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Ever since the internet reached mass adoption, it provided us with a new way of expressing ourselves. Everyone received the same opportunity to show what they can do, and offer their content to others. However, there is still a major problem of content ownership that remains an issue to this very day.

Despite the fact that the internet had matured much since its early days, and it does not look anything like it used to — problems with proving content ownership did not go away. However, then blockchain technology got invented, with features such as higher security, immutability, and alike.

As such, it touched nearly every industry already, even though most of its use cases still remain only theoretical. Still, once blockchain itself matures and reaches mass adoption, it is believed that the world will change forever yet again. Specific issues like offering your content on different markets will change as well, finally providing digital content on the secondary markets a valuable asset.

There are already multiple projects that aim to deliver this type of solution to content creators, and while the competition is high, more similar projects are emerging. One such project is ASOBI COIN, which had its ICO last year.


ASOBI COIN is a project that aims to revolutionize digital content trade on distributed secondary markets. It aims to make use of the new blockchain economic era, and provide necessary solutions for creators, publishers, viewers, and other types of users.

The project features Asobimo dApp platform which aims to make digital content on the secondary markets a valuable asset, as well as provide a safe trading experience. Best of all — it can do it at a minimal cost. Through its platform, it plans to provide a distributed secondary content platform by using DSS (Decentralized Security System), which would provide irrefutable proof of content ownership.

The project came to be due to the fact that the current digital content services simply do not grant their users with licenses that confirm ownership. THis makes the content nearly impossible to resell, or even reuse once the original service closes down for any reason. Content creators lose their products, making their effort nothing but a waste of time.

ASOBI would let the user own the license and use it to guarantee the ownership of all of their content. Of course, to do so, the project also needed its own native cryptocurrency, which is why it held its ICO back in 2018.


As mentioned ASOBI's ICO already took place last year, but it actually ended in 2019. It started on July 4th, 2018, and it ended on January 30th, 2019. It sold the token called ABX — a utility token that the project wanted to use within its own ecosystem, for fueling it and its dApps.

Despite the fact that the ICO already took place, not a lot of details are known, even now. It is known that the project was registered in Estonia and that it had two restricted areas — China and the US. It is also known that everyone else was capable of participating, provided that they had gone through the KYC procedure.

The token's price during the ICO was $0.0091, which is rather low. Even so, the project supposedly managed to raise around $5 million, which is quite impressive, considering the fact that the ICO took place during the last year's crypto winter — the most crypto-unfriendly period in a decade-long history of digital currencies.

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Asobi Coin
StartJuly 4, 2018
EndJanuary 30, 2019

The project is not unique, as mentioned, but it has a very good idea. Many of the content creators have undoubtedly experienced issues with reselling their content after it was already used once. Nobody is willing to risk purchasing content that is potentially stolen, and having to deal with the legal consequences.

Eugen   August 7, 2019  

The project had a strong team, and it was developed by a company that is well-known, especially in countries such as Japan. Of course, the project still has problems to resolve, but it appears to be on the right path.

Sara   July 10, 2019  

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