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The world has come a long way since the invention of the internet. These days, we are all connected to one another, and to the worldwide web at all times thanks to our phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, Smart TVs, IoT devices, and alike. The results are everything that anyone from 50 years ago could have hoped for, and more.

It is now possible to do pretty much anything online, from ordering food from across the town, to ordering merchandise from the other end of the world. We can talk to anyone anywhere in seconds, and for free thanks to messenger apps, emails, and alike.

We can play any game, do numerous online jobs, invest in anything anywhere, and more. But, with all that said, there are still problems that need resolving - new problems, that emerged only after we resolved the old ones. There are solutions to old issues that are considered flawed these days, and in need of revamping themselves.

Luckily, most of them are completely possible to solve, if proper time, effort, and funding are provided. The world is huge, and filled with brilliant minds capable of finding solutions to most issues, which is what a project called the City of EDEN has recognized, and started working towards.

About the City of EDEN

The City of EDEN is a project that aims to create an entire city of engineers, thinkers, and alike, for the purpose of resolving some of the world's greatest challenges. The project already involves a global community of problem solvers that operate through the EDEN Distributed Network.

In it, people can come up with open source solutions to presented issues, and help change the world by resolving all kinds of challenges. In return, they would be rewarded with EDN tokens, which can then be used for different things, such as design and engineering equipment, education, residence, or trips to the City of EDEN, in addition to other services.

The project claims that nine of the participants are living the pilot in a rented property, where they have already created three solutions in med tech, IoT, and industrial drones sectors. Additionally, they also secured key distribution partners for their technology, and have bought the land which will be used for building the City of EDEN.

The project seems to be coming along nicely, but it still lacks one thing — its native cryptocurrency, which will be used for powering the network, paying rewards to the developers, and alike.

The City of EDEN ICO details

The City of EDEN has come up with a token EDN, which will have multiple use cases, as mentioned before. However, there is still the matter of holding an ICO which will see the sale of the token and secure initial funding that will kickstart the project's true development.

Unfortunately, the project has not revealed the time and date of the ICO as of yet. However, it is likely that the ICO will come in due time, so those interested should keep an eye on that.

Meanwhile, there are a few details that are known about the ICO and the token, such as its ticker — EDN — and the fact that it is a utility, created on Ethereum's platform. The token's price is set to be $0.015 per EDN, and the project has already announced that it will only accept ETH. It was registered in the US, and it currently has no restricted areas. However, those wishing to participate will have to go through a KYC procedure.

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City of EDEN
StartJuly 19, 2019
EndSeptember 30, 2019
36 days left

I saw that the guys from the EDEN team are working simultaneously on several projects. For instance, Jonathan Calmus, who's the founder, is also involved with a bunch of startups, namely Cosmic, Bootstrap Boards, Coined Magazine, and Project FANchise. Carlos Agudelo, the director of new projects of EDEN, is also a founder of Cosmic, an ongoing one, and a few closed projects, such as Enerbox Colombia, and EcoCan. I don't know whether these guys are super productive or just can't focus on one startup at a time, but I don't like when people who want my investments, disperse their focus.

Joseph   August 12, 2019  

They certainly seem to be moving forward with the project, and it would be a shame if it failed due to any reason. It is a project with a lot of potential, and it should certainly be kept an eye on, whether you plan to participate in its token sale or not.

Paul   August 5, 2019  

The project is very interesting, as well as practical. Creating a large community of engineers, thinkers, and problem-solvers in a single place, and having them collaborate on the world's biggest challenges is an excellent vision. The project also seems to have a strong, capable team, as well as the plan for the future.

Lars   August 5, 2019  

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