Top 5 Hotels That Accept Cryptocurrencies

January 15, 2020   Bitcoin

Christmas is just around the corner, which means that it’s time to choose the destination and book a hotel. But the real crypto enthusiasts would want to stay in a place where they can pay in Bitcoin or other digital currency. Therefore, we have picked the Top 5 hotels where you can spend your hard-earned bitcoins. 

The Dodler Grand (Zurich, Switzerland)

The Dodler Grand is one of the most luxurious hotel complexes located in the most prestigious financial and banking centers of the world. It was built as a fusion between the traditional Swiss architecture and modernism. But what interests us the most is the fact that since May 1, this marvelous hotel began accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment. That feature became viable after the hotel teamed up with Inacta AG, a Bitcoin payment facilitator who developed a mobile application called Inapay, which provides for instant conversion between BTC and Swiss Franc and Euro. So, if you want to spend the Christmas holidays in this hotel, visit its spas and savor the gourmet dishes, rest assured that you can pay for all that with Bitcoin. The price for an overnight stay starts at 0.1 BTC.  

The Sandman Hotel Group (Canada)

The Vancouver-based Sandman Hotel Group has adopted Bitcoin way back in 2014. In all began as a pilot project, which turned out to be so successful that the BTC payments for room reservations are now featuring across its entire international network that includes 44 hotels and resorts.

Like most real-world businesses, Sandman accepts Bitcoin through the third-party payment gateway. In this case, the service provider is a popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, which currently serves more than 13 million crypto users. The traveler picks a room he wants to book and then chooses BTC as a preferred method of payment. The Sandman Group then issues an e-invoice, which the customer pays through Coinbase.  

Casual Hoteles (Spain)

Casual Hoteles is a company domiciled in the beautiful seaside city of Valencia. It is known for having several thematic hotels across Spain, Italy, and Portugal, the most prominent of which are located in Madrid, Bilbao, Seville, Florence, and Lisbon.

The gist of these hotels is that none of them are the same, with each of them being devoted to a particular historical or cultural theme. But what crypto holders would enjoy even more is the fact that the company has initiated a pilot project that allows guests to pay for the accommodations not only in Bitcoin but in several other cryptocurrencies. This initiative is still young, but the early reports suggest that it enjoys relative popularity.    

Zephyr River Lodge (Guatemala)

But if you have grown a bit weary of vacations in Europe, Zephyr River Lodge offers you a chance to spend your bitcoins in the faraway country of Guatemala, in the region of Semuc Champey, which is known as the jungle paradise. When you enter the lobby, you will see a simple sign plate that says, “We accept payments in Bitcoin.” The choice of rooms ranges from dorms to deluxe apartments, all available for BTC. 

Howard Johnson Hotel and Conference Center (California, US)

Finally, if your idea of a perfect Christmas holiday is to visit Disneyland, then you should opt for the Howard Johnson Hotel that is within hand’s reach to California’s largest theme park. The room prices start from $105/night, which you can pay in crypto through the corresponding gateway. Moreover, the hotel offers a shuttle that can take you straight to Disneyland. 

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