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Allforcrypto is a P2P marketplace where you can trade using cryptocurrencies. Allforcrypto will provide a blockchain-based platform for decentralized sales of goods and services using its own utility token.

Why buying and selling online does not work

Any discussion of online P2P purchases and sales begins with eBay. Founded in 1995, at the dawn of e-commerce, eBay earned most of its profits and losses through C2C sales and auctions. Without going into details, eBay has never been an “ideal store”, which was stated by its apologists, despite annual sales of $ 11 billion. The main disadvantages of eBay have always been:

  • Growth - attracting new buyers and sellers;
  • Payments - years of ups and downs with PayPal and, finally, the transition to Adyen in 2018.
  • Security of purchases and payments - endless complaints about how to cancel a purchase on eBay or problems with PayPal payments.

Similar problems from the very beginning pursued all P2P commerce until Allforcrypto presented its solution!

Allforcrypto Strategy

Allforcrypto offers a solution based on blockchain technology for solving problems in the field of P2P purchases and sales of goods and services on the Internet.

Allforcrypto allows users to buy and sell products for bitcoins, altcoins, perfect money and webmoney. We offer our own escrow service, as well as escrow from independent campaigns to ensure the security of payment for goods and quality of service. Since Allforcrypto is mainly a cryptocurrency market, it uses the available protections that such payment systems provide. Payments in Bitcoin, litecoin or any other altcoin are safe by themselves due to the use of blockchain. We refused other forms of payment, such as bank transfers and credit cards, because of the likelihood of fraud on the part of the buyer. Thus, the seller is as secure as the buyer, which is not on sites like eBay.

Benefits of the Allforcrypto approach

The advantages of the Allforcrypto approach over eBay should be quite obvious. Allforcrypto allows buyers to easily find the goods they need and pay them completely safely. As a result, after Allforcrypto is implemented and launched, our platform will take its share of the market for all existing P2P sites. Since the global market has a turnover of about $ 11- $ 20 billion, including all major players, there is a significant share that Allforcrypto can own.

Revenue model

The Allforcrypto revenue model is based on commission. The platform commission will be 5% for each transaction, at the same time, incentive discounts and bonuses using a token will be available. All basic cryptocurrencies will be converted into a platform token for all operations. Buyers and sellers will be able to store tokens, trade them on exchanges or use them on the platform. Sales of tokens will be subject to the possibility of use for purchases. The price of the token on the platform will be unchanged, so the value of the goods will be stable.

  • Smart Wallet. Most transactions are almost real-time (up to 1,000 transactions/second) with low cost and no blockchain download necessary.
  • Rewards. Buyers can use their tokens to purchase items listed on the website. Discounts and bonuses will be made to incentivize users, using the token. Sellers can get reduced fees using the tokens and also purchase special promotions for their items – for example, highlighting the item on the site, or promoting it via our twitter/Facebook pages, etc.
  • Stability. The token value of the platform will not decrease unless some extreme event happens in the market (please refer to frequently asked questions), so token holders may be assured of the value of the token even in the volatile crypto market.
  • Security. Our token is on the waves platform.Waves have never been hacked and are one of the safest platforms/ wallets in the crypto sphere today. On top of this security, we will develop a secure backup blockchain, independent of waves platform that will backup wallet and token information incase of the highly unlikely event of waves becoming compromised
Pre-Ico Start dateNovember 24, 2018
Pre-Ico End dateDecember 31, 2018
  • Mina Vucinic. COO
  • Jan Emil Christiansen. Bounty/Social Media Manager
  • Hitesh Patel. CFO
  • Matthew Hinton. CMO
  • Luis Carlos Pozo. PR and Communications Manager
  • William Leen. CEO/Head Developer
  • Ocotober-December 2018 PRE ICO.
  • January-March 2019 Marketing Upcoming ICO.
  • March-August 2019 ICO Launch.
  • August-December 2019 Mass marketing campaign of the website.
  • 2020 and onwards Continue development and operation.

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StartJanuary 1, 2019
EndAugust 1, 2019
Soft cap$2 000 000
Hard cap$21 000 000
Tokens for sale70000000

Allforcrypto will be testing the waters in a sector that is characterized by a vehement competition. It appears to me that they are trying to create an alternate version of Alibaba or Amazon with the added benefits of blockchain, like low transaction fees and the possibility of spending crypto. Also, it would have been great if they added a comparison of Allforcrypto with their chief competitors, just to give a visual representation of the project's strong points. To summarize, Allforcrypto is a decent project, but it lacks a certain spark and uniqueness.

Jenny   July 16, 2019  

Allforcrypto is the kind of project that has ‘failure’ written all over it. Not only does it have a website that can’t be properly accessed, it offers a concept that is galaxies away from being unique and interesting. A marketplace on blockchain that accepts peer-to-peer payments - I have come across at least a dozen similar startups in the last month alone. And the 5% fee for each transaction on a blockchain, where the commission is inherently almost negligible, is just atrocious. I think, VIAZ would have about a couple of hundred active users at best.

Bart   June 30, 2019  

The project may of course be interesting to the audience, but so far there is little information. I will wait and follow the development of this site. Otherwise, you are seriously threatened by ebay. Let's see what happens.

Zander   January 28, 2019  

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