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The concern regarding the environment is increasing, although it never seems like it grows fast enough. A number of people around the world have joined groups, initiatives, organizations, and alike, trying to protect our world from harmful materials that are damaging the air, the water, and even the soil itself.

Unfortunately, they did not have that much success so far. Their efforts were certainly not in vein, but they achieved fewer results than they were hoping for, which can be discouraging. However, they might be another way to go about this issue, and that is to turn it into a new industry.

This is something that is only now becoming a possibility thanks to new technologies such as cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. Before their invention, such things were out of the question. Now, however, the possibility of using these technologies to better the world exists, and with it — projects that ima to do it. This desire is what led to the creation of bitNatura.

What is bitNatura?

Bitnatura is a project that is based on crypto and blockchain technologies. It aims to use a cryptocurrency that would be backed by natural capital. It would be tied to the underlying REDD+ (carbon) credits, which are, in turn, based on a UN-supported initiative.

Simply put, the bitNatura marketplace aims to democratize access to natural capital. Up until now, natural capital was only available to a select few, which mostly included huge corporations. Microsoft had access to it, as well as Marks & Spencer and PWC.

However, the market was not available for regular people — until now. With bitNatura, that is going to change, and everyone will have the ability to invest in the emerging market.  The project provides an economically viable method for the sustainable environmental project to not only exist but to also prosper.

Investors would get the ability to invest in REDD+ (carbon) credits, which would allow them to reduce the carbon footprint. Meanwhile, they would also support biodiversity conservation, as well as community development. Not only that, but they would also have the ability to earn a return, and make a profit.

Simply put — bitNatura believes that the creation of an open and fair natural capital marketplace would be beneficial to everyone. Everyone would be allowed to contribute and benefit from it alike, and to do it for the first time ever. bitNatura will also use innovative technologies like crypto and blockchain to bring greater transparency and openness, which does make it sound like this project has no bad sides, and that everyone involved can only benefit.

bitNatura ICO details

One unfortunate thing about the project is that there is basically no information about it currently available. We do not know the time and date of the ICO, nor even its token's ticker. All that is known right now is that this will be a utility and that it is being developed on Ethereum's network, which would make it an ERC-20 token.

Apart from that, the ICO is registered in Hong Kong, which does make sense, considering how big of a problem this part of the world has with carbon emissions. Other than that, there is no information about the project as of yet.

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EndAugust 31, 2019

As mentioned, the project currently does not offer details, which makes it difficult to estimate whether it is good or bad. It does have a very good vision, but there is no white paper, no information about its team, no roadmap, or anything other than that. So, while the vision is currently the only good part of the project, it provides zero info and details, thus making it impossible to trust that the project can deliver on what it promises.

D0n1el   September 26, 2019  

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