Cinemadrom (Cinemadrom) Review

Cinemadrom: Ecosystem for Independent Filmmakers

All people enjoy well-scripted and ably shot movies or TV shows, but few of them are aware of the hardships and the obstacles that the filmmakers often face when going through different stages of film production. 

To facilitate these creative people in their tough business, an international group of producers, film directors, marketers, and screenwriters initiated a project called the International Blockchain Network of Independent Filmmakers (IBNIF) Cinemadrome (hereinafter, Cinemadrome).

Technical characteristics and concept description

The primary goal of this startup is to transfer the processes of film production and distribution to blockchain, and to tokenize these activities by the virtue of Lumiere coin (LUT). The Cinemadrome platform was built on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain in order to be able to utilize the advantages of smart contracts and ERC-20 tech standard for their token.

The Cinemadrome platform must become a meeting point for all participants in the filmmaking industry who want to relieve themselves of bureaucratic turmoil and legal complexities when raising funds for cinematographic works, conducting the processes of production and post-production and promoting their products to film distributors and viewers.

Moreover, the utilization of smart contracts will drastically reduce the chances of copyright infringement, help to settle legal disputes, and allow for complete transparency of the filmmaking and financial process, for instance, the sale/purchase of ownership rights to any of the intellectual products created by the members of the Cinemadrome network.

Giving small-time filmmakers a chance

Looking at the bigger picture, Cinemadrome has set itself a goal of defeating the oligopoly that has long been established in the filmmaking industry. It is not a secret that a handful of global studios, such as Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, etc., are running the show, giving preference to some actors and directors while completely disregarding the others. In addition, these studios are handling most financial operations, thus creating a substantial value gap between what the filmmakers could have earned and what they actually get.

Cinemadrome aims at severing this Gordian knot in one blow by affording ground for authors, producers, investors, directors, and other participants to establish business relationships via smart contracts, thus bring the sizeable sector of the real economy to blockchain.

Besides, Cinemadrome will provide an opportunity for individual investors to devote money to the movie projects of their choosing and reap benefits after this film becomes a box office hit.

The entire token economy of Cinemadrome is based on the active use of Lumiere coins, which also grant their holder the ownership rights in movie projects. All funds must go through the IBNIF digital wallet which is integrated into the platform. From that wallet, the users can either convert Lumiere to fiat or other cryptocurrencies or re-invest in further projects.

The team

Igor Egoroff. Project’s founder and CEO, a film director by vocation who is aspired to create a fully independent filmmaking ecosystem.

Pavel Gubanov. The co-founder and project’s chief marketing strategist and creative manager. A crypto enthusiast who has also tried his hand in screenwriting.

ICO details

At this particular period of time, Cinemadrome organizes a private sale of Lumiere which provides for a 50% bonus. It is due to last till December 31. After that, the project will conduct a proper ICO which is planned to take place in the spring of 2020. Through this period, Cinemadrome will try to reach the hardcap of $100 million. At the moment, the price of 1 Lumen is $1 with the minimum investment threshold being set at $100. The restricted areas include the United States and China.

Author: Alex Paulson for

  • For authors. Opportunity to film your creative idea independently or in co-authorship. Find a producer, director, creative team and implement your project. Create a scenario group to work on their plan. Sell the script on the online movie market.
  • For producers. The opportunity, without politics and connections, in a short time to collect the necessary budget for the production of the film, start shooting and go to hire. Find the script, the author, the director - for the film version of his plan. Get profit from the film project.
  • For filmworkers. Ability for directors debutants put their first full meter. For experienced filmmakers assemble a team and get funding for their project. For beginning directors take off a short meter for festival rentals. Make a career in cinema.
  • For investors. The ability to create a portfolio of projects of different genres, with the optimal ratio of risk and return. Buy and sell property rights to movies and screenplays. Get a profit. Having a library of films, constantly receive deductions from the use of rights to shows.
  • For partners. Opportunity for cinemas and distribution companies to increase distribution fees. For organizations providing services to filmmakers - to get new consumers of their product or service. Enter new regional and international markets. Increase profits.
  • For the viewers. Opportunity to choose to watch a movie in a partner’s cinema or in the IBNIF Streaming service. Receive LUMIERE crypto coins for watching movies and advertising. To form a rating of film projects, and to make suggestions for improving films. Participate in funding and filming projects.
Pre-Ico Start dateMay 30, 2019
Pre-Ico End dateDecember 31, 2019
CountriesCayman Islands
  • Igor Egorov. Founder, Produser, Film Director
  • Pavel Gubanov. Сo-founder, Internet marketer
  • Katya Ulyanova. Сhief Еditor, Produser
  • Elena Egorova. Designer, Screenwriter
  • Alexander Sivak. Produser, Film Director
  • Sveta Valucheva. Еditor, Screenwriter
  • Charmaine Maravilla. Community Manager
  • Yury Dziatlau. Bounty Manager
  • October 2017. Project start IBNIF CINEMADROM.
  • March 2018. Implementation plan IBNIF CINEMADROM.
  • May - December 2019. 1) Start Pre Sale. 2) Start Pre Sale 1-2-3-4-5. 3) Start a marketing company. 4) Finalization of the IBNIF CINEMADROM platform. 5) Launch of the projects of the IBNIF Film Studio.
  • February 2020. 1) Start the ICO. 2) The release of the blockchain, the release of a crypto coin LUMIERE. 3) Test of the IBNIF CINEMADROM platform. 4) Placement of the first film projects of users. 5) Attraction of the first investors.
  • March 2020. 1) Launch of the final version of the IBNIF CINEMADROM platform. 2) Production projects of the Film Studio IBNIF. 3) Create a map of servers in the world. 4) Opening of IBNIF CINEMADROM offices in the regions of the world. 5) Production of user projects.
  • September 2020. The planned functioning of IBNIF CINEMADROM.
StartFebruary 3, 2020
EndApril 30, 2020
315 days left
Soft cap$1 000 000
Hard cap$150 000 000
Minimum investment100 USD
Tokens for sale300000000

I am an aspiring film director from the Netherlands, specializing in making short movies and social ads. After studying the project’s concept I can say in full confidence that I will vouch for it any time of the day now. Most people just don’t understand how hard it is to make films if you are not cooperating with some huge corporation with unlimited funds. Cinemadrom might become the real deal for all directors, actors, and producers. The good thing is that I am also a crypto enthusiast, so Lumiere will be the next addition to my portfolio.

Nicolas   June 11, 2019  

Finally, someone has come up with idea that will allow really talented but underestimated directors and writers to shine! And the fact that this idea has found its conceptualization in the blockchain technology makes it even more exciting. Certainly, no one should expect it to start producing globally popular movies on the go, but it is a step in the right direction.

Alexz   June 3, 2019  

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