Eventboost EVA (Eventboost EVA) Review

Ever since the internet had matured, a lot of things got much more efficient. It became easier to search for information, educate ourselves, seek out news, guides, and alike. You can book a flight without having to go to the airport, play a game without having to buy it from a physical store, manage your bills, shop, order food with a few clicks, and more.

Of course, all of these benefits come with a few drawbacks, one of which is a high number of online scams. Scammers seem to exist in pretty much every industry, and outside of them all at the same time. There is never a lack of criminals trying to trick people out of their money, information, or other possessions.

Ticketing is hit especially bad, and fraud is blooming as people can get desperate when it comes to obtaining tickets for various events. This is actually one of the sectors where the emerging blockchain technology can help out a lot. Blockchain's features, such as transparency, immutability, smart contracts, and alike, can significantly improve security and prove the authenticity of tickets with ease. This is what projects such as Eventboost aim to achieve.

About Eventboost

Eventboost is a project that guarantees high security and efficiency of its blockchain-based platform, promising to eliminate fraud. The project uses smart contract tickets for b2b and b2c events, promising authenticity and quality.

Further, it is developing its EVA token, which is planned to become one of the most adopted tokens for buying and selling tickets online. The project promises to minimize transaction costs, and maximize efficiency at the same time.

Those organizing events will be available for ticket buyers, who can contact them directly. The entire process of buying and selling tickets will be precisely controlled, and there will be no massively high convenience fees. This is something that the project guarantees never to change.

The EVA token will allow anyone to purchase tickets that will be entirely fraud-proof and completely secure, even when it comes to reselling them on secondary markets. Of course, to achieve all of this, the project will first have to launch its EVA token.

Eventboost ICO details

Eventboost ICO was already announced, although it still lacks the time and date of the token sale. However, there is a lot of information that the team has already released, such as the fact that EVA will be a utility token launched on Ethereum's network.

The ERC-20 token also has a determined price of 0.0001 ETH per 1 EVA. When the ICO arrives, interested investors will be able to purchase it in exchange for ETH coins. The project has decided to set up a soft cap of 2,500 Ethereum, while the hard cap will be significantly higher, sitting at 35,000 ETH.

The project itself is registered in Switzerland, which already has high standards when it comes to things like security and privacy. The only restricted area will be the United States, while anyone else will be allowed to participate in the token sale, provided that they go through the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) procedure. Finally, the project already made its MVP available, so that investors can get familiarized with it prior to making their decision.

Author: Ali Raza for Crypto-Rating.com

Eventboost EVA
StartJuly 1, 2019
EndAugust 30, 2019

I see that Franco Bondi, the founder of Eventboost, and his team have been working on this platform for more than five years. That surely seems like a very long period of time for the development of a relatively simple ticketing platform. To my knowledge, there are several blockchain projects that had already implemented this idea into practice with a varying degree of success. Eventboost might have already lost the momentum.

eflakipt4   August 26, 2019  

It is an interesting idea, and a good way to resolve the ticket fraud issue, so it is likely to receive a fair amount of support. Those interested should study it thoroughly before participating.

Neo   July 29, 2019  

The project is not exactly unique, as there have been multiple ones with the same idea of revolutionizing online ticketing. However, it does have a pretty strong team, backed by multiple capable advisors. Right now, the project's white paper seems to be unavailable, although it is likely only being modified and prepared for the final release.

George   July 29, 2019  

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