Top 4 ICOs with the biggest ROI

December 2, 2019   IOTA

The fourth quarter of 2019 is almost coming to an end, and some ICOs had hit the road with massive gains from when they were launched. Some others have dropped considerably after witnessing their share of gains. But which are the current leaders when it comes to market gains? Which ICOs are the best in the market right now for returns on investment?

Well, it’s easy to find out.

To know the ROI on any token, all you have to do is compare the token’s price at its initial launch with its current value in the market. Okay, let’s see which tokens are leading the chase.

IOTA (20,000% ROI)

The IOTA token is a unique digital currency because, unlike other major digital currencies, it doesn’t use a full blockchain to carry out transactions.

The token held its first coin offering as far back as 2015 when the token was still valued at less than $0,001. It sold the entire I billion tokens it issued out and raised more than $400,00 in the process.

The token reached its all-time high in 2018, where a token was valued at 0.98. Currently, it’s trading at $0.207 (about 20,000% ROI).

NEO  (29,400% ROI)

NEO, formerly Antshares, is a startup blockchain firm based in China. The company develops blockchain for digital asset ownership. The success of the company is one that has not surprised many in the blockchain community because of its Smart assets platform”. It combines digital assets with Smart contracts to develop a legal proof-of-ownership for the blockchain community.

NEO held its first ICO to the public in 2015 and raised about $550, 000 from the sale of 17.5 million tokens. When it was launched, the token was valued at $0.032. But currently, the token is valued at $9.42 per token. That’s about 29,400% increase in value.

Stratis (42,800% ROI)

Stratis offers end-to-end business solutions for the deployment, construction, and analysis of blockchain apps. One of the main factors that made this token a successful one was the support it received from Microsoft. When the token price was just $0.0007, Microsoft injected about $610,000.

One of the strongest points about the token is the fact that its activities are centered on most of Microsoft’s products.  Secondly, Microsoft included the token’s BaaS to its Azure cloud service. The platform provides services for enterprises looking to develop in-house blockchain solutions. It can be seen that Microsoft helped the token a great deal to rise to this level. Currently, it’s valued at about $0.3, but it rose to an all-time high of $21.21 on January 8, last year.

NXT (669,000% ROI)

NXT is the biggest gainer since the token was launched in 2013. It is one of the first blockchain-related projects with the token valued at $0.0000168 at its initial coin offering.

The founders explained that the token is meant to improve some of the features of BTC and take care of some Bitcoin-related issues.

Currently, the token is valued at $0.01125124, which is about 669,000% ROI. As it stands, the ICO is the most profitable token in the industry, based on returns on investments.


Some other upcoming coins are doing well too. Ethereum, Cardano, and EOS are some of the few ICOs that have had some great gains in recent years. One thing is clear that early investors are the most rewarded. So, it’s great to pick up a promising ICO and invest in time.

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Top 10 Cryptocurrencies

Сryptocurrency CVIX Price Change, 24h
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Ethereum 42 $405.19 3.17%
Tether 1 $1.00 -0.09%
XRP 8 $0.251313 1.15%
Bitcoin Cash 55 $264.48 2.15%
Chainlink 51 $11.96 1.60%
Binance Coin 36 $31.35 0.62%
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Litecoin 51 $57.62 2.17%
Bitcoin SV 17 $175.47 0.89%


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