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Dexa Coin: Money Transfer & Messaging dApp 

Libra, the stablecoin which is soon to be launched by the Facebook corporation, has been on everyone’s lips lately, mainly because of the global status of the social media giant. But there are also projects like Dexa Coin that offers basically the same solution, but has been flying under the radar until the announcement of the sale of DEXA tokens, compliant with the ERC-20 standard, which is due to happen later this year.

Dexa Coin - a Libra counterpart 

In a nutshell, Dexa Coin is a decentralized application built on the Ethereum blockchain that affords the possibility of making on-the-spot payments, sending global remittances, and communicating with other users via an in-built messenger.

The similarities with the infamous Libra are obvious, apart from the fact that Dexa is not pegged to any fiat currency, does not run on its own blockchain, and is not putting itself in the regulatory crosshairs. 

Company information

Although the project team is comprised of specialists from different countries, such as England, Bulgaria, the United States, etc, nearly all of them are currently based in the United Arab Emirates, where the company’s central office is located - Al Barsha, Dubai, to be precise. The company is registered under the name Dexa Coin FZ LLE, and has all the details available on the website and in the whitepaper.

The platform features

The Dexa Coin vision will be realized in the form of dApp, which creates a unique blockchain address, along with the Ethereum-based Dexa wallet, as soon as the user verifies his cellphone number. At the initial stages of app release, it will allow holding only two types of cryptocurrencies: DEXA and Bitcoin, with some other ERC-20 tokens added later.

The user can load the wallet with DEXA by linking a bank account to the application. This would require passing the verification and compliance procedures. The fiat money from the banking account then can be instantly converted to tokens within the app. Or he can purchase a certain amount of DEXA at the token sale and use them to make domestic or international remittances, instant payments via NFC or QR code. Dexa Coin will also issue a prepaid physical card, which can be subsequently linked to the app and used for payments.

Thanks to the instant messaging feature, users can communicate with other network members as well as with people from their contact lists, which can be exported from the cellphone. The alpha version of the Dexa app is due to be released in Q2 of 2020. 

The Dexa Coin team

  • Adhan Altaf Hussain. The founder and CEO. Holds a degree in Business Administration. An expert Forex trader who worked at several big trading firms in U.A.E. prior to founding Dexa Coin.
  • Thomas F. Forsch. The Chief Legal Officer. An international lawyer who has extensive experience in legal counseling and business management.

The ICO details

Dexa Coin will hold the ICO in Q4 of this year with the exact date to be announced in the coming weeks. The event will begin with the private sale of 5 billion DEXA at a price of $0.00003 per token. This stage of token sale also provides for a 30% bonus, applicable to all participants. The project accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USD Tether.

Author: Alex Paulson for

  • Send & receive money across the globe. Anyone familiar with using a smartphone device should be able to do this with ease. The APP will be designed to be Easy, User Friendly & Secure.
  • Make instant payments. At a coffee shop or want to pay for dinner. You can make instant payments via NFC & QR Code Payment Technology.
  • Instant messaging feature. The APP will also incorporate an “Instant Messaging Feature” that Not Only allows the user to communicate with the people they are sending the money too, but also to socialize with friends & family.
  • Link the app to your bank account. Linking the APP to the bank account will allow users to connect the APP to their Payment Card Eg: Master Card & Visa Card or Transfer Money from the APP to their bank account and Vice Versa.
  • Security. Various security measures will be incorporated within the APP to ensure the safety and security of your money & digital wallet.
  • Privacy. The “Instant Messaging Feature” will also host a number of Security  and Privacy Features such as “End to End Encryption”.
Pre-Ico Start dateSeptember 4, 2019
Pre-Ico End dateSeptember 10, 2019
  • Adnan Altaf. Chief Executive Officer
  • Thomas Forsch. Chief Legal Officer
  • Emanuil Pavlov. Business Development Manager
  • Perry Whang. Corporate Finance & Token Asset Manager
  • Jill Foster. Senior PR & Marketing Manager
  • Stivan Pinto. Senior Operations & Digital Marketing Manager
  • Muhammad Kashif Fazal Wadood. Advisor
  • Shehzad Khan. Advisor
  • Q2 2018. DEXA COIN Idea & Concept was born
  • Q3 2018. Product Fundamental & Core Technology was designed
  • Q4 2018. Official Website Created; Official Whitepaper Published
  • Q1 2019. (DEXA) Token Created; Token Verified & Updated on
  • Q2 2019. UI / UX Product APP Designed; APP Functionality & Design Integration
  • Q4 2019. IEO Private Sale 
  • Q1 2020. Final APP MVP & Trials
  • Q2 2020. DEXA COIN APP (ALPHA)
  • Q3 2020. DEXA COIN APP (BETA)
  • Q4 2020. Product Marketing / Brand Awareness Drive; Press Release / APP Launch Announcements; DEXA COIN OFFCIAL APP LAUNCH (Google Play Store / Apple Store)

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Dexa Coin
StartOctober 6, 2019
EndNovember 30, 2020
Soft cap$400 000
Hard cap$2 300 000
Minimum investment1 DEXA
Tokens for sale50000000000

Dexa Coin tries to use the hype created by Libra and Gram to their advantage, but it might end up blowing in their faces. There is no doubt that the concept behind this token is understandable and appealing, but I highly doubt that Dexa Coin possesses enough resources for its proper and timely realization. Time is of the essence for Dexa Coin if they want to occupy the niche before Libra gets rolled out.

Edward3456   October 13, 2019  

I can totally agree that Dexa Coin is like Libra with minimum requirements and minimum regulatory pressure for that matter. It would definitely be a fun application to play around with, send a couple of microtransactions here and there. Although is not suitable for storing and operating some serious funds, obviously. I would use it to send a few quid to my mate who's at a pub and ran out of money for another pint.

hugeMind   August 26, 2019  

I like the projects that don’t tend to overcomplicate things. This totally applies to Dexa Coin. The team presented its concept in a clear and understandable manner without the unnecessary pile up of technical terms. Everything is concise and to the point. One thing that Dexa Coin needs to address is a relative absence of well-established blockchain developers on their team.

LukeSkyWalker   August 24, 2019  

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