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Bitrus: Better Approach to Crypto Trading

Bitrus is a multifaceted cryptocurrency exchange that offers its users a host of functions and trading options, all of which are aimed at bridging the gap between the traditional financial and the emerging crypto markets and facilitating further engagement of private and institutional investors in the digital economy.

The project has a clearly defined goal, which is to make Bitrus exchange a rendezvous point for all financial actors, regardless of their scale. Furthermore, Bitrus is determined to become the first online platform free of numerous issues that plague the overwhelming majority of crypto retail exchanges, including hindered integration with fiat markets, insufficient transparency, inadequate fees, and poor customer support.


First and foremost, Bitrus aims at establishing the accessible fiat market channels with the primary focus being on the markets of Canada and Mexico and their respective currencies. In the future, they plan to broaden the scope of operations to other countries of South America (Argentina, Brazil, etc.) as well as the countries of Asia and Oceania.

But for the time being, the fiat/crypto trading pairs will include only CAD and MNX against all major cryptocurrencies. Mexico, in particular, represents a prospective market to enter as nearly half of its population of 120 million is comprised of unbanked people, who would be the first in line for the alternative fintech services.

Payment services

To further broaden its ecosystem, Bitrus plans to introduce three payment gateways that will afford means for using all listed fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, including the platforms native BTRS Coin, compliant with the ERC-20 tech standard, without any restraints that are inherent to the current digital economy. These gateways will include a decentralized marketplace, a set of debit cards, and the network of Bitcoin Teller Machines (BTM), the trial models of which are due to appear in Mexico City in the near future. 

Benefits for traders

From the crypto trading standpoint, Bitrus introduces as much as three types of user interfaces: Beginner, Advanced, and Expert, as they fully realize the difficulties that fledgling traders face when they begin working in this field.  

The Beginner interface has a very basic set of features whereas the Expert one has over 15 tools for technical analysis, as well as leverage trading and trailing stops. Also, Bitrus will feature a demo mode for those who break fresh ground in crypto trading. 

Bitrus also introduces the sub-account feature that provides means for better money management through the separation of secondary accounts from the main one. Following a new trend in financial services, Bitrus offers a social trading feat that permits the inexperienced users to pattern upon the strategies of seasoned traders. 

The exchange will have its own stock index called BTRS 20 comprised of top twenty cryptocurrencies and weighted by the means of mathematical algorithms and libraries, such as SciPy, Pandas and others.

The scope of application of BTRS Coin

Apart from being included in fiat/crypto and crypto/crypto trading pairs, BTRS could be used to get a 50% on trading commission, similar to Binance Coin. The excessive coins will be bought back from users and effectively burnt out.

ICO details

Bitrus is to launch the ICO on May 29, having established the price of 1 BTRS at $0.07 with no minimum investment threshold mentioned in the official papers or website. The token sale event will last until October 14 or until reaching the hardcap. Citizens of the United States, North Korea, China, Bolivia, and South Korea will be denied the privilege of participating in this ICO.

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StartMay 29, 2019
EndOctober 14, 2019

What I like most about Bitrus is its fee model where the deducted amount is different for takers and makers, as well as for the crypto/crypto and crypto/fiat trading. Also, the fees can decrease when reaching a certain individual monthly trading volume, but no less than 50 BTC/month. This serves as a good incentive for active trading, which I believe will occur on Bitrus because it’s one of the few emerging exchange platforms that allow trading against fiat.

Bitcoin Crusader   September 17, 2019  

Any responsible investor (or a nascent user) in up-and-coming crypto exchanges must look for an answer, in the whitepaper or any other technical documentation, about the sources of liquidity, and how the exchange is planning to maintain and increase the liquidity over time. I the case of Bitrus, I have failed to find clear-cut answers to these questions as these particular sections in the whitepaper were formulated a bit too ambiguously. That's a pity because Bitrus has a very good set of features and a working product. I have sent an inquiry to the team of developers about the liquidity issue - will be waiting for their reply.

Ben   August 7, 2019  

Bitrus has an exchange demo, a comprehensive set of features, an app, and a token that provides for good benefits, like a 50% discount on trades. What’s more to ask from a fledgling crypto exchange. I am worried about the dominance that Binance and a couple of other exchanges are gradually establishing in the area of crypto trading. Sooner or later, they will start dictating their terms which won’t be favorable to us, traders. So, I am looking for alternatives, and Bitrus seems like a good one to me.

Anthony   July 21, 2019  

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