Bitcademy Football - ICO Review

Bitcademy Draws Football and Blockchain Together

The industry of sports has become increasingly commercialized over the last few decades. Football, in particular, makes for the prime cut of that pie, as it inarguably enjoys the ever-growing global popularity facilitated by the steep hike in the incorporation of informational technologies.

Football shouldn’t be only for moneybags

On the darker side of things, the football industry of today is a mirror reflexion of the contemporary global society which gets more and more segregated in terms of wealth distribution, where underprivileged are depleted of opportunities for fulfilling their potential.

Although the most successful football clubs of today generate collectively tens of billions of dollars, only the tiniest fracture of these funds goes into scouting for new talents in developing regions of the world and building new football academies in the countries outside their stamping grounds, such as Europe and Latin America.

Bitcademy decided that it is time to disrupt the industry by building the blockchain platform for finding football diamonds in the rough, granting users an opportunity to invest in players’ development and profiting after they make a leap to the professional stage.

The vision offered by Bitcademy involves the establishment of a wide global network of brick-and-mortar football academies, the activities of which are going to be incorporated in the BaaS (blockchain-as-a-service) platform.

The academies that breed talents and profits

According to Bitacdemy’s business model, called E3 (Enter- Expand-Expand), they plan to establish several football academies in the regions that are overlooked by major clubs. The Enter stage provides for the launch of such an academy in Eastern Europe, most likely Poland, followed by the expansion to Africa, the Middle East,  Asia, and Central America.

The academy recruits talented children aged 8 to 12, as well as teenagers, from the corresponding region and places them under the wing of professional youth coaches.

The training process, named by Bitcademy as the Smart coaching method, is designed in conjunction with artificial intelligence. AI also provides for football technique imitation and a scrupulous player classification. Player’s progress is to be meticulously monitored by the means of tracking pods and digital wristbands provided for each academy member upon his enrolment. Each player receives a digital passport that contains all information about his progress, encrypted and stored on a blockchain. 

Marketplace and token economy

Bitcademy is meant to be a two-way road for football prospects and platform users as it enables the latter to invest in the development of a particular player and then reap financial benefits after this young footballer strikes a deal with a professional club. To that end, Bitcademy has developed a decentralized marketplace. Within the framework of this marketplace, any user can become an investor in a football talent through purchasing Bitacademy’s native security tokens BTMG (Gold or Silver). Gold tokens are distributed during STO. Apart from serving as an investment instrument, these tokens also exercise the function of share, granting its holders the right to vote on the further course of development of Bitcademy.  

Silver tokens will come into play after STO and will serve as the basic currency on the platform, used for the initial estimation of player’s talent - Silver Token Valuation - and the subsequent financial operations: sponsoring, token trading, and dividend allocation, conducted through the Investor Dashboard.  

STO details

The Bitcademy STO is up and running with a hardcap of $15 million, featuring a 25% bonus for all early investors. The token sale will last until July 3. The price of 1 BTMG is set at $0.038 with the minimum investment threshold of $200. Bitcademy’s token can also be obtained through participation in airdrop and bounty programs. Investors from China and the United States can’t participate in this STO.

Author: Alex Paulson for

Pre-Ico Start dateMay 1, 2019
Pre-Ico End dateJuly 31, 2019
  • Tomasz Krzystek. CEO
  • Firas Ayub. CTO
  • Adnan Manzoor. Business Development Officer
  • Paul Loiacono. COO
  • Michal Antoniszyn. Marketing Strategist
  • Kelvin Ndereba. Blockchain Developer
  • Salman Shaukat. AI Specialist
  • James Darley. Sports Scientist
  • Kamil Kukulka. Sports Business Adviser
  • Konrad Cichosz. Sports Media & Sponsorship
  • Kamil Grajda. Graphics & UX designer
  • June 2018. Whitepaper release.
  • Q1 2019. STO Whitepaper release
  • Q2 2019. Private Sales. pre-STO. Business & Strategy Model
  • Q3 2019. Marketplace alpha release. AI Alpha (academy test). Tracking & Monitoring. Open Academy
  • Q1 2020. Marketplace v1.0. AI Module v1.0. Sales expansion Marketplace & AI
  • Q2 2020. Tracking Devices offering. Academy Expansion plan
  • Q3 2020. Academy first player contracts in place
  • Q4 2020. Bitcademy operates on 3 continents. Academy licensing showcase. Licensing opportunities
  • Q1 2021. Blockchain R&D. Marketplace 2.0 with new releases
  • 2021. New facilities built. Global expansion secured. Expotential profit from transfers, marketplace and big data

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Bitcademy Football
StartSeptember 1, 2019
EndOctober 31, 2019
Soft cap$4 000 000
Hard cap$15 000 000
Minimum investment1 ETH
Tokens for sale1000000000
AcceptingETH, BTC, USD, EUR

I can't wait for Bitcademy to start full-scale operations. I have been loving football since early childhood but, unfortunately, I possessed neither the talent nor the physical prowess to become a professional player. But I had the talent for making money - thanks to Bitcademy, I will be able to realize my childhood dream through making a sizable investment into the sports education of some gifted child. Keep up the good work, Bitcademy. Hopefully, my future investment will pay off big time once the player goes pro.

Angu$$$   October 11, 2019  

Those who fall for the seemingly attractive idea of Bitcademy have to realize that in most cases they won't be allowed to follow the player's progress once he joins a big professional team. The data about a highly ranked player's health and playing condition must be confidential and not shared with a third party. Besides, there would also be legal problems with sponsoring and such. All in all, Bitcademy is a great project for the development of child football, but the notion about making money on professional footballers in nonsensical.

cleverclever   September 5, 2019  

I fully understand the desire of Bitcademy to help young children who have a knack for soccer to realize their potential, but the whole idea of affording means for other people to reap profits from the future professional careers of those children seem quite unethical to me. It's like they are exploiting the innocent dreams of those kids to become famous athletes by betting on their future capabilities, which is camouflaged by the term "investment/sponsoring". I understand that my speculations might seem far-fetched, but I am entitled to having a personal opinion.

glover62   August 26, 2019  

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