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aGifttoken - ICO Review

For many years, giving presents has been reserved for small groups via offline interactions. But today, offering the right gifts is increasingly getting more difficult due to some underlying factors. The ever-busy schedules of individuals have made it very difficult to understand the right type of gift for the beneficiary. The lack of physical presence and the uncertainty surrounding giving gifts to friends in other geographical locations have also made it difficult to offer gifts easily.

People are interested in offering gifts, but the problem is they are not assured if the gifts will reach the right people. But aGifttoken is trying to change all these.

aGifttoken is aiming to become the main gift channel that offers contributions via Smart contract. It intends to do this on the Ethereum blockchain. The main goal of aGifttoken is to ensure that it is the most used gift present that friends and families can use to send gifts across and within communities.

Giving presents shows caring and generosity. It’s one of the most satisfying things to do. aGifttoken wants to provide a platform where it will be easier to offer gifts and offer contributions. It’s trying to rebrand the gift offering channel via the Ethereum platform.

About aGifttoken

aGifttoken wants to offer a conducive environment for offering gifts. It provides a platform where the sender of the gifts can confidently send gifts across to the receiver through blockchain technology. The vision of the company is to create an environment where gifts can be shared without geographical barriers.

After its development, the platform is now functional on IOS, web, and Android version.  Through the platform, people can send gifts to friends and relatives without any geographical hindrance.

The system is using blockchain technology to make this possible. Blockchain technology has impacted a lot of industries, and the growing influence of its technology is quite huge in various industries.

People will use the aGiftapp application to send and receive gifts via the platform. The platform is free to use, with its current version being the 1.0 hybrid version. aGifttoken intends to update the platform and launch an improved 2.0 version later.This is in a bid to strengthen the position of the token and make it highly competitive among other tokens in the market.

aGifttoken ICO details

The token sales for aGifttokens have already begun. It is offering about 30 million aGifttokens, with 5 million tokens reserved for security, advisors, and the team members until other tokens have been sold.

Each token will cost $5, which is in line with recognized global value for gifts. For stage one and two, tokens will be offered with discounts until it has reached the threshold levels. With this approach, the team members believe there will be more consideration and increased awareness for the tokens.

The team intends to constantly update the aGiftapp and aGifttoken to make sure it becomes the most popular platform for landmark events in the world. The company is registered in Romania and accepts only the Ethereum token.

Author: Ali Raza for Crypto-Rating.com

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StartJune 28, 2019
EndJanuary 1, 2020

The project has a nice concept, with the idea of offering gift presents through a secure platform. It would be an important achievement in the cryptocurrency industry if the team members can pull this off. However, the details about the project are still vague. The team has made little awareness of the IOC offer. The team members have to do more to get more people involved in the project. Nonetheless, it could be an exciting project if the team members can work a bit more on sensitizing the public via their website and social media platforms.

Fromouttaspace   January 23, 2021  

I am all for virtual gifts and such unless my hubby decides to send me a virtual bouquet of flowers instead of a real one. The idea that aGifttoken brings to the table has been replicated in numerous apps before, but it is interesting to see how they will manage to incorporate the blockchain technology and create some sort of a token economy. But it's most likely that aGifttoken would yield before competitors.

Beer_Belly_Jim   January 30, 2020  

The idea behind aGifttoken is not overly sophisticated and surely not unique, because there is an abundance of similar apps out there. Perhaps, that is the reason why this startup managed to raise only $6 so far. A petty result indeed, but maybe they will be able to catch up during the remaining three weeks of the token sale. But if aGifttoken fails, the crypto industry won't feel a thing.

Klear_Mind   December 8, 2019  

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