TOP 5 ICO projects of 2019

August 2, 2019   Ethereum

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is the primary distribution of tokens. Altcoin developers attract investors to their projects by selling tokens for liquid cryptocurrencies or fiat money. Investors will be able to use the purchased coins as a project’s internal currency, trade them on specialized exchanges, or simply sell them at a bargain price that will be at least 100% higher than the cost of altcoins at the time of purchase.

According to experts, the profit potential of promising tokens starts as of 100% with no upper limit. One of top cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, can serve as a perfect supporting example to this statement. If a person invested in this coin at the time of ICO, he could have earned 233 000% of the amount of investments. The cost of Ethereum at the time of presale was 30 cents, and by the end of 2017, the price of the token exceeded 700 USD.

Every day dozens of new similar projects with unlimited profit potential are registered, appealing to a huge audience of private investors. However, 98% of developers do not achieve the desired result: tokens do not start trading on specialized exchanges or  project initiators disappear with the funds attracted from investors. This makes the choice of a truly promising ICO project a challenging task demanding a lot of technical and financial expertise. In order not to give your own savings to a scam, it is important to read this article.

All you need to know about ICOs

High popularity of ICO projects as an investment tool is routed not only in its significant profit potential. Blockchain technology allows startup teams to attract the funds of private investors extremely effectively, even at the development stage. Tokens in this case act as analogues of stocks, the value of which increases significantly in case of the successful implementation of the project.

Before considering investing in ICOs, it is important to understand the key aspects of such projects, namely:

  • What’s the purpose of ICO launch? Through this mechanism token developers attract funds from private investors, which will subsequently be used to launch and develop an altcoin.
  • High risks due to the controversial legal status of ICO projects. Many countries (USA, China, Canada, Japan, Russia, etc.) already have their own laws and regulations regarding ICOs, however, in some jurisdictions it can be almost impossible to hold the scammers accountable. On the other hand, It is important to note that even in countries where ICOs are not yet regulated, anti-money laundering (AML) rules will continue to apply. Therefore, the absence of ICO rules does not imply legal freedom.
  • How much can you earn? As mentioned earlier, the profit potential of investors in the ICO is unlimited.
  • How much will you need to invest? The threshold of investments is determined by developers and on average varies in the range from 50 to 500 USD. However, there are projects which crowdsale (preliminary sale of altcoins) is carried out on a closed basis. Vivid examples of such ICOs are Libra from FaceBook and Gram from Telegram. The minimum amount of investment in these projects starts from 100 000 USD.

How to choose a promising ICO?

In order not to give own funds to scammers, it is important to familiarize yourself with the main criteria that promising ICO projects must meet:

  • The developer company must be officially registered as a legal entity.
  • The significance of the project. Before making a decision on investing in a particular project, it is important to conduct a little research on your own to determine its significance. In 2019, a lot of useless ICOs are created, the main task of which is to raise funds from investors. An example of a significant altcoin is the DMarket token (DMT). Using these coins, users get the opportunity to buy / sell game items without risks and intermediaries. At the development stage, tokens were sold at a price of less than 1 cent. After the launch of the project, the DMT price was 0.8 USD, that is, investors who sold altcoins at this cost earned about 800% of the investments. Token developers initially warned investors that within a year after the launch of the project, an additional issue of coins in the amount of 15% would be made, after which their release would be completed. This led to a decrease in DMT prices to 0.1 USD. At the time of writing, the token is sold on specialized exchanges at a price of 0.26 USD.
  • Taking into account the intensive development of cyber sports and the gaming industry as a whole, we can confidently say that DMT has good growth potential of at least 1 USD in the foreseeable future. Conclusion: the practical importance of ICO plays a key role in its development, therefore, it is recommended to invest in such projects.
  • Technical base. A detailed White Paper should be presented on the official website of altcoin developers. This document contains all practical information regarding the step-by-step implementation of the project. There are cases when developers could not implement promising ideas due to a poorly planned technical base. Therefore, in order to obtain significant profit from the funds invested in ICOs, the investor should carefully study the White Paper. Promising projects should be easily implemented from a technical point of view.
  • Development team. Practice shows that investors should trust only ICO projects with open information about the development team, which can be easily verified.
  • Bonuses when buying tokens at the ICO stage. Bonus programs can be called the most effective marketing strategy. The developers of innovative altcoins understand this, therefore, they offer investors favorable prices when buying tokens at the ICO stage. For example, the cost of a coin for all potential investors is $ 0.0017, and preferential conditions are provided for large investors (when investing in a project from $ 10,000, for example, the value of each token will be $ 0.0010). This makes it possible for large investors to earn on reselling altcoins even at the stage of ICO. In addition, if the project meets the above criteria, the cost of tokens at launch will be at least 10 times higher then the purchase price.

When choosing ICO projects for investment according to the mentioned criteria, the risk of losing funds is minimal.

TOP 5 ICO projects of 2019


The project developers plan to create a global network of digital advertising, making outdoor advertising highly accessible for potential clients.

The goal of the project is to bring together advertisers and suppliers of digital displays on a single P2P platform. The key advantage of HYGH is that the opportunity to launch a large-scale advertising campaign will be available to every user, regardless of budget. A detailed White Paper is presented on the official website of the developers, which presents a detailed plan for the technical implementation of the project.

The minimum investment threshold is 500 USD. To create a deposit, it is enough to register on the official website of the project and create a wallet for crediting HYGH tokens. The minimum potential yield (dividends) declared by the developers is 86% per year. Also, investors will be able to sell the acquired altcoins on specialized exchanges at market value at any time after the launch of the project.


The developers ’goal is to create an innovative, automated trading system based on artificial intelligence.

The program will allow investors to earn profit on global financial markets. The developers have provided 4 trading algorithms that differ in terms of risk and profitability. Each user will be able to choose the most comfortable trading mode. The official website of the project provides information about the development team, as well as a detailed White Paper. It is worth paying attention to one important point – the White  Paper of the project does not contain any information regarding the trading strategy integrated in the program. It may be due to specifics of artificial intelligence, which is not characterized by trading according to a strict algorithm. The creators of the project assure that the program will be able to generate profit for investors automatically. The minimum investment threshold is 50 USD.


The project is positioned as an innovative application where any user can invest in the development of artificial intelligence.   
The potential return is not limited, and the investment threshold is 100 USD. At the end of July 2019, the cost of the MindSync token is 0.14 USD. It is possible to buy altcoins for cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.


The project’s main idea is collection of funds from private investors and their subsequent direction in the development of alternative energy sources (wind stations, solar panels and others).  The minimum investment threshold for developers is not set. At the ICO stage, the cost of the token is 0.1 USD. The high investment return potential is due to the urgency of the problem and the high demand for environmental, decentralized energy sources.


Cryptocurrency, unique in nature, through which traders and investors have the opportunity to effectively diversify risks.  
In addition, users will be able to use Q-BOX, a program based on artificial intelligence. The robot's task is to monitor the fundamental factors for making an objective forecast of the cost of the most liquid altcoins. The developers have provided several tokens, the cost of most of which corresponds to the national currencies of economically advanced states (USDQ, JPYQ, CNYQ and others).  A distinctive feature of these cryptocurrencies is low volatility, which allows you to effectively diversify risks. For passive earnings on investing in a project, you should give preference to the QDAO token, which at the time of writing is being traded on the HOTBIT and BTCNEXT exchanges. Since the launch, within 2 months, the value of the coin has increased 40 times. This asset can be purchased on the mentioned trading floors at market value, or on the official website of the developers.

Attention! Novice investors are encouraged to consider diversified investment in the 3-4 most promising projects. It is important to remember that the innovativeness and practical significance of the idea does not guarantee profit. The key factor is the possibility of technical implementation of the project and the potential level of demand.

Author: Kate Solano for Š”

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