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As you probably know, most cryptocurrencies do not have any kind of real-world asset that would back them, or give them a stable value. As such, they are more difficult to control or manipulate. They are free to be as valuable as the community that uses them thinks they are valuable.

However, the obvious downside to this is that opinions can change, which directly impacts the coins' value. This makes cryptos extremely volatile, and their prices are known to change quite drastically, often in a matter of hours, or even minutes, in extreme cases.

This brings a huge amount of risk for anyone willing to invest in them or even trade them. Not to mention those who have integrated them into their businesses, and are now accepting them as a legitimate method of payment.

For all of these people, predicting the price movement of cryptocurrencies is of extreme importance, and it can greatly impact their financial future. Of course, predicting prices in a traditional way — doing research, gathering data, and basically making an educated guess — is flawed. Human judgment is often influenced, or even completely overclouded, by emotion. If we believe in the project, we tend to make more optimistic guesses, even if the data might indicate another outcome. This is what one project, called 1ai, wishes to change.

About 1ai

1ai is an innovative new project that has the potential to bring a major breakthrough in predicting market prices through the use of AI. The project's technology would accumulate the data regarding the history of crypto prices, and then use it to learn from it and predict potential movements in the future.

Of course, all of it will be done without the need for human input, meaning that the emotions that so often cloud our judgment would be taken out of the equation. The project has already started running market forecast services for businesses, and its innovative AI is attracting the attention of many.

Furthermore, the market is a rather sustainable business — one that has been around for a long time, as well as one that will likely last forever. The stock market itself could potentially benefit from this technology, or at least those who are interested in the future prices of various assets. At the moment, the stock market has a potential of $68 trillion, while an additional $2.2 trillion would come from the crypto market.

Naturally, this technology goes hand in hand with blockchain technology, and the project would even use its own cryptocurrency. All it needs to do now is finish its distribution.

1ai ICO details

As mentioned, 1ai is currently in the process of token distribution, with its ICO starting in a matter of hours. It is still in the pre-sale period at the time of writing, with this period starting on October 1st, and ending on October 30th, meaning today.

After that, the ICO itself will start on October 31st, and end on the 31st of December, thus making the project ready to launch as soon as 2020 begins.

The token in question is known as 1AI, and it is a utility token developed on Ethereum's platform. Its ICO price will be $0.0008 per unit, and the project hopes to reach the soft cap of $1 million, while the hard cap sits at $10 million.

There are 14 billion 1AI tokens for sale, while the total supply will be 20 billion units. Interested investors can purchase this token with BTC or ETH, and its developers have also announced a bonus.

Author: Ali Raza for Crypto-Rating.com

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StartNovember 1, 2019
EndNovember 30, 2019

Seriously, does anyone still believe that it is possible to predict the crypto market, especially at such a nascent stage of its development? I would like to ask someone from the 1ai team, how their solution would predict pump-and-dumps, how is it going to predict when some whale decides to manipulate the market using mere $10 million, which should be enough to pump or crash the price of virtually any coin below Top 10. I guess, they wouldn't have anything to say regarding this matter.

Dragon Fire   August 27, 2020  

1ai promises to bring a lot of change that would impact the crypto industry, as well as traditional finances in a lot of meaningful ways. However, there are a few red flags regarding this project which cannot go unnoticed. For example, the project is available around the world, with no restrictions, which is quite unusual by itself, considering that laws regarding ICOs tend to differ greatly in different countries, and a project that can appease them all simply doesn't exist.

Terra Crypto   July 30, 2020  

Secondly, there is no need to verify your identity before investing, no KYC or whitelist procedures, which adds to the suspicion. Finally, the project is not very transparent about its developers, and even the country of origin remains unknown, which is maybe the most troubling lack of information. The team is also unverified, which is likely not going to inspire trust in investors.

Tiberio Grakh   October 3, 2019  

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