Care Token (Care Token) Review

Although the vast majority of blockchain projects are focused on the financial sector, in one way or another, there are also the so-called social blockchain startups that aim at helping specific groups of people to get better services and better life in general. No one would argue the fact that seniors represent one of the most vulnerable social groups, especially the seniors that are not being supported by their families or who live in third world countries, which is practically synonymous with being impoverished.

Company information

A&A Elderly Care is the company, the members of which have taken upon themselves the task of showing how blockchain and a digital token can be applied in the industry of senior care. The said company was established in 2016 by several Nigerian entrepreneurs that claim to have vast experience in healthcare and social services. A&A Elderly Care appears to be a fully legit business entity, judging from the fact that it is properly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria and operated in compliance with the local legal framework. The company's entire business plan is based on the comprehensive use of blockchain and a utility token for senior caring service name Care Token (CARE), the sale of which via ICO should help the startup to attract the funding required to maintain the development of the Ethereum-based blockchain platform.

The CARE hospital & wellness kit

The first order of business for A&A Elderly Care, after the expected successful completion of token sale, will be to construct a brick-and-mortar care center for seniors, which should incorporate a unique geriatric hospital, a residential home that can accommodate over a thousand people, a network of affordable pharmacy store, and other necessary infrastructural elements, such as churches, shops, libraries, etc. All financial activities that will take place within the confines of that care center are to be carried out by means of CARE token.

A&A Elderly Care also plans to develop its own physical product called the Home Wellness Kit that will contain a host of tools for monitoring the health status as well as testing and diagnosing any potential illnesses. All relevant health data will be gathered through the decentralized application called Care and subsequently stored on the blockchain.

The Care Token team

Afolabi Damilare. Founder and CEO. Afolabi holds a bachelor's degree in computer science and genratology. She is also a founder of Penyi Foundation and an early adopter of cryptocurrencies. 
Adegoke Anifat. Co-founder and second CEO. She is a certified senior nurse and a co-founder of Penyi Foundation. Adegoke is also an experienced cryptocurrency trader.
Sola Akinola. Software developer. Sola is a bachelor of computer science and data processing. He has more than five years of software development. 

ICO details

The sale of CARE tokens has begun on November 20 and is going to last till January 31, 2020. The ICO price of 1 CARE is $0.4, with the minimum investment threshold being set at $100. Tokens can be purchased only with Bitcoin and Ethereum. The softcap has been set at $15 million while the hardcap $35 million. The project offers a bonus as well as a bounty program. The United States is the only country included in the list of restricted areas.

Author: Alex Paulson for

  • Senior Residential Facility that operate with blockchain technology. Token Created will be used for every transaction in the residential facility: transactions like accommodation fee, medical treatment bills, grocery payments fee, staff salary payment
  • Home Wellness Kit. To design a Home Wellness Kit that includes Connected Medical Devices (IoT) for regular biomarker monitoring.
  • Health Data. Health Data Platform Secured by the blockchain, the platform stores and shares data only to parties pre-approved by the Seniors and/or their authorized caregivers.
  • Care Provider Platform. Create a platform where care giver can be trained, apply and get verified after passing through a complete health care certification.
  • Medical Consultation. Every verified users will have easy access to medical consultation and counseling on the CARE platform.
  • Health Management Plan. Partners with various hospitals, health facilities and medical laboratories.
  • Reward System. Reward system which serves as means of income for the seniors
  • Insurance/ Retirement Saving Plan. Health insurance and retirement plan that will operate on blockchain.
Pre-Ico Start dateAugust 24, 2019
Pre-Ico End dateNovember 18, 2019
  • Afolabi Damilare Opeyemi. CEO & Co Founder
  • Gafar Anifat Abiola. CEO & Co Founder
  • Okedepo Odunola. Matron
  • Sola Akinola. IT Developer
  • Salami Adedotun. IT Developer
  • Oluwabunmi Benjamen. Project manager
  • Afolabi Tobi Peter. Sales Manager
  • Victor Olaniran. Community Manager
  • Adegboye Taiwo. Community Manager
  • Hamza Khan. CTO
  • Q1 2016. Elderly Care idea was born. Fully registered with CAC (Coperate Affair Comission) of Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  • Q3 2017. Participation In Home Carer Elderly Training Conference.
  • Q1 2018. NGO 1 –Feed The Destitute Seniors.
  • Q3 2018. Market Research On Implementing Our Service Into Blockchain.
  • Q4 2018. NGO 2 –Senior Awareness Creation And Sensitization On Effect Of High Blood Pressure And Blood Sugar.
  • Q1 2019. Concept Development.
  • Q2 2019. Token Development/ Token Allocation.
  • Q3 2019. Participating In World Elderly Abuse Awareness Day.
  • Q3 2019. Token Sales / Airdrop.
  • Q4 2019. Lisitng And Release Of Carer Dapp.
  • Q1 2020. Launching Of Residential Home And More Partnership.
Care Token
StartNovember 20, 2019
EndJanuary 31, 2020
Soft cap$15 000 000
Hard cap$35 000 000
Minimum investment100 USD
Tokens for sale175000000
AcceptingETH, BTC

Sadly, the investment world is far from being sentimental and caring, so even such noble initiatives as Care Token may not reach the funding goals. Let's admit it, looking after the elderly doesn't promise any return on investment, so I could understand if the interest towards CARE token turns out to be very low. The team should have focused on reaching out to reputable charity organizations instead of trying to appeal to crypto people.

Too_Mad   January 3, 2020  

What a wonderful initiative Care Token is, I just wish we had more people who are so caring and industrious. I know how tough it is for the senior citizens who don't have relatives (or have the ones that mostly ignore their elderly) or enough money to lead a decent lifestyle when they retire. This problem is especially acute in the third-world countries where seniors don't get even a fraction of the treatment they deserve. God bless Care Token - I wish them all the best.

Crypto_Punch   December 12, 2019  

CARE TOKEN is one of the most heart-warming crypto startups that I have seen in months. They need funding to help one of the most needy categories of people, the elderly, and not to fuel some vaguely formulated and overly ambitious concept that might never come to fruition. I will make the minimum investment, or perhaps even a bit more, without any expectations for profit. I'll consider it a donation to a charitable cause.

Cookie 4 Rookie   December 2, 2019  

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