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Binfinity: High-Frequency Trading for Crypto Space

Binfinity strives to create the first of its kind cryptocurrency exchange that fully meets all regulatory requirements and offers the level of services that meets the needs of top-notch institutional investors. The project is registered as a public corporation in Switzerland under the name Binfinity AG, and operates as a member of the Financial Services Standard Association (VQF), a self-regulatory organization that offers compliance services. The company also has subsidiaries in Australia and Spain, fully licensed by the corresponding authorities.

Binfinity offers a high-performance marketplace for digital assets that is customer-oriented, carries out its operations in a fully transparent environment, ensures unprecedented security of funds, and provides an exhaustive range of high-grade trading instruments.

The specification of the trading platform

The primary objective of Binfinity is to bring the means for high-frequency trading and efficient risk mitigation to the crypto space. This is achieved through the introduction of the suite of proprietary trading products labeled Raptor, which are functionally similar to the products used in the high-end trading firms. Also, the platform has a state-of-the-art matching engine, developed by Fusion Systems, which is capable of handling up to 2 million transactions per second.

BFC serves as one of the basic currencies on the platform. It is the ERC-20 token that can be used to purchase tiered membership, get substantial discounts on trading fees, participate in the affiliate rewards program, and stake the tokens within the framework of the future Binfinity Chain project.

The team

  • Michael Alfant. The founder and CEO. A vastly experienced specialist in the fields of finance and trading, who founded multiple tech companies across the globe. He served as a Head of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan, an advisory member to the Stanford University business program, and currently occupies the director post at Healios.
  • Huw Rogers. The co-founder and CTO. Rogers has 20 years of experience in fintech and risk management. He also specializes in high-speed algorithmic trading. Apart from being one of the founders of Binfinity, Rogers is a partner at Fusion Systems.
  • Vaughan Marks. The co-founder and CMO. Another fintech specialist who is also an expert in computer science. Together with Rogers, he founded Fusion System. Before that, Marks worked at Bloomberg and Merrill Lynch. 

Roadmap implementation

Binfinity began its development in 2018 with platform elaboration and obtainment of the necessary regulatory approvals, the process which has been finalized around April 2019. By May 2019, Binfinity has already launched an alpha-version of the marketplace and listed a couple of dozen major cryptocurrencies. After the successful completion of the token sale, the project plans to launch a fully-fledged fiat and cryptocurrency trading, which is due to happen around August of this year. 

Social media presence

Despite the seemingly well-prepared product, Binfinity is represented very poorly on major social media platforms. Their YouTube channel has only 6 subscribers, only 38 followers on Twitter, and 134 - on Facebook. Despite that, the project produces the content almost on a daily basis, trying to keep the audience up to date.

The IEO details

Binfinity is carrying out the IEO of BFC that provides for a 25% bonus for the minimum purchase of 1000 tokens. Moreover, the owners of the first 1000 verified accounts will get 100 free tokens. The current round of sale will end on August 7, though the IEO will run until mid-October. The price of 1 BFC is $0.1. The project accepts BTC, ETH, and USD. Citizens of Japan and the U.S. will not be allowed to participate in the token sale.

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StartJuly 2, 2019
EndSeptember 28, 2019

Binfinity serve as an example of a startup that looks extremely good on paper, with a thoroughly elaborated concept, a team packed with professionals in the given field, compliant with regulations, and so one. But something just won't let them attract enough audience and interested investors. Maybe that's due to the non-efficient marketing or brutal competition, but it looks like Binfinity will not become a noticeable platform.

Nancy   August 12, 2019  

Binfinity has a very well developed and presented product that should attract significant attention of the investors. I wonder why they have so few people following them on social media, but that might be because of the nature of this project - it is not a “hype startup” devised to gather thousands of Facebook addicts. As I said, I find Binfinity very promising, partly because of their devotion to regulatory compliance.

Tom   July 29, 2019  

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