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Chintai: EOS Platform for Token Leasing

Chintai is a British blockchain project that has already launched a decentralized exchange for leasing tokens and other digital resources. For this purpose, the team of developers utilized the advantages of the EOS blockchain, which is known for its superior scalability and flexibility, the possibility of carrying out fee-less transactions, which is one of Chintai’s current features, as well as the provision of better means for decentralization. 

Unlike the majority of other emerging projects in the area, Chintai can boast a fully functional product which they have put into operation on the EOS mainnet in October 2018. The team claims that the platform had already displayed a financial prowess by facilitating the turnover of more than 20 million in EOS tokens during the period of peak activity. However, Chinatai plans to center all of its financial operations around the CHEX token, which they are currently distributing among the interested users by holding a token sale in the form of the Dutch auction.

The CHEX exchange

It is apparent that upon the mass adoption of the blockchain technology, utility tokens will become the main growth engine for the digital economy of the future. But they won’t function to the full extent unless endowed with such an option as leasing. That is exactly the niche that Chintai has begun to occupy.

The Chintai exchange will provide means for leasing all types of digital assets, regardless of the blockchain on which they were created. For instance, gamers can easily borrow or purchase the in-game items, present on different dApps, through the Chintai infrastructure without having to worry about incompatibilities or other such problems. The platform features the CHEX Smart Matching algorithm to facilitate this process. All digital assets intended for leasing are to be converted to CHEX, in order to form a liquidity pool, which then can be used to obtain an asset that the borrower needs, for example, the dApp bonds, EOS, fungible or non-fungible tokens. The lender profits from receiving interest on the borrowed assets.   

The Chintai core team

  • David Packham. The founder and CEO. A specialist in the field of finance and asset management who has taken a serious interest in the blockchain technology. Apart from Chintain, Packham is also actively involved in such projects as Credify, Worbli, and EOS42.
  • Charles Holtzkampf. The co-founder and CTO. The mastermind behind the technical infrastructure of Chintai. He has an extensive career in the area of IT, during which he worked for Avanta, Structa LLP, and founded a starfish organization called BOMelakiesie.
  • Phillip Hamnett. Core developer. An established data analytic and software developer who worked for Airbus before joining Chintai as the lead dApp and backend developer.

Social media presence

Chintai serves as an example of how a project that has the promising and, most importantly, viable product is incapable of arousing interest in the crypto community. It appears that the team has been somewhat neglecting the social media outlets since, basically, all they have is an active account on Twitter with 2.261 followers and a Telegram group with 1.871 members. Nevertheless, the Twitter feed is regularly supplied with new information. Perhaps, Chintai decided to concentrate their efforts on product development instead of increasing the social media coverage.

Token sale details

Chintai chose to sell the CHEX tokens through the Dutch auction on their platform, which is an unconventional approach. The token sale will take place in as many as 320 rounds (1.8 million tokens to be distributed per round), with the CHEX price being different for each such round. As of now, the sale is in its 122nd round, the price of 1 CHEX is $0.000549. The auction is due to end on December 24. All investors must pass the KYC. There is no exact information regarding regional restrictions.

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StartMarch 24, 2019
EndNovember 24, 2019

Projects like Chintai are trying to promote the cryptocurrency-based financial products that would hardly find any real-work application in the near future. We still can't figure out a way to properly use Bitcoin as a currency and a payment vehicle that can be used relatively freely. Yet Chintai, and a bunch of other startups, are already trying to sell us some pseudo-sophisticated solutions. I am not saying that the crypto leasing shouldn't be given a chance, but my guess is that it's a bit too early for such complicated instruments.

Oopster78   December 30, 2020  

As I understand, cryptocurrency leasing is becoming increasingly popular in this space as we see projects like Binance, and other globally renowned platforms, introduce this new option of passive earning to their lists of services. Apparently, Chintai decided to go one step further and create an ecosystem that provides the opportunity to all kinds of tokenized assets. What's good about Chintai is that they have built the platform on the EOS blockchain which is more advanced than the cloggy Ethereum.

T1t0   October 29, 2019  

First of all, Chintai's interface looks suspiciously similar to that of Binance, though, certainly, these two platforms are conceptually different. It would be amusing to see how this platform will function on the EOS blockchain, the infamous Ethereum killer. I heard that Binance has realized the idea of leasing Waves tokens to master nodes, which is similar, to a certain extent, to Chintai's idea. This means that this project is on the right path and will surely get traction in the future.

oneoneone   September 10, 2019  

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