EdeXa (EdeXa) Review

EdeXa: Innovative Supply Chain Solution

EdeXa is a fintech project that has uptook the task of creating a fully transparent, secure, and comprehensible supply chain for businesses, using the Ethereum blockchain as its main foundation. Located in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, EdeXa is the subsidiary company of io-market AG, the renowned developer and retailer of different supply chain solutions that has been operating on the European market for 20 years.

The booming popularity of blockchain, as well as its proven applicability, incentivized the company management to elaborate an innovative solution for the supply chain, which involves digitalization of all operations.

The structure of EdeXa ecosystem

The main problem with the supply chains of today is that they are overly centralized and slow, in terms of transaction processing. Moreover, there is also an issue that involves secure storage of large data packages which are being transferred on the supply chain on a regular basis.

EdeXa arrives with an all-in-one solution, which they named the “Blockchain as a Service” (BaaS), that can be seamlessly incorporated in the ongoing business operations without serving as a disruptive factor.

The core of EdeXa’s technology is called the “Consortium Blockchain”, which is comprised of numerous private business channels, or nodes, that are being run by different partner companies. All private nodes are interconnected with the main channel for the purposes of improving and standardizing the communication flow. Since the individual blockchain channels are private, other participants can’t get access to the data that is being exchanged with main channels thanks to the utilization of zero-knowledge evidence that ensures the data sovereignty.

The EdeXa ecosystem is also based on the active use of the self-executing Ethereum smart contracts needed to automate the majority of rules and processes in the system, for instance, acquiring access to the off-chain data storage or initiating a payment release. EdeXa also provides API’s for IoT application, digital signature services, SWOT analysis, and electronic data exchange.

To fuel all these processes, EdeXa introduces the ERC-20 security token named edeXa that exercises the function of a share in the company and can be used as a means for making dividend payments to the token holders.

EdeXa team

  • Daniel Kohler. The founder and CEO. A vastly experienced serial entrepreneur who also stood at the origins of io-market AG. Perceives the emergence of blockchain as a perfect opportunity for taking the company to the next level.
  • Stefan Neyer. The CTO who has been in charge of creating innovative software solutions for supply chains at io-market AG.

Social media presence

EdeXa has a very small pool of followers on all major social media platforms, probably due to the fact that they create the content strictly in the German language. The Facebook following amounts to 103 users, Twitter - 214, and Telegram - 497. Despite that, the project publishes relevant articles on a regular basis.

STO details

The message on the project’s homepage states that the main sale of edeXa tokens is now live, though there is no clear indication of the date of its conclusion. The project allocated 20 million tokens for sale, with a price of 1 edeXa being 0.36 EUR, and the minimum investment - 500 EUR. The project has already achieved the softcap of 50.000 EUR. The tokens will be sold only to those investors that reside in the European Economic Area.

Author: Alex Paulson for Crypto-Rating.com

StartJuly 1, 2019
EndSeptember 30, 2019

The concept of combining the consortium business blockchain with a network of private blockchains to form the effective cross-company communication channels and facilitate the internal processes is something that could interest the investors. While the EdeXa team doesn't seem to be comprised of blockchain superstars, their pitch and the product description are appealing from both technological and business standpoints. One thing that I would have suggested them to do is to place more effort in marketing to raise the awareness of businesses about the benefits of blockchain.

ollelukoye   September 3, 2019  

EdeXa is an all-around good project: it has a backing of the officially registered entity, a well-elaborated business proposal, and a blockchain solution that will surely find application in the real world. And certainly, the fact that the project offers investors a chance to obtain real company shares plays in EdeXa’s favor. I foresee that edeXa token will also be a good trading tool because it will have sound fundamentals.

Stanley   July 18, 2019  

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