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Top 5 Food Chains Accepting Cryptocurrencies

October 2019

It all started with a cup of steaming coffee - that could be the first line in a novel about the emerging relationships between cryptocurrencies (and the blockchain technology) and the food industry. The numerous YouTube videos depicting a crypto holder buying a cup of invigorating beverage at a coffee shop, and the infamous case of Laszlo Hanyecz - who paid 10,000 Bitcoin for two large pizzas from Papa John’s, one of America’s most popular food chains - are the most illustrative examples of such relationships.

Although the entire food industry didn’t greet cryptocurrencies with open hands, the new digital money is gradually permeating the space. The process of incorporation of crypto into one of the biggest markets in the world is slow but steady. To provide substance to this claim, here is the list of top 5 food chains and restaurants where one can buy some crispy snacks, or savor a sophisticated dinner, and pay for it with Bitcoin on the spot, or indirectly, but still using cryptocurrencies.

KFC (The Canadian branch)

The massively popular fast food restaurant decided to heed the needs of its customers not only by serving the “finger-licking good” fried chicken, but also by providing them with means for purchasing one of the menus using Bitcoin. They even called it The Bitcoin Bucket. The box of crunchy chicken tenders could have been bought for the equivalent of $20 in BTC. The price of the bucket fluctuated in concordance with the price of the first cryptocurrency. BitPay, the US-based Bitcoin payment service provider, helped to put this promo into practice by handling all crypto payments made to KFC Canada. Unfortunately, we can’t know whether this pilot project became popular or not, but it definitely showcases the interest in digital currencies from global food brands.

La Sirene (The New York restaurant)

If your food preferences are more of a sophisticated kind, and you prefer Coquilles Saint-Jacques together with a bottle of Chablis over a simplistic fast food, then you should head to the Upper West Side in New York. There you will find a newly opened French restaurant La Sirene where you can pay with Bitcoin for the culinary masterpieces from chef-owner Didier Pawlicki.

The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory is a huge restaurant chain that has more than two hundred restaurants in the United States alone. It specializes in the traditional American dessert, hence the name. The non-Americans should probably know this food chain for the movies. In any case, the Cheesecake Factory has entered into an agreement with BitRefill, an e-commerce platform where customers can buy gift cards with cryptocurrency. The deal stipulates that the restaurant-goers can now pay for their meals with the corresponding vouchers purchased with crypto.

Nikugatou (The Japanese restaurant)

Nikugatou is the first Japanese BBQ-style restaurant that is considered as one of the most popular in Tokyo. The chefs there are said to serve the best yakiniku, a grilled lean beef, in the world. Their decision to incorporate Bitcoin was substantiated by the fact that the Japanese are among the most progressive crypto adopters.

Burger King

Burger King is another globally popular fast-food chain where one can buy a delicious burger with cryptocurrencies via BitRefill. At some point in 2018, Burger King even considered launching their own digital token dubbed WhooperCoin, but then had abandoned this idea.

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