Duniabooking - ICO Review

Duniabooking: a Hassle-Free Online Bookings

Duniabooking endeavors to put an end to the self-interested dominance of online booking agents by introducing what they call the “one-stop booking platform” which will help establish a direct connection between customers and providers of tourist services.

Problem statement

Virtually anyone who has ever gone on a vacation or a business trip used the online booking services. Oftentimes, finding the best offer requires assiduousness and a bit of luck since each of the numerous online travel agents imposes different commissions for their services. Consequently, hotels and other tourist facilities are forced to include these commissions in their price offers in order to be able to maintain the profit margin.

Data security is another problem that plagues the sphere of online booking. Basically, it is a classical intermediary issue which is being fought so vehemently by the adherents of the blockchain technology. The online booking agents gather the customers’ personal information, share it with the hotel managers and then use it at their own discretion. 

The technological aspects of the platform

Duniabooking is about to introduce a similarly-named online platform created on the basis of the Universa blockchain. In fact, it comes in the form of a hybrid system where the majority of data, especially the sensitive kind that includes personal and payment details, is to be stored securely on a decentralized ledger whilst the secondary information can be kept in trusted cloud storage.

The team explains its choice of the Universa blockchain by the fact that it has proven superiority over both Bitcoin and Ethereum networks in terms of scalability, transaction speed, and the availability of offline verification.

For instance, Universa is capable of handling up to 22 thousand transactions/second and imposes a fixed transaction fee of $0.01 per operation, which is infinitely lower than that of Bitcoin, particularly during the periods of network overload.

In addition, Universa allows users to create smart contracts which operate with a much larger set of metadata than the Ethereum ones.

The exploitation of such an advanced toolkit granted Duniabooking an opportunity to create an ecosystem that consists of online booking portal (duniabooking.com), unique widgets that are embeddable on providers’ websites, and a dApp to simplify the process of searching & booking. 

The use of Duniabooking token (DTN)

Due to the regulatory peculiarities in Indonesia, Duniabooking token will not be used as a mean of payment that customers will make to service providers. It will be up to these providers to establish the most relevant payment method, which could be either a traditional one (banking card, wire transfer, PayPal) or an alternative (Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency). In turn, Duniabooking will not charge the providers with any processing fees, thus allowing them to boost their profits.

The sole purpose of DTN will be to fuel the platform and pay for the listing of new products, placing ads, and submitting reviews and feedback.

The team

Oka Dayendra. The founder and CEO with 13 years of experience in web development under his belt.

I Made Dwi Putra. The head of technology department at Duniabooking. A seasoned programmer and web developer who has previously worked for a number of Indonesian companies.

The board of advisors includes Steven Gijsman, a serial entrepreneur from the Netherlands who is associated with such projects as Petduka and Pulve.

ICO details

Duniabooking has just completed the first stage of the public token sale - the next stage will commence on June 8 and last till July 31. 600 million tokens have been allocated for sale. The price of 1 DTN token was established at $0.01 with 5% bonus being offered during the second phase of the public sale. There are no restrictions with regard to participation in the ICO.

Author: Alex Paulson for Crypto-Rating.com

  • Booking Engine/Widget. Providers will know their Consumers directly through booking engines/widgets embedded in their website. This will break the domination of OTA.
  • No Commission. Providers do not pay commissions from every booking / order they get to Duniabooking. This will increase their profit margins.
  • Smart Contract. Duniabooking uses blockchain technology. Providers have full access to control their data through smart contracts. No one can manipulate their data except themselves.
Pre-Ico Start dateApril 1, 2019
Pre-Ico End dateApril 30, 2019
  • Oka Dayendra. CEO/Founder
  • I Made Dwi Asmara Putra. Head of Technology
  • Edy Santosa. Head of Products
  • Candra Uni. Head of Finance
  • Harris Sontanu. Lead Developer
  • Arik Subagia. Lead Developer
  • Agam Pradhana. Java Programmer
  • Marizza Graphic. Designer
  • Adi Wijaya. Frontend Developer
  • Surya Putra Sandi. Backend Developer
  • Russell Raimundo. Backend Developer
  • Q3 2018. Research and concept making. Form a Team.
  • Q4 2018. Completion of the Whitepaper.
  • Q1 2019. Private Sale. Making a prototype.
  • Q2 2019. Presale & Public Sale. Products (beta): OTA (rooms), booking engines, tools, & channel managers. Product (beta): Spa / Massage module.
  • Q3 2019. Distribution of tokens to participants. DTN ERC20 token list to exchange. Developing Surveyor mobile application. Product (beta): Development Mobile apps, flight ticket module.
  • Q4 2019. Final products: airline tickets, hotels/villas, spa/massage. Final product: booking engine/widget, surveyor apps (beta).
  • Q1 2020. Product: developing module rentals and restaurants. Swap DTN ERC20 tokens to Universa Native Tokens. Product (final): mobile apps surveyor.
  • Q2 2020. Product : developing module event management (mobile). Marketplace cooperative module.

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StartMay 1, 2019
EndJuly 31, 2019
Soft cap$100 000
Hard cap$6 000 000
Minimum investment10 USD
Tokens for sale600000000
AcceptingBTC, ETH, UTN

Excuse me, but I don’t really understand why I, as a private investor, should dedicate my money to Duniabooking. Their idea is fine and might even be very beneficial for the hotel industry, but there is no real upside for me, except for the possibility that the hotel may, or may not, lower the prices due to having better profit margin thanks to Duniabooking. Besides, their DTN tokens are virtually useless. Maybe people in Indonesia will think differently, but that is my honest opinion on that project.

Cheryl   July 15, 2019  

Even though Duniabooking tries to address all the right issues, like the unnecessary booking fees imposed by travel agents or the absence of B2C communication in that particular area, but I can’t shrug off the feeling that this project is using blockchain only for the quick fundraising. I don’t see any particular reason for implementing blockchain for the purposes that Duniabooking tries to achieve. I hope they will prove me wrong because the overall idea is not that bad.

Jamal   June 29, 2019  

I absolutely can relate to the overall idea behind Duniabooking, because booking a decent hotel at a reasonable price can be hard, especially during the hot season. However, I can’t really get a grasp of how they are going to use their tokens, the description of its functionality in the whitepaper seemed rather vague to me. I mean, if the hotel decides on the payment method, why would I need to buy these DTN tokens in the first place. Just for the sake of registering on the platform, I guess. But then again, I don’t see how they are going to rise in value, and how I can get ROI any time soon.

Freddie   June 13, 2019  

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