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AssetStream: Microfinance Without Intermediaries

AssetStream is a licensed blockchain-enabled peer-to-peer platform that provides leeway to over 264 millions of unbanked and otherwise financially underprivileged people around the world. It is based on the concept of tokenized microfinancing that stipulates for the extension of loans and fund transfers to individuals and small-scale entrepreneurs who are deprived of the possibility of obtaining such financial services from the conventional monetary institutions. AssetStream has been built of the Stellar blockchain and uses its consensus protocol,  which is known for being one of the most efficient means for the creation of state-of-the-art payment infrastructure characterized by fast transactions, low fees, and seamless synchronization with all major banking systems.

Background information 

AssetStream is registered as a legal entity in Estonia with its head office located in Tallinn. According to the information on the official website, AssetStream operates under two licenses issued by the country’s financial regulator.

The first license grants the company the right to provide services of exchanging a virtual currency (read, cryptocurrency) against any fiat currency; the second one permits to offer services of a virtual currency wallet. Both licenses are permanent and check against the official database, which adds points to the credibility of AssetStream.

In addition to having a solid legal background, AssetStream has already acquired two strategic partners: Pico Thailand, an association of Thai entrepreneurs, and CreditOk, an aspiring fintech company that works on creating a comprehensive credit risk system.     

The principles of operation and token economics

The essence of the AssetStream system is uncomplicated. There are three types of users: lenders, borrowers, and investors/local agencies.

The lender gets regular payments in the form of 0.75% to 4% interest on the loaned sum, which he can convert to crypto or fiat currencies. He can exploit AssetStream’s matching system to handpick the reliable borrower or opt for the automated selection. 

The borrower gets to pick a more suitable interest rate and create a loan contract with flexible terms.

Investors and local agencies can participate in the lending process and get a cut of the interest. In case the borrower defaults on his loan, the platform undertakes the role of a debt collector. 

The AssetStream platform features three types of tokens: AST, ASD, and ASTH. AST is the utility token that is distributed among the investors over the course of ICO.

The peculiarity of AST lies in the fact that its price may differ, depending on the area of application. If the token is used strictly within the confines of the platform, it would have a fixed price of $0.01. But should the user choose to transfer it to an outside exchange, the price will be subject to fluctuations.

ASD is the main intra-platform currency used for lending, borrowing, paying rewards and interest. This token is convertible to other cryptocurrencies (BTC, BCH, ETH) as well as AST. Each user would be required to have a certain amount of ASD in order to be able to pay conversion fees.  

ASTH is a secondary currency applicable only to the Thai market and is used to pay loan interest. This token can be freely converted to ASD on a no-fee basis.  

ICO details

AssetStream has a pre-sale of AST tokens underway that is going to end on May 31, followed by as much as 8 rounds of token sale, the first of which will start on June 1. The price of 1 AST is set at $0.01, though a 25% pre-sale bonus applies. This bonus will decrease by 4% once the ICO commences. The project aims for the hardcap of $21 million. Citizens of China and the United States won’t be allowed to participate in this ICO.

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  • Rewarding. Without intermediaries, the AssetStream Platform offers at least 0.75% upto 4% monthly yield from your investment
  • Diversified. The AssetStream platform assembles SMEs from different industries, meaning that you can diversify your investment and risk.
  • Reliable. A Self Regulated community with verified profiles and blockchain technology, greatly reduces the risks correlated with non profit loans
  • Regular. Lenders receive their return on investment on a monthly basis and can convert it immediately to their origin cryptocurrency
Pre-Ico Start dateMay 27, 2019
Pre-Ico End dateMay 31, 2019
  • Thanin Piromward. Founder, Head of IT & Development
  • Ken Phiromwad. Co-Founder, Head of Strategy & Marketing
  • Didier Bosmans. Co-Founder, Head of Communication
  • Tun Santianuchit. Co-Founder, Managing Partner
  • Nutthapon Siripaiboon. Senior Application Development Manager
  • Chuthiya Pitthayapituk. Senior Project Manager
  • Atiwat Yuwitaya. Business Development Manager
  • Q1 2017. Four co-founders founded the AssetStream project as a great potential solution for the low-income communities in developing countries who are struggling with the loan shark problem.
  • Q2 2017. After fundamental researches a proof of concept had been created. The proof of concept reached legal and technical viability. During this period the AssetStream project evolved from a potential side project to a fully self-funded project, geared towards launching in 2019.
  • Q3-Q4 2017. The recruitment team recruits professionals and specialist from Belgium, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and many more location around the world.
  • Q1-Q2 2018. Start development process of the AssetStream platform prototype. Selected Thailand as flagship region due to compliance of law, norm, customer behavior, market size.
  • Q3 2018. Reached the demonstration version of platform infused with blockchain technology. Approached potential partners with demonstration version of the platform. Reached an agreement with the first strategic partners, Thailand PICO Finance Association (Consists with 1000+ money lending company).
  • Q4 2018. Approached the public as the AssetStream Platform aiming towards offering an alternative finance solution to customers in developing countries. Attended Hong Kong Fintech week 2018. Attended as one of the premium exhibitors at Consensus 2018 Singapore. Attended as one of speakers during ‘BlockChain Innovation Tour’ promoting the AssetStream platform in Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore.
  • Q1 2019. AssetStream Platform with its strategic partners (Finanigo, Pico Finance Association Thailand) held the press conference event in target market. Determined the Launching date of the AssetStream Platform and AssetStream Token (AST) Token Distribution. Start online advertising and public relation campaigns. Launch AssetStream social channels including Youtube, Facebook Fanpage, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram Group, Wechat, Line Official. Start development of AssetStream platform mobile version. Contributing Money/BlockChain expos around the world to meet the potential investors and platform users in person.
  • Q2 2019. May - AssetStream Token (AST) Token Distribution takes place. June - The AssetStream Platform is fully operational. July - AssetStream’s first monthly pay out to Lenders. Listing AssetStream Token(AST) on external 3rd party Exchange. Contribute Money/BlockChain expos around the globe to meet the potential investors and platform users in person.
  • Q3 2019. Announce the 2nd and 3rd target market (Potentially Vietnam, Philippines) with its strategic partners. AssetStream Platform with its strategic partners hold a press conference event in both target market. Contribute Money/BlockChain expos around the globe to meet the potential investors and platform users in person.
  • Q4 2019. October - New volume of AssetStream Token (AST) Token Distribution takes place. November - Platform functions for 2nd and 3rd target are fully operational. December - 2nd and 3rd target market first monthly payout to its lenders. Contribute Money/BlockChain expos around the globe to meet the potential investors and platform users in person.
  • Q1-Q2 2020. AssetStream Platform beta test the features of peer to peer lending and start launching from the best situation of the target market. AssetStream becomes a full functioning versatile global lending platform together with the regional strategic partners. Start online advertising and public relation campaigns. Launching of AssetStream platform on mobile to the available market.
  • Q3-Q4 2020. Together with its local strategic partners, Assetstream expands its territory of service. The AssetStream platform can expand itself entering credit scoring, banking business base on user data of the platform. Pursue the social mission as social enterprise to apply basic financial education to developing countries to help prevent people from making financial mistakes and reduce reliability on loan sharks which improves the overall living quality.

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StartJune 1, 2019
EndNovember 30, 2020
Soft cap$144 000 000
Hard cap$2 100 000 000
Minimum investment0.01 ETH
Tokens for sale2100000000
AcceptingBTC, ETH, BCH, Fiat

How can I buy/invest? The link is not working.

Max   July 23, 2020  

AssetStream is addressing a really burning problem which is getting a loan. My guess is that every single entrepreneur who had dealt with banks know firsthand that the procedure of loan obtainment could be so tedious that you would rather shoot yourself. I am more than convinced that blockchain will become a driving force for small and mid-scale businesses, thanks in no small way to the likes of AssetStream. Too bad that this project is emerging from Asia and has a primary focus on that market. Otherwise, I would have invested a more substantial amount of ETH.

Nolan   June 29, 2019  

The project itself appears to be legitimate, with an excellent, experienced team, great vision, and a working product. As mentioned, it is not exactly unique, but it might be the first one to achieve major success and go mainstream — that still remains to be seen. Their aim itself is not only noble, but also quite useful for the industry. Naturally, it will make lives of the unbanked and underbanked people much easier, so there is really no downside to it. Even the white paper is well-written, 42 pages long, and it goes into great detail, thus further improving the legitimacy of the project. As always, investors should check out the project themselves before investing, but so far, AssetStream appears to be pretty good, with no red flags in sight.

jc   June 17, 2019  

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