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Blockchain technology came as a major technological breakthrough which, as many likely know, emerged as a supporting tech for cryptocurrencies. However, in the years that followed - and especially with the creation of Ethereum - the attention started to shift from cryptos towards blockchain itself. Researchers and developers started noticing new possibilities and potential appliances, and after digging deeper - it was discovered that blockchain has the potential to impact nearly every industry out there.

Since then, the battle for adopting blockchain technology started, and while many businesses have already accepted it, the majority has yet to do so. Meanwhile, blockchain's main use case remains in the financial industry, although with potential to impact a few others in a major way. One of them is the healthcare industry, which is believed to be relying on tech that is considered outdated even with the blockchain out of the picture.

While finances and healthcare rarely meet, apart from few areas where they seem to function pretty well together, there is a project out there that came up with a solution that might serve both industries simultaneously, and that project is Aenco.

About Aenco

Aenco calls itself the world's first blockchain-based healthcare financial solution and application development platform, combining Smart Capital, HealthTech, as well as Prime Brokerage Solutions under a single umbrella. The project combines decades worth of experience in prime brokerage and traditional financial services. Meanwhile, it also offers a network of healthcare technology innovation partners, but also some new-age applications which were developed under the umbrella “Aenco Global HealthTech Financial Solutions platform.”

The project aims to become a one-stop shop for the delivery of professional and highly efficient institutional financing, smart capital solutions, and prime brokerage for the HealthTech industry. Further, it plans to additionally research and collaborate with healthcare firms, as well as blockchain-based projects.

It will combine the best solutions from three industries — healthcare, finances, and blockchain — through its AEN token to create an ecosystem that would provide efficient and quality service. It would also empower innovative emerging healthcare firms with digital financial capabilities so that they can keep their focus on generating impactful technologies which could transform the modern world and make it better and more advanced.

Aenco ICO details

As mentioned, Aenco's aim was to power its ecosystem with its own, native token — AEN. The project already held its token sale, although it did so back in 2018, during the most unfriendly period for ICOs in history of the crypto industry.

The project held its preICO from July 27th, 2018 to August 31st of the same year. Even its ICO took place in 2018, between September 1st and September 30th. The token, AEN, is a utility developed on Ethereum's network. The project offered 600 million units for sale, with a price of each token during the ICO being $0.1.

The minimum investment was 1 ETH, and the project accepted Ethereum and Bitcoin alike. Despite the fact that this was the harshest period to hold an ICO, it still managed to raise nearly $16.5 million. The project was registered in Samoa, and China and the US were the only restricted areas. Everyone else was welcome to participate, provided that they go through Whitelist and KYC procedures.

Despite the fact that $16.5 million seems like a good amount to be raised in the middle of the crypto winter — this is still only barely above the project's soft cap of $15 million. At the same time, it is nowhere near its hard cap of $60 million.

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StartSeptember 1, 2018
EndSeptember 30, 2018

I am not trying to bash the ideas presented by Aenco, but their representation is downright confusing. I had to read and reread all of their written material just to broadly understand the gist of this project. So, the guys want to use a variety of sophisticated financial instruments to obtain sufficient financing for the companies that develop tech solutions for the healthcare industry. A rather weird combination, I must say, because Aenco tries to bind together people from the areas that don’t usually concert with each other. My verdict is that Aenco is a borderline weird project mainly because of a strange mix of ideas.

Dirk   June 26, 2019  

When it comes to the project's team, it is more than just a decent one, and it is unlikely that there will ever be issues from that side of the spectrum. However, many have felt that the economics of the token was unclear and vague. Even so, the vision is interesting and innovative, as a supply chain in healthcare is more than necessary.

Vasil   June 26, 2019  

The project received average ratings, mostly due to the fact that the white paper appears to be unclear and confusing to many, but even so, the ICO can be considered successful, considering the fact that it exceeded its soft cap while being held at the worst time possible.

Lars   May 14, 2019  

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