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Only a few decades ago, environmental troubles seemed like something overrated and even conspiratorial to the vast majority of the population. But over the course of the years, we have had a chance to witness undeniable climate changes, caused by the ever-increasing and mostly uncontrolled carbon emission and oil spillages, characteristic of all industrial countries.

COI: Tracing Wastes Via Blockchain 

The bells have already begun to toll for the ecology of this planet, but the politicians seem to have limited their efforts to issuing statements of concern and signing ineffective international agreements. This state of things did not sit well with blockchain enthusiasts that comprise the Carbon Offset Initiative (COI) team, so they decided to take at least some part of this matter into their own hands while helping businesses to make their operations more cost-efficient and eco-friendly.

Company information

Carbon Offset Initiative is an eco/blockchain project which has been initiated by a team of seasoned experts in the areas of green energy, environmental protection, and commodities trading. The initiative comes from the company Carbon Offset Initiative D.O.O., located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It also has a technology office in Serbia and a representative office in Switzerland. Even though COI is still at a nascent stage of development, it already boasts a broad list of partners, among which are the port of Rotterdam, the United Nations UNCTAD, and the Ministry of the Environmental Protection of Serbia.

The purpose of Carbon Offset Initiative

What Carbon Offset Initiative offers is a state-of-the-art platform for tracking carbon emissions, as well as waste dumping and oil spillages, that is built on the bedrock of the Ethereum blockchain. COI is prepared to launch a section of the platform that is tailored for the shipping companies that transport oil and oil products.

Oil spillages have always been the scourge of the environmentalists and governments alike. The blockchain solution provided by COI will enable the ship owners and the authorities to monitor the oil shipment routes efficiently and trace any oil spillages for their immediate neutralization. A similar system for the control over the waste gathering, transporting, and subsequent recycling should be ready next year.

Once fully launched, the ecosystem will consist of a protected cloud database that will come as a superstructure over the blockchain. The data, gathered from GPS satellites and COI’s eco-sensors, installed on the containers with oil, wastes, or other cargo, will be analyzed by the control center and stored on the blockchain.

The ERC-20 compliant utility token COI will fuel the platform and used to verify information exchanged between different participants in the processes of waste tracking and management. COI will also be used as a means of trading on all cryptocurrency exchanges that will list the token.

The COI team

  • Jean-Christophe Vautrin. Founder. An experienced executive who has been involved with numerous projects for environmental protection and sustainability.
  • Vuk Bjelajac. Co-founder and CEO. Vuk is an eco-entrepreneur and the founder of Urban Management, an umbrella company for environmental projects.

ICO details

The presale of COI tokens is now live, with the end date being set on January 7, 2020. Once the interested investors pass KYC, they will be able to purchase these tokens with BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, and fiat at a price of $0.007 per coin. The minimum investment threshold of $49 should be practicable even for the smallest investors. The investors from the following countries are banned from participating in this ICO: the United States, Israel, China, and South Korea.

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Carbon Offset Initiative
StartOctober 7, 2019
EndJanuary 7, 2020
Soft cap$5 000 000
Hard cap$47 000 000
Minimum investment49 USD
Tokens for sale500000000
AcceptingBTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, Fiat

After reading all the materials, provided by Carbon Offset Initiative, all I have to say is that I wish this startup all the best because they are doing an immensely important thing. We can’t pin any hopes on the governments in this matter, so it’s the projects like COI that will make a stand and help us preserve the planet and maybe even make a bit cleaner and safer.

Th0ma$$   February 29, 2020  

People might not understand it now, but the business that is based on the concept of environmental protection will be the most profitable in the next decade. The thing is that this problem won't ever go away - on the contrary, it is going to worsen year by year, and the solution like the one presented by Carbon Offset Initiative will be worth millions, if not more. That is why I have been looking for a promising eco-project for some time now, and COI definitely gets on my list.

Freddy Bear   January 26, 2020  

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