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Top 4 XRP crypto wallets in 2019

XRP may not be the coin with the highest price in the crypto market, but it is certainly a coin with one of the largest market caps out there. The third-largest crypto has a low price, great use case, and massive potential for the future, if its parent company, Ripple, manages to complete its plans.

Until then, the best thing you can do with your XRP coins is to hold on to them, and store them in a good wallet. With that in mind, here are our top 4 recommendations for some of the best XRP wallets in 2019.

Ledger Nano S

The first on our list — unsurprisingly enough — is Ledger Nano S — a hardware (cold) wallet, which is likely the best wallet in the entire crypto industry, at this point. It is very safe, very easy to use, and it supports XRP, among countless other coins, which is great even for those who like to diversify their portfolios.

Ledger Nano S comes as a USB-shaped device, featuring an OLED screen. Thanks to the fact that it is an offline wallet, no one can hack it as long as it is not connected to a malware-infected computer since the wallet has no internet connection of its own. It works with pretty much all systems, and you can connect it to an Android phone, too, simply by using an OTG cable.


Next, we have Rippex, which is an XRP-specific, desktop wallet that most people consider one of the best options for those who do not want to use cold storage.

Rippex allows you great control of the funds you store within it, and it has a desktop and mobile version, so you can easily manage your funds on the go, too. The wallet appears to be quite secure, with the multi-verification system in place, where all transactions need to be validated by Ripple's network. Meanwhile, it remains transparent, as all transaction information is public.

It also features Dual Authentication, which is a nice extra touch that improves its security even more.


Next, we have Toast, which is a hot wallet, meaning that it has a constant connection to the internet. Toast is quite secure, and all of the encrypted keys are generated within your phone, and they never leave it. This makes it more secure and hack-resistant, although you should always remain vigilant, regardless.

The wallet's software binaries and source code are completely open, which allows for easy confirmation that the wallet is truly safe for storing coins and making transactions. It was created by StarStone Limited, and you can use it on most popular systems and devices, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. So, if you want a convenient place to keep your XRP, Toast is one of the best options out there.


Finally, we have Coinpayments — a wallet that is not only a wallet, but also an exchange platform, and even an online product marketplace. The reason this one made the list is the fact that it treats XRP as its main cryptocurrency.

Basically, it works very similarly to a bank, where you can simply open an account and store your money. While XRP is its main coin, there are also over 100 other altcoins that are available, meaning that you can store many different cryptos, which is great for diverse portfolios.

You can even use it for online purchases, as there are several merchants that collaborate with this wallet and accept XRP at a low transaction fee.

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