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Azultec: New Age of Cryptocurrency Mining

The environmentalists like to talk at length about the negative impact that cryptocurrency mining has on the ecology, and rightfully so. But despite the fact that the blockchain community is well aware of this fact, and recognizes the immediacy of this problem, the overwhelming majority of projects tend to pursue an absolutely different agenda that is focused either on profiteering or provision of services. Very few of them realize the amount of positive social and economic value that could be brought through the efficient resolution of this sensitive issue.

Among them is Azultec, a German technology startup, the head office of which is located in the city of Schloss-Holte Stukenbrock. The company’s motto says that they have created the “easiest way to earn cryptocurrency”, which translates into the concept of energy harvesting carried out through the proprietary mining devices called Cube 300 and RenderMaster.   

The mining equipment that heats the house

The problems associated with the conventional cryptocurrency mining are well-known to all: the elevated noise, excessive heat generation, and accumulation of dust, not to mention the amount of expensive energy that goes to waste.

Azultec tackles all of these issues in a single swipe by introducing two plug-and-play pieces of equipment that contain state-of-the-art graphics cards for mining, the operational temperature of which is controlled by the cutting-edge liquid cooling system. However, the main distinguishing feature of these devices is that they can recuperate up to 72% of produced heat, which then can be transferred and used in the domestic heating system. But the primary purpose of the Cube 300 and the RenderMaster is cryptocurrency mining which is done more efficiently due to the fact that they can run on renewable energy.

In addition, these devices can perform 3D rendering, cloud computing, and cloud storage functions. The current price of the first prototype, the Cube 300, is established at $6999.            

Members of the Azultec team

Nathanael Draht. The founder and CEO who specializes in the development of computer hardware. Before founding Azultec, Draht devoted 16 years of his life to AquaTuning, the company that produces water & air cooling systems for computers.

Andreas Rudnicki. The co-founder and CEO who has devoted all his professional life to developing computer and Internet security solutions and working as general manager at companies like Aquatuning, Alphacool, and Andantex Handels.

Aaron Licht. The co-founder and CMO. Apart from being a gifted marketer, he is known for establishing the PC-Max magazine as well as the agency called TechnikPR.

Social media presence

Azultec is a prime example of a project that had established a very strong presence and now tries to maintain continuous engagement with their followers. Their social media arsenal features all major platforms with a decent pool of followers being formed almost on all of them: Facebook - 8947, Twitter - 5507, Instagram - 3406, and Telegram - 21078 members. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Azultec is well-liked and supported by the crypto community.

The use of AZU tokens and ICO details

Azultec is currently in Phase 3 of the crowdsale of the ERC-20 compliant AZU tokens. The holders of these tokens are eligible for different discounts on mining hardware as well as the license to operate a rendering farm or cloud storage. Therefore, AZU is a non-fungible utility token that doesn’t constitute an asset or a revenue share option.

The crowdsale will be live until October 20. The price of 1 AZU is $0.024 with the minimum purchase amount established at $200. The project accepts BTC, ETH, and fiat currencies. All investors must pass KYC. Citizens of Iran, North Korea, Syria, Guyana, Iraq, Bosnia Herzegovina, Laos, Uganda, Vanuatu, Yemen, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, and Tunisia are not eligible for the ICO.

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StartMay 20, 2019
EndOctober 20, 2019

Since the profitability of mining is currently under question because of the temporary downfall of the cryptocurrency market, the purchase of Cube wouldn’t be relevant. Should the price of Bitcoin stay below the level of $9000, the cost-effectiveness of Azultec's Cube is doubtful. Although I think that Azultec offers a very interesting product and the overall vision of the company development. Should Bitcoin get back to the above $10K level, the Cube might appear on my shopping list.

V1ct0rY   October 11, 2019  

Azultec has an interesting physical product - the mining Cube - which appears to be a decent alternative to traditional mining rigs and ASICs. What I like most about these Cubes is that they are supposedly very quiet and don't produce plenty of heat. Seasoned miners know how incredibly annoying and problematic the usual mining equipment is in this regard. So, this is a huge selling point for Azultec. But I wonder whether these products are compatible only with project's cloud computing network (which would be a big restraint factor), or could be used elsewhere.

comfortably_rich   September 5, 2019  

Finding supplementary application for the cryptocurrency mining equipment, like Azultec and their idea of energy harvesting, means a world of good for our crypto community. Finally, we can prove to all those who are frowning upon crypto and throwing mud at miners that this activity is actually more eco-friendly and cost-efficient than their “beloved” oil production and such. As for me, I am still mining on my good old rig, but now, after finding out about Azultec and their magnificent Cube 300, I will begin saving here and there to buy this beautiful piece of equipment.

Buddy   August 2, 2019  

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