably see, none of them were able to achieve the set goals. Just look at Libra: it is also kinda trying to give people some financial freedom, though, in reality, it's a huge trap, but see how vehemently the governments are trying to fight this initiative. The same would happen to Exortion and other better projects because they are entering the enemy's territory.

BitcoinRealist   December 5, 2019  

What is wrong with people and their unquenchable lust for gold? There are so many other, more profit-bearing, means for value storing, but gold still remains the bait that almost everyone wants to take. Just scratch out the theses about gold from the Exortion whitepaper and you will see nothing but a pile of vague promises and utopian concepts. Clearly, this project is just fishing for easy money without any intention of providing some viable product.

No Mine_No gain   November 16, 2019  

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