DINO (DINO) Review

Since the attention had shifted from cryptocurrencies towards blockchain technology, numerous new use cases and products were invented that can help better the world. Smart contracts and dApps are among the main ones, as well as most useful products ever to come out of blockchain technology.

Smart contracts make use of blockchain's features, such as immutability, to provide security to all the parties involved with the contract. Once set, the terms cannot be changed, and everyone is obliged to comply. As such, smart contracts hold great potential to eliminate problems like forgery, and keep everyone involved in certain deals safe.

However, there are still problems when it comes to the ease of use, as smart contracts require people to know how to make them, or to find and hire someone else who does. Simplifying them has been one of the goals of the developer's community for a long time now, and there are multiple projects dedicated to it. In fact, simplification of everything in regards to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is highly desirable, as making things understandable to the general public is one of the ways to drive adoption of the new technologies.

One of the projects working on creating an entire smart contracts ecosystem is DINO.

About DINO

DINO is a project that focuses on smart contracts, as its team believes that there is a major knowledge gap between smart contract development and use, and non-computer professionals from various industries. The project aims to address this issue through the use of its proprietary technology, a cloud-based GUI (Graphical User Interface) smart contract IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

Simply put, DINO aims to use its platform's technology to allow users to create their own smart contracts with ease. The platform's goal is to create an entire smart contract ecosystem by combining the skills and knowledge of developers from all over the world. They could easily design and create special smart contract templates, and then make a profit by selling them to the public.

Meanwhile, the public would be able to make use of them, and secure its contracts by using their blockchain-based form. And, with the blockchain being decentralized and distributed digital ledger which can record transactions across numerous computers, it is perfect for storing and securing such information until the contract is executed, as per the terms of the deal between different parties.

Naturally, to do it all, DINO will also need to have its own native cryptocurrency that would fuel the platform, which is why it announced that it would hold a token sale.

DINO ICO details

While DINO had announced its ICO some time ago, its exact time and date have yet to be revealed. However, there are a few details that are already known, including the token's ticker, which will also be DINO.

DINO token will be a utility token, and it is being developed on Ethereum's platform, which will also make it an ERC-20 token. Its price will be 0.0003125 ETH per 1 DINO, and the project has already announced that it will only accept Ether in exchange for the token.

The project already has a working MVP, and it also announced a bounty. Apart from that, all that is known is that the project was registered in Hong Kong, and that anyone wishing to participate can do so after going through a KYC procedure. The project did not announce any restricted areas as of yet, although this might change by the time the ICO arrives, so it might be something worth keeping an eye on.

Author: Ali Raza for: Crypto-Rating.com

StartAugust 1, 2019
EndSeptember 30, 2019

Basically, DINO is a smart contract workshop that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. As far as I understood, the team wants to make the process of smart contract creation so easy and understandable that even a child could create one. That's a very interesting idea, but it is my conviction that DINO would come across a lot of bumps on the road towards achieving this goal. The Ethereum blockchain is struggling right now with scalability, so it would be tough to create a large ecosystem until this issue is resolved.

maxxxx   September 11, 2019  

DINO also has a strong, large team, although it currently lacks advisors, which might be something that the project should look into further.

Serge   August 12, 2019  

DINO's ratings may be rather average, but its vision is clear - it wants to create an ecosystem where hiring smart contracts would be quick, easy, and painless. Considering the potential of the blockchain technology and its products, this is more than a worthy cause, and while there is a lot of competition on the market, DINO might succeed if its platform ends up being more user-friendly.

Jen   August 12, 2019  

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