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BlockState Tokenizes Non-Liquid Assets

It appears that the tokenization of physical assets has become something of a trend in the blockchain industry. We have already seen numerous projects that are literally swarming the niche primarily because it might present the direction in which the crypto revolution will move in the future.

Swiss startups, like the one under review called BlockState, display a certain knack for operation in the field of global assets and security tokenization, probably because the country’s officials tend to keep an open mind towards the emerging technologies like blockchain, and try to facilitate their development. 

In this case, the project tries to push forward the idea of tokenization of poorly accessible assets accompanied by the creation of the supportive environment for their gradual introduction to the banking system as well as secondary markets of digital products.

The market opportunity that BlockState tries to seize

BlockState tries to capitalize on the fact that nearly 54% of all assets around the world are currently uninvestable or made available only to a limited circle of high-end investors. For instance, according to information provided by the Bank of International Settlements, the overall worth of illiquid, or non-investable assets, in the real estate niche amounts to a staggering $136 trillion, whilst there are even more such assets in the area of debt capital. Without a doubt, that is a huge playing field that promises immense profits from projects like BlockState, given that they would be able to crack it open. And they chose to do it through the tokenization of three types of asset classes, namely the SME equity, real estate, and non-bankable assets.

The team members are convinced that their approach will trigger the tectonic shifts on the global market through the infusion of a capital of approximately $350 trillion, currently confined in illiquid assets.

To achieve this goal, BlockState has built a platform on the back of the Ethereum blockchain that must serve as a gateway for retail and institutional investors to the realm of tokenized assets. The blockchain-enabled tokenization of the aforementioned assets will provide for an almost negligent cost of token issuance, fractional ownership, incomparably faster transferability of value, and unparalleled data management. All processes on the platform are to be fueled by the ERC-20 compliant security token BKN, which is now offered through the STO. BlockState will also provide a comprehensive lifecycle of management solutions, including legal support, tech setup, and asset management.

Team members

  • Paul Claudius. The founder and CEO. An established serial entrepreneur with years of experience in corporate financing.
  • Michael Weber. The CFO at BlockState. Specializes in regulation and investment banking.
  • Samuel Brack. The CTO who is considered one of the best blockchain experts in Switzerland.

STO details

BKN is a security token that comes as a tokenized share of BlockState AG. The STO is now live and will last until July 12 with the settlement date being set on July 30. The price of 1 BKN is 200 EUR, same being the minimum investment limit. BlockState accepts BTC, ETH and fiat currencies. All investors must be whitelisted and pass KYC. Citizens of Afghanistan, Bosnia, Canada, Cuba, People's Republic of Korea, Ethiopia, Guyana, Iraq, Iran, Laos, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia, United States, Vanuatu, and Yemen are barred from this STO.

Author: Alex Paulson for

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StartJune 25, 2019
EndJuly 12, 2019

I agree that there are a lot of projects emerging these days that share the similar idea, but I think that the main advantage of BrickState is that they will be operating within the framework of Swiss legislation, which is one of the most progressive in the world. A huge plus to credibility, so to speak. Besides, the team has laid out its vision clearly and seem to be adhering to the roadmap. So far, I didn’t find any cons with BlockState.

Iwan   July 8, 2019  

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