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The transportation and freight movement industry is booming with lots of innovations and development. But the industry still faces challenges when it comes to streamlining operations. There should be proper freight transport records and a more efficient way to monitor operations. Moreover, the lack of proper connections between drivers and freight owners causes freight movement delays.

DOFT has designed a mobile app that provides freight matching services. The on-demand truck matching and instant freight app is termed the “Uber of Trucking.” With this technology, it would be very easy for the streamlining of operations within the industry.

All motor carriers, including 3PL businesses, freight shippers, and other participants that obtained through the Pre-ICO would be entitled to lifetime commission. Those who bought the pre-ICO earlier would also be entitled to 50% more coins than those who would buy after the pre-ICO.

The innovative DOFT platform will serve the needs of truckers and shippers all over the U.S. The company has over 7,000 drivers that can access more than 150 thousand loads daily. Upon full completion of the project, it would be very easy for drivers to connect to cargo owners. The effective method would reduce transaction costs and time.

About DOFT

Do Freight Transportation (Dft), a truck-sharing startup in Silicon Valley, wants to grow the industry to enviable heights with an innovative blockchain approach. DOFT wants to give out 100% of the firm’s total coin supply. It means that any logistic professional can own the DOFT cryptocurrency and benefit from the revenue the company will accrue. DOFT designed an uber-like technology that connects truck drivers and cargos shippers through a blockchain-based platform.

With this connection, it saves time and simplifies the previously cumbersome process of matching loads to their truck drivers. The firm intends to make things easier for cargo owners and truck drivers to connect and get goods out of the way easily. According to DOFT, this will solve the usually difficult process of crowd management. The main goal here for DOFT is to improve the transport business and create a solid framework for independent transport professionals and drivers via crowd management

New coin holders would have the chance to become part of the company, which offers opportunities for development within the industry.

People have the opportunity of becoming part of the company when they buy DOFTcoins. The contributors will have the chance to participate in the financial rewards when they purchase DOFT tokens through its ICO offerings. The fast-scaling on-demand trucking startup will use the blockchain technology to streamline operational processes. That will further improve the overall efficiency within the company.

DOFT ICO Details

DOFT is registered in the United States with no country restrictions. It uses the DFC token and trades on the Ethereum platform. Pres-sell of ICO started and ended between September 29 and October 27, 2017. The token is priced at 1 DFC = 1.2920USD. DOFT ICO intends to distribute the coins to all interested DOFT customers, such as 3PL businesses, freight shippers, and motor carriers. The firm will place more focus on truck drivers and owner-operators. DOFT intends to use the ICO generated funds for business growth and technological improvement.

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EndAugust 31, 2019

The DOFT project is a nice concept that has a huge potential for success. However, the lack of proper awareness may seem a scourge on its progress. But if the team makes the details of the project more transparent, the project could be very viable for the token holders.

QwertyPuma   August 7, 2019  

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