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The gambling industry is one that’s filled with distrust and lack of transparency. Besides, many users do not want to play because they don’t want to disclose their identity. They are looking for a platform that provides a level playing field while they keep their identity hidden. That’s where CryptoGamble can come in to bridge that gap.

CryptoGamble is offering a service that hasn’t been offered before in the blockchain or gambling community. The platform will solve the problem of trust, which has been a huge issue in online gambling. For this reason, the company operates at a 0% house edge which offers provable fairness.  The CryptoGamble platform uses a decentralized system as blockchain provides privacy, security, and transparency.

CryptoGamble offers multiple-crypto support. With this independent and fair cloud-based platform for users, the portal promises to fill a huge hole in the online gambling business where trust has been a huge problem for users. There is a section that allows a user to develop their own game and share it on the platform.

CryptoGamble views itself as a one-stop-shop platform for game creators and players. The step to create and promote games is also very simple. The user creates the games, the platform launches them, and the creator can manage the games using CryptoGamble blockchain portal.  The company is not just an everyday casino. It’s a casino powered by blockchain technology. This means that no one will have an undue advantage over the other when playing with other users.

About CryptoGamble

CryptoGamble acts as a platform and a casino that allows users to launch games and play with other users. Basically, you can decide to develop and host your casino games, play against other users, or play against the portal creators (CryptoGamble).

The company uses blockchain technology to verify transactions. The portal makes sure no player holds any advantage over the other players. It uses blockchain technology to make sure there is transparency and everyone is fairly treated within the gambling network.

Players who are participating will begin the game without any undue advantage. This ensures a level playing field and fairness for all players. With the use of blockchain technology, there is more transparency among gamers within the platform.

There is a security of transactions as everything runs in anonymous mode. It means users can play in the platform without revealing their identity.

From the platform, the user does not need to disclose information about their credit card because the blockchain platform preserves someone’s anonymity. They do not need to pay using Fiat money. Actually, the platform accepts cryptocurrency as a payment method, which keeps the privacy of the user.

CryptoGamble ICO Details

CryptoGamble is a registered company in Hong Kong. Its ICO offering begins by 15 December 2019 and closes by 10 September 2020. The company uses the Ethereum platform, with ERC-20 as the token type and CGRA as its ticker name. CryptoGamble is supplying 70,000,000 tokens at 0.0008 ETH per token. The company has also listed its bonus procedure from 15th December 2019 through 10th September 2010.

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StartDecember 15, 2019
EndSeptember 10, 2020

It is hardly a secret that online gambling platforms and blockchain have already established a very strong bond, mainly because blockchain provides numerous advantages for casinos and sportsbooks. So the idea that CryptoGambles pushes forward is more than viable. However, they will be facing a very sturdy competition from TRON and EOS that basically work in the same direction, and I am not completely sure that CryptoGamble will be able to overpower them.

Tavi   January 19, 2020  

CryptoGamble has a good assemble of team members for the project. Most of them have had good experience in both the gambling and cryptocurrency community. The project is a unique one since there is no transparency platform where users can create their own games or play with others. But the main problem the project will face is lack of awareness. The team has not done much to sensitise the crypto community and the public on reasons why they need to invest in the ICO. If the team can do more on its social media portals, the project stands a good chance of succeeding.

BigBoot   December 15, 2019  

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