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European Cryptocurrency Exchange - ICO Review

EUCX: AML5 Compliant Crypto Exchange

European Cryptocurrency Exchange (EUCX) is a platform that provides for the conversion of cryptocurrencies as well as an on-ramp fiat exchange in a protected environment with full adherence to the European financial regulation. The exchange is the primary product of a Dutch company EUCX B.V. located in Eindhoven.

The project’s proprietary currency is called EUCX which is now offered to the investors and future users via public pre-sale.

Company information

EUCX places a special emphasis on its strive to fully adhere to the letter of the law that concern crypto trading regulation and monitoring. For this purpose, the company has already obtained a corresponding license from the Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands, a domestic VAT number, and the Central Index Key for the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This information has been made available on the project’s official website which has a positive impact on its credibility.

The EUCX team members claim that they chose not to confront or evade the authorities, but rather find a common ground with regard to crypto by communicating with the Dutch parliament, state regulators, and central bank, the establishments that are to pass the Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AML5) that will definitely have a tangible impact on the crypto industry. Therefore, EUCX is already a step ahead of the competition in terms of regulatory compliance.

On the flip side, EUCX directly states that it has no intention of listing privacy coins, which limits the trading opportunities.       

Main advantage points of EUCX

Apart from simply stating that the exchange runs on the Ethereum blockchain to convince of the transparency of its operation, EUCX makes sure to keep the following information publicly available at all times: financial reports, listing requirements, full bio of project’s leaders and shareholders, as well as all types of policies.

Should EUCX hit the hardcap, which was set at 18 million euro, the project will put in maximum effort to establish the first legally compliant fiat-to-crypto exchange in Europe. But that would happen only if the sufficient liquidity is obtained.

EUCX exploits the proprietary matching engine which displays the capability of executing close to 4 million trade order in a second, thus providing decent means for high-frequency trading. The same engine has the ability to instantly detect any fraudulent activity and notify the trader and the tech support team.

The exchange offers a broad range of financial products, such as the EUCX indices (securities, payments) and contracts for difference that can be traded with leverage.

EUCX introduces the curated listings which stipulate for the rigorous compliance assessment of all crypto projects that apply for token listing. 

EUCX token

EUCX is the ERC-20 compliant utility token that is used to pay all types of fees and purchase subscriptions. The platform provides for three types of subscriptions: basic (free), individual premium, and business premium. It should be noted that the owners of premium accounts can trade on a no-fee basis.  

ICO details

The public pre-sale of EUCX will last for another two weeks until June 30. The ICO will begin on the next day - July 1 and go on for two months. The pre-ICO price of EUCX is 0.0225 euro whilst the ICO price will be 0.03 euro. Tokens can be purchased with ETH. The minimum investment threshold is established at 15 euro. Citizens of the United States, Botswana, North Korea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, and Yemen and prohibited from participating in the token sale.

Author: Alex Paulson for Crypto-Rating.com

  • AML5, MiFID II & PSD2. We already have our AML/CTF policies in place and are working on PSD2 and MiFID II compliancy. We are in close discourse with the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) in order to have our policies and systems reviewed later this year. On top of this, we are registered with the US SEC.
  • Securities. Our regulatory compliance allows us to offer crypto-backed securities. Contracts for difference are available for all listed crypto-assets (2x leverage) and for our blockchain technology sector indices.
  • Curated Listings. Our aim is to primarily list securities and real-world blockchain applications. Every crypto-asset is curated by a meticulous quality assurance process before being listed on our platform, further mitigating your risk while you concentrate on trading. Never will you be left wondering about the legitimacy and fundamentals of your assets.
  • Zero-fee Trading. Upgrade your Basic account to a Premium account and free yourself from the draconian shackles of trading fees and take advantage of even the smallest price action in the markets. Premium accounts are available for individuals and businesses.
  • Premium Individual Accounts. For a monthly subscription fee of € 49,95/month you gain access to: 0% maker/taker fees and instant withdrawals to take advantage of those arbitrage trades.
  • Premium Business Accounts. Good news for boutique firms and other professionals. Registered companies apply for a Business Account for € 149,95/month and gain access to: 0% maker/taker fees, instant withdrawals, 24/7 telephone support and sub-accounts. Each sub-account is € 99,95/month with the same feature access.
  • Transparency. Why are crypto exchanges so opaque? Is it not odd that crypto exchanges are as opaque as the banks they say they want to move away from? Not us. In line with our detailed transparency policy we publish all financial reports, fund wallets, donations made, leadership and contact details and more.
  • Information Security. Our platform is built from the ground up with security at its core, by our team with extensive experience in the software development, systems architecture and information security for sectors that require the most severe scrutiny such as Judiciary, Defense and Energy.
  • Proprietary Matching Engine. The EUCX matching engine is the fastest in the market; capable of matching 4 million orders per second while detecting illicit activites in real time. This finally opens up the doors for High Frequency Trading of crypto-assets.
Pre-Ico Start dateMay 1, 2019
Pre-Ico End dateJune 30, 2019
  • Eric den Boer. Co-founder & Managing Director
  • Erwin Kuipers. Co-founder & Operational Director
  • John Birdsell. Community Manager
  • Ojas Raipure. Social Media Marketing & Business Development
  • drs. Hans Konings. Chief Governance Officer
  • dr. David Meszaros. Chief Legal Officer
  • Q1 2019. ICO private sale
  • Q2 2019. ICO public presale
  • Q2 2019. ICO public sale
  • Q2 2019. Closed alpha
  • Q3 2019. Closed beta
  • Q4 2019. Open beta
  • Q4 2019. Release v1.0
  • Q4 2019. AML5 compliant
  • Q1 2020. DNB permit

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European Cryptocurrency Exchange
StartJuly 1, 2019
EndAugust 31, 2019
Soft cap$1 125 000
Hard cap$18 750 000
Minimum investment15 EUR
Tokens for sale625000000

Who would want to do crypto trading on a fully regulated platform when we are currently witnessing the emergence of decentralized exchanges, which are so much more secure and convenient than EUCX, or any other similar platform. Perhaps, this would be a suitable variant for large trading firms that take all those AML, MiFID II, and other compliances seriously, but the likes of me, individual traders, can't really be bothered with that, as long as our cryptos are safe. In my opinion, the only selling point of EUCX is the promise of zero fees when trading from the Platinum account. The cost of the subscription is not that steep, only around $50, which is affordable even for an average trader.

Trevor   August 3, 2019  

Frankly speaking, I have never seen such a poor traction on all social media platforms, like the EUCX has: 2 followers on Facebook and 47 on Twitter. That is downright pathetic! I have read the response from one of their team members regarding this issue, where he tried to justify it by the fact that they abstain from buying fake followers. All right, that is understandable, but is that really all this exchange is capable of? Sparkling the interest of some 50 people. I think that it speaks volumes about the prospect of this exchange, regardless of its seemingly positive relations with the authorities.

Ian   July 16, 2019  

I don’t understand those who approve the tight cooperation that EUCX established with different authorities. Yeah, the exchange could be more secure, which is also doubtful, given the current skill level of hackers, but you can definitely forget about anonymity and non-intrusion when trading on EUCX. Blockchain and crypto are all about not letting the authorities get their hands on your personal and financial information whilst this exchange is moving in a totally different direction.

Jordan   June 24, 2019  

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