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EcoStart is a blockchain startup domiciled in Estonia that aims at creating the conditions for the seamless and transparent funding of various environmental projects by virtue of the two-component ecosystem that will be built on the Ethereum blockchain and will utilize the ERC-20 compliant token TER. The tokens will serve as an instrument for financing the said projects, as well as a trading vehicle for EcoStart’s own cryptocurrency exchange. The project is currently preparing for pre-ICO, which has been postponed several times due to different technical reasons.

EcoStart: Blockchain Funding Platform for Environmentalists

Needless to say that the environmental challenges that the global society is facing today are piling up much faster than the global intergovernmental organizations, and countless NGOs and private funds can deal with. But the problem is aggravated not only by the pollution, and the accompanying negative factors, but also by the needless time-consuming bureaucracy and the complexity of fund obtainment process, which usually involves eco-projects endorsing their sponsors, sometimes out of necessity.

Such difficulties beg for an innovative solution, which could come in the form of the EcoStart blockchain platform that is comprised of two key elements: an investment fund that must serve the fundraising needs of the participating projects, and the native crypto platform that will also include the exchange.

Through the platform, the fledgling environmental projects will be able to raise funds more efficiently, thanks to the elimination of such intermediaries as governmental agencies, conventional financial institutions, and corporations. EcoStart will provide promising projects with more freedom, better scalability, and access to funds that would have been otherwise unavailable. Moreover, the projects will be granted an opportunity to create and distribute their own tokens, as well as a chance of developing and integrating various technological solutions, products, and services via EcoStart’s own open APIs. In addition, the platform will feature a private messenger to facilitate communication between eco-projects and investors. There will also be a lottery and a space monitoring service.  

Token economics

Throughout its development, the EcoStart system will feature two types of tokens: TER and TECO. The former is going to be distributed among early investors and used as a payment vehicle until the EcoStart blockchain will have been developed. After that, TER can be converted to TECO at the 1:1 ratio. The latter will be used as a means of exchange and settlement, as well as grant access to premium services.

The EcoStart team

  • Olga Bergen. The founder and CEO. A seasoned corporate strategist and the head of business accelerator at the Sochi State University.
  • Alexander Goldobin. CFO. Certified economics who is also involved with another blockchain company Hoteleum Blockchain Solutions.

ICO details

The pre-sale of TER tokens will start on January 14, 2020, and carry on till January 29. The price of tokens at that stage will be $0.1 per unit, with no mention of a minimum investment limit. The ICO price of TER is yet to be revealed. The actual ICO will begin on January 30 and last till March 31.

EcoStart is aiming for a modest softcap of $500,000, while the hardcap is substantially higher - $11,3 million. TER tokens can be purchased with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Citizens of the United States can’t participate in the event.

Author: Alex Paulson for

Pre-Ico Start dateMarch 3, 2020

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StartJanuary 30, 2020
EndMarch 31, 2020

I am always in full support of any initiative that aims at protecting the environment in any way possible, except for the violent measures. Therefore, EcoStart automatically gets a place in the list of my favorite token sale events. I am not saying that I will invest heavily in this appealing blockchain project, simply because I don't have that much free money lying around, but they can count on my support.

Mvea   February 7, 2020  

I have great respect for environmental projects because they are virtually the last line of defense for the climate and our planet. However, as much as I hate to admit it, the fight that the organizations like EcoStart, and the startups that it strives to fund, put up against the industrialists is futile because eco-project don't possess even an ounce of financial and human resources available to corporations. I might get some TECO tokens, just to support a good cause, but I don't expect any ROI.

Willy Chan   January 20, 2020  

Although many people frown at environmentalists, thinking that their concerns are just a bunch of gibberish, but their opinion doesn’t deny the fact that the problem persists and will soon threaten the existence of humanity. Therefore, I welcome projects like EcoStart and express my readiness to support their initiative. It might not be a game-changer right away, but you know what they say that a river cuts through rocks.

Damien   December 3, 2019  

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