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As the major explosion of cryptocurrencies in 2017 had kicked off, millions of investors from around the world were in a rush to join the space and invest. What followed was a rapid expansion of the crypto world, as well as an entire flood of altcoins. The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) model blew up overnight, and countless new coins started emerging in all corners of the world.

As many are already aware of, this did not last for long, and after the bear market hit in early 2018 — the investors started losing trust in crypto. Not only that, but the regulators of numerous countries cracked down on ICOs. Their excuse for doing so were numerous scams, the sale of securities, and a general mistrust for digital currencies. At first, many believed the bear market to be a minor setback, but as the crypto winter continued, fewer and fewer investors were willing to buy new altcoins.

Then, 2019 came, and the prices started climbing again. A new wave of optimism started bringing investors back to the market, and the ICO model, previously believed to be extinct, is not back once again. One of the upcoming ICOs that many are looking forward to is Cove Identity ICO.

About Cove Identity

Cove Identity is a project that aims to provide people with greater control over their digital identity. The project plans to provide users with the ability to create a secure wallet — one they could even carry around on their phone — and use it for storing digitally-verified copies of important documents.

These documents — such as IDs, birth certificates, and alike — could be verified with other users and organizations that are participating on the blockchain. Eventually, users would be able to secure and validate their online identities with ease, both offline and online.

The project already has a working app out, and hundreds of people appear to like the idea, as the app downloads continue to grow. The app can be used for scanning the documents, as well as effortlessly organizing them through keywords and tags. Further, Cove itself already has multiple partners which would accept verified documents of users.

Cove Identity ICO details

In order to power its platform, Cove has come up with its own utility token, called SHELLS. SHELLs ICO has yet to be held or even announced, for that matter. There is currently not a lot of information regarding the time and date, and the only thing that can be said at the moment is that the ICO is coming.

When it does, the token's value will be at around $0.1. Since the token was developed on Ethereum's platform — which makes it an ERC-20 token — ETH will also be the currency that can be used for purchasing SHELLS. For now, this is the only coin that can be used for obtaining the tokens, although this might change by the time the ICO arrives.

The project itself is based in the UK, and there appear to be no restrictions when it comes to who can participate in the sale.

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Cove Identity
StartJuly 1, 2019
EndAugust 31, 2019
72 days left

The project appears to hold great potential for the future of handling important documents. While this area has already seen many different projects that aim to do the same, most of them are either stuck or were too weak to survive the crypto winter. Meanwhile, Cove already has quite an effective team of 15 members, it has already developed and launched its product, and the investment in its token might bring major returns.

Lucy   May 22, 2019  

With the world moving towards the digital, having a capable project that would allow people to store important documents in their digital form is becoming increasingly important. Moves like this might help prevent issues like identity theft, fraud, and alike, and thanks to the blockchain, people will know that their personal information is safe and immutable at all times.

Nicola   May 8, 2019  

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