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The online world has gone through a massive change in the last few decades, and especially in the last several years. More industries than ever have shifted online, which is especially true in the case of gaming. At the same time, social media networks are growing faster than ever, whether in number or when it comes to the number of their users.

With that in mind, it is hardly surprising that digital goods became a new trend, especially when it comes to gaming. Gamers from all over the world are enjoying online games, purchasing various collectibles, in-game items, and more. Not only that, but the gaming industry was among the first ones to actively embrace blockchain — the technology that supports cryptocurrencies, and that has received countless use cases in the last few years.

In fact, blockchain's use cases still continue to grow in number, while the technology itself has managed to touch nearly every industry. Gaming is still among the first and biggest industries that are already using it, apart from the crypto industry, and it may even take the next step thanks to projects such as Epiktoken.

About Epiktoken

Epiktoken is a project that aims to impact the virtual goods economy — a market that is worth over $15 billion on an annual basis. Billions of gamers around the world have become a part of it, and the industry is still growing at a rapid pace. With online gaming, as well as social media, continue their growth, many see it as an untapped opportunity for new platforms that would provide new features and possibilities.

Of course, the problem with creating a branded marketplace for virtual goods is fragmentation. Digital platforms still offer as closed-off ecosystems, with brands remaining fragmented, and operating with little to no ability to leave the ecosystem in which they originally came to be. Not only that, but licensing agreements state that each brand has different objectives, including things such as demographics, geo-location, different fees, attractiveness, marketing power, and alike.

This is where Epikoin comes in, with its new token EPIK, which will power the world's first B2B2C blockchain solution known as BLMP. This is a platform that would handle officially-licensed virtual goods. It already works with over 1,000 brands, and millions of monthly active users. The project is currently planning to hold a token sale which will have a unique feature — collectible token rewards.

Epikoin ICO details

As mentioned, Epikoin has yet to hold its token sale, and even its date is currently not known. However, it is known that its token, EPIK, is a utility that was created on Ethereum's platform. Its price will be at 0.0003846154 ETH per 1 EPIK. However, those willing to purchase the token can do so in exchange for four cryptocurrencies — Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.

Investors should also be aware that the minimum investment sits at 0.25 ETH. Meanwhile, the project has decided that the hard cap will be at $15 million. As for the soft cap, it is not currently known, if there is any.

The project was registered in Singapore, it offers a bounty, a unique feature (Collectible Token Rewards), but it also has quite a few restricted areas. Investors from the US, CA, CN, KU, PRK, IR, CU, SY, UA, SG, MY, and NZ will not be allowed to participate. Everyone else is welcome to join if they go through a Whitelist procedure.

Author: Ali Raza for Crypto-Rating.com

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StartJuly 1, 2019
EndSeptember 30, 2019

Tokenized collectibles is a young but super promising niche of blockchain entrepreneurship. There are projects that issue sports collectibles on the basis of blockchain - most of them cooperate is soccer teams - so, in my opinion, Epiktoken has room for development. The tokenization of virtual goods might constitute the next wave of blockchain application, but the project needs to work on their solution much faster, or somebody else will snatch this idea from them.

L0vely_wh0re   August 26, 2019  

It’s a pity that I can’t find out more about Epiktoken because I can’t enter their website. I am a gamer by vocation, so everything that has to do with this topic interests me a lot. Trading virtual goods for cryptocurrency seems like a great idea to me, because this area of gaming experience has been yearning for monetization. I mean, I have tons of skins, in-game loot and such, but I can’t do anything with it - these things are the virtual junk so far. Hope Epiktoken will help me to figure something out.

Geri   July 28, 2019  

The way that some startups try to sell their idea as something totally unique - while there are dozens of projects that had already put it into practice - is really ridiculous. SkinCoin, Socios, Fantasteca - these are the projects that already operate on the market with similar ideas. I am not trying to bring the guys from Epiktoken down, but they are lagging behind, not leading the way. Besides, I have noticed that some team members indicate this project as BLMP in their LinkedIn profiles. That’s really confusing: did they rebrand or what?

Dolph   July 8, 2019  

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