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Since they originally appeared almost 11 years ago, cryptocurrencies have been promising a change that would make the world a better place for everyone. They offer a number of benefits over traditional finances, including lower transaction fees, decentralization, as well as the ability to reach everyone, whether or not they have access to the bank.

With their ultimate, worldwide reach and the fact that no single entity can control them, the crypto trend spread around the world, and countless projects have emerged since then. While many of them did try to bring a positive change, many others were only after the money. A big portion of them turned out to be a scam, which led to a regulatory crackdown on token sales.

However, even after all of these, and many other issues — the crypto trend still lives, and it still dreams of a better future. Even the ICO model still persists, despite the fact that there are alternatives, which are generally considered to be safer for the projects and investors alike. In fact, one project that aims to deliver a new type of convenient marketplace is currently in the process of holding its own ICO, and its name is 2local.

About 2local

2local is a blockchain-based platform that will provide a convenient marketplace for consumers that wish to connect with their favorite companies. This will allow them to directly purchase locally-produced, sustainable goods, as well as local services. The platform's goal is to encourage sustainability and bring prosperity to the world.

The project's team stated that they dream of a better future, but instead of waiting for it to arrive — they have decided to make it a reality themselves. Through their platform, they aim to eliminate injustice, inequality, and other social issues. Meanwhile, they are after delivering sustainability through the use of natural resources.

They also believe that there is a place for everyone in the worldwide economy of the future, although they believe that it must be more local and less hectic.

Of course, the project does not expect to create a utopian economy, meaning that they are aware of the limits that even the most successful projects have to face. However, they will still try to help create an economy that takes into account everyone, from all circles of modern society. All that they require to start is their native cryptocurrency — the one that is in its preICO stage of distribution at this very moment.

2Local ICO details

As mentioned, 2Local is in its preICO stage, which started only a few days ago, on October 1st. PreICO will last until the end of the month, and it will be replaced by the ICO itself, which is scheduled to start on November 1st. After that, the ICO will last for 30 days, until the end of November.

The token sale will offer 2Local's native cryptocurrency, L2L, which is a utility developed on Stellar's platform. The token's price will be $0.00031233 per 1 L2L. So far, the project did not announce which coins can be used to purchase L2L, although XLM is probably a safe bet. The project also features a bounty and an MVP.

The project was registered in the Netherlands, and it has several restricted areas, including the US, Canada, Bolivia, Iran, Algeria, Egypt, Nepal, Morocco, the UAE, and Pakistan. Others are allowed to join the token sale, provided that they go through a KYC procedure.

Author: Ali Raza for Crypto-Rating.com

  • Buy L2L tokens via appUsers can buy L2L tokens via 2local app, website or via the exchange. If a user buys tokens via 2local authentic means (the app or the website), he or she will get 1% discount.
  • Find connected companiesCompanies that produce local and sustainable goods can get a 2local note in their wallet. This will let the connected people receive L2L tokens that can be exchanged for coins (max. once a month).
  • Buy from connected companyEvery transaction with L2L tokens (purchases and exchanges) is complemented by a small commission by 2local system. This amount of L2L tokens, designed to rise in value, will be used for cashback system and further development.
  • Get monthly cashbackOnce a user becomes a part of 2local system, he or she will be receiving cashback in L2L, which will act as a reward for buying local and sustainable products from connected companies.
  • Exchange L2L for fiatConnected companies will benefit from a free loyalty program for their costumers, who get the unique possibility to convert the L2L cashback back into fiat money.
  • 2local buys L2L tokens2local will buy L2L tokens from the exchange with a smart algorithm designed to keep the exchange rate steady climbing.
  • Profit to L2L depotAfter buying L2L tokens on the exchange, 2local holds the tokens approximately one month. The profit from value rise will be used in 2local cashback system as well.
  • Antony Chang. CEO & founder
  • Harry Donkers. CSO & co-founder
  • Henk de Leeuw. CFO & co-founder
  • Aura Kuipers. CCO & co-founder
  • Stratos Kokkinakias. CLO
  • Robert Hehakaya. COO
  • Katia Smits. Press Officer
  • Rutger-Jan in den Bosch. CTO & co-founder
  • Aldrius Low. CIO
  • Arjan Cornelissen. MS365 architect
  • Blazho Gjorgiev. CMO
  • Eleni Karamanoglou. Excecutive Assistant
  • Shehzad Khan. Marketing Advisor
  • Christof Waton. ICO Advisor
  • Sharp Ye. ICO Advisor
  • Q1 2018. Founded as D-Crypto
  • Q2 2018. Presentation Vision & Mission
  • Q3 2018. Economic Model Token
  • Q4 2018. Token Development
  • Q1 2019. Website development
  • Q2 2019. Whitepaper & MVP Android
  • Q3 2019. One-pager & KYC (AMDL5)
  • Q4 2019. ICO & MVP 2.0
  • Q1 2020. IEO & Platform development
  • Q2 2020. Connecting Companies
  • Q3 2020. Audits & Testing
  • Q4 2020. LAUNCH 2local platform

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It is funny how a mediocre blockchain project managed to stuff so many socialistic slogans in their presentation. Let's be frank, 2Local doesn't offer anything out of the ordinary: just another blockchain-based platform/application that provides means for connecting with local stores and services provides in order to obtain some perks, bonuses, cashback, etc. We've seen it a dozen times before. However, the 2Local team wrapped it all up is some utopian marketing messages which made their entire presentation appear very lame and unnatural.

Dietrich   November 12, 2020  

The L2L token is a unique, sustainability-focused cryptocurrency that maintains a stable yet rising exchange rate, performing the role of a buffer between digital assets and fiat currencies, such as USD. This means the token can be used as a stable payment method without the risk of inflation and unpredictable losses. The users of the 2local platform are encouraged to utilize the L2L tokens, as this will result in a monthly cashback.

Casual Millionaire   November 5, 2020  

Oh my, here is another startup that intends to make the "world a better place." We have already seen so many of them rise briefly above the surface only to get to an even deeper bottom of insignificancy. Besides, the concept offered by 2Local is flawed at its core since they intend to narrow the audience to "locals" instead of trying to go global. The 2Local app would be suitable only for those who reside in big megapolises, and could be rendered virtually useless for those from small towns.

NotaPonzi   September 21, 2020  

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