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Airsave Travel: Refer & Save in Crypto

Airsave Travel is a fintech company that was founded in 2015 in London. Their first digital product was an eponymous centralized mobile application that provided means for users to save money for traveling. This app was made available two years ago through Apple’s App Store.

The next stage in the company’s development occurred when they have entered into the partnership agreement with Smart Trip Platform, the blockchain project that specializes in the provision of a wide range of tourist services for individuals and businesses. This cooperation resulted in the development of the decentralized application on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain due to be released later this year.

Social saving on blockchain

Airsave Travel is based on the notion of social saving, which has nothing to do with the concept of Robert Fogel, but stipulates for the active use of social media platforms, and other means for online interaction, to promote the product at hand in exchange for Airsave Miles, the virtual points that users receive upon registration and after making initial activities.

These points can be then converted to the platform’s native ERC-20 tokens - Airsave Travel Coins (ASTC), which, in their turn, can be withdrawn as TASH - the tokens of Smart Trip Platform - or up to 80% of the total sum in Bitcoin. 

Needless to say that the travel industry is on the rise, expected to hit the $2.7 trillion mark in 2019, with a definitive prospect for further growth. Taking into account the migration of all tourism-related online activities, particularly bookings and reservation, to mobile platforms, Airsave Travel might make itself heard in the given niche.   

How Airsave Travel works

In essence, Airsave Travel is a decentralized referral application that assigns a unique referral code to each user after he completes the registration. After the dApp connects to the user’s existing social media pages, he can start saving for travel and earning rewards by inviting friends and sharing the provided referral code. For each successfully referred friend or contact acquired through the platform's social sharing feature, the user gets paid the equivalent of $5 in Airsave Miles or ASTC tokens. The condition for the referral to be regarded as successful is that the friend also saves the amount of at least $20.

To incentivize the novice users to utilize the application more actively, Airsave Travel allocates the first-time credit in the amount of $14 in ASTC directly to the intra-platform digital savings wallet.

Airsave Travel is a free-to-register but not a free-to-use platform as the company changes $6 regular service fee applicable, however, only after the user reaches the referral threshold of five contacts/friends. Apart from that, the platform will also require making a fixed monthly investment of $20. The withdrawal of saved or earned funds can be made on a quarterly basis. 

IEO details

 Airsave Travel currently holds the IEO at the ExMarkets exchange. The token sale is due to last until July 31, after which the ASTC tokens will be made available for trading. As of now, the price of 1 ASTC is $0.3 with a total of 2 million tokens allocated for sale and 5.3 million reserved for private investors. Airsave Travel offers a rather generous airdrop of 200 thousand tokens. All investors must pass the KYC procedure, though no restrictions are being applied with regard to their country of residence.

Author: Alex Paulson for:

  • Save and earn. Save with 10 friends to earn £240 every four months. Save with 50 friends to earn £1040 every four months
  • Refer your friends. Earn money for referring your friends to Airsave Travel. See your Facebook friends pop up on your referral list
  • Earn recurring rewards. Earn a real £5 every month for each friend who saves £20 too
  • Easy to use. Track your monthly savings and earnings in real and virtual money
  • Join for free. Save and earn in virtual money before you invest the fixed investment of £20 each month - in fiat or ASTC
  • Rewards. Redeem your savings and earnings in TASH tokens, or up to 80% in Bitcoin.
  • Sarah Dales. Founder, CEO
  • Faisal Ahmed. Front-end Graphic Designer
  • Vivek Verma. Lead developer
  • Nikola Petrovic. Head of Marketing and Communications
  • Krishnendu Chatterjee. Ph.D
  • Shikha Dadhwal. Social Media Manager
  • Carlos Graterol. Designer
  • Souvik Tripathy. Blockchain Specialist
  • Hamza Khan. Adviser
  • DEC 2014. Idea. Airsave Travel Ltd 1begins development of a social saving travel app.
  • MAR 2015. MVP testing. The initial build of the Airsave Travel app enters an extensive beta testing period.
  • JUN 2016. Partnership. Airsave Travel becomes an official partner of STA Travel, the adventure travel experts. Airsave Travel is now able to directly turn users’ savings into STA Travel vouchers - at no cost to the user.
  • MAY 2017. Expertise. Airsave Travel’s team grows - with the addition of Silicon Valley investment and development experts.
  • JUL 2017. Launch. The Airsave Travel app hits the Apple App Store, attracting thousands of users in a few short weeks.
  • OCT 2017. ICO. Work begins on raising an ICO to facilitate expansion.
  • JAN 2018. Whitepaper. work begins on research and compiling official white paper.
  • JAN 2019. Partnership. Smart Trip Platform and Airsave Travel become official business partners - allowing Airsave Travel users to redeem earnings in TASH token, to spend on decentralised travel.
  • MAY 2019. IEO. Launch of Initial Exchange Offering on Exmarkets Exchange. (Including automatic listing.)
  • AUG 2019. Build. Expand the software development of Airsave Travel as a decentralised application. (DApp.)
  • AUG 2019. Trade. Trading of ASTC begins on ExMarkets Exchange for early IEO investors.
  • SEP 2019. Visa. The development of a dedicated Airsave Travel pre-paid card will allow ASTC token holders to spend them online and at POS terminals.
  • OCT 2019. Growth. Backed by the growing value of ASTC tokens and an expanding user base, Airsave Travel will continue to grow and develop, helping travellers save and earn for their next travel adventure - anywhere in the world.

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Airsave Travel
StartMay 1, 2019
EndJuly 31, 2019
Soft cap$1 000 000
Hard cap$10 660 000
Tokens for sale22000000

I don’t know if there is such a term, but I would characterize myself as a saving freak. To get you the idea of what it actually is, I am compulsively seeking discounts, sales offers, and just every tiny opportunity to save on something. It’s not that I am a cheap guy, I consider it simply as my weird trait. So, when I found out about AirSaveTravel, I decided to try it out because a) I love traveling and b) it will allow me to save money. Surely, their overall concept is not a doing of genius, but I still want to play around with it.

Aaron   July 18, 2019  

Certainly, Airsave Travel is not some revolutionary project, but they do have a sound model based on a simple idea of saving a few quid here and there to have a chance to treat yourself to some discounted traveling. I reckon that their referral program and the fee scheme are a bit confusing. But if you are an active user of the Smart Trip platform - like me - then you can certainly reap some benefits from stashing the ASTC tokens. They also promise to roll out a travel crypto exchange in the future. I would like to see how that turns out.

Sylvester   July 1, 2019  

I have read and re-read the project’s whitepaper and the info on their website, and I couldn’t fully grasp its concept, especially the mechanism of allocation of their Airsave Travel Coins. They go at length about saving money for travel and referring friends, but a clear description of how I would actually earn these tokens is nowhere to be found. All in all, Air Save Travel seems like one big hoax to me.

Rebecca   June 16, 2019  

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