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March 11, 2020   Ethereum

News on new ICOs regularly appears on the Internet. It’s impossible to tell in one article about all the new products in ICO industry, but let’s try to overview some of them.

To estimate an ICO potential investment attractiveness, it is necessary to find out how much financial resources are planned to attract to the project and how much funds the team is planning to retain. A competently structured project will allocate tokens for the team gradually, at the end of individual stages of work. If the organizers receive a large number of tokens in advance, before a real crowd-sale, then this is not a good indicator.

The connection between the release of tokens for ICOs and the development progress motivates the team to work productively and does not give a reason to limit itself to enrichment alone on the success of this project. You need to find out if there is a hard cap or ICO has an unlimited fundraising threshold.

Find out how many tokens in total will be issued and what are the team's plans for further issuance. If the developers have made it possible to issue new tokens, then this will dilute the shares of the initial investors in the future.

Now let's talk about those projects where ordinary users are allowed with a thousand US dollars in their pocket.


HYGH startup is raising funds to create a large digital advertising network. The project is based on AdTech technology. The project aims to attract P2P digital screen providers and advertising customers.

The main highlight of the project is the idea to provide all customers with access to outdoor advertising. Even with the smallest budget, you can get on the screens!

At the same time, the startup team is working on a mobile application. HYGH has already secured the support of such major global companies as Porsche, Tesla, Hyundai. The team’s ICO project is quite well-known, news about it are regularly published in the most reputable media.

Many experts agree that the project can be called promising. It has a solid background and interesting ideas. Outdoor advertising is still a trend in the modern world. In a few years, according to some experts, almost 1 trillion US dollars will be spent on such advertising every year. The outdoor advertising industry itself is growing by 10-15% annually.

The minimum investment amount is $500. On the Internet you can find all the necessary elements of an ICO project:

  • white list
  • data on startup leaders
  • links to news about the development of the project
  • the latest version of the developed system
  • contacts

Startup offers to buy coins that yield a little more than 80% per year. Also, the HYGH cryptocurrency can significantly increase in price if the project succeeds. Startup coins can be exchanged for Bitcoin, Ethereum and fiat.

Paramount DAX

Paramount DAX is a digital currency exchange that has already acquired a license. Now the project is actively advertised and attracts the attention of investors.

Let’s highlight the advantages of this exchange:

  • bidding security guarantees
  • fast execution of trading operations
  • good liquidity
  • a risk management system for beginners
  • low commissions
  • good multilingual customer support

Interestingly, the startup accrues dividends every day, so that token holders get large profits. At the moment the coin’s price is 0.15 dollars. There is every reason to believe that cryptocurrency will grow in price very quickly after the exchange starts working.

The next stage of the crowd sale has already come to an end. Details can be found on the official startup website.

If the project develops successfully, Paramount DAX may become a popular exchange.


StartupSerenity Source develops green energy technology. The project is very interesting. The team sets the task not only to create new innovative solutions in this direction, but also tries to promote the massive use of alternative sources of energy.

The ICO project team calls on the world community to reduce hydrocarbon production in order to save life on earth. The project proposes to introduce public service reduction programs. The startup plans to make the energy sector decentralized, that is, transfer power over the energy to ordinary citizens. For this, the company is developing a special system that will allow connecting all suppliers of electric energy.

There is a detailed statement of plans on the official start-up portal, there are schemes and calculations. So, the project can be considered quite reliable.

The main distinguishing features of the SerenitySourse platform, as its developers declare, are:

  • the ability to work with any OS
  • the presence of encryption that will ensure the safety of user data and tokens
  • efficient work with alternative energy enterprises

The most profitable ICOs

At the end of this overview, let’s talk about the most amazing and profitable ICO projects that this world has ever seen. Of course, most likely you already know about these projects. After all, they have proven effective and are now actively developing.

The most popular project, without which it is impossible to imagine the cryptocurrency industry today, is the Ethereum cryptocurrency. This digital currency was created by Vitalik Buterin. At the crowd sale stage, the Ethereum token was worth $0.3, and now it sells for $203 (as of March 2020).

IOTA. This token is interesting in that it does not use blockchain to perform operations on its network. The price of cryptocurrency rose from a starting $0.0004 to $0.196 (as of March 2020).

In general, almost all the popular digital currencies that are currently on the market started as ICO projects. Therefore, you can judge for yourself how profitable it is to buy startup coins at an early stage of development. You can easily turn 1 thousand dollars into 100 thousand dollars!


When investing in ICO projects, you should be aware of the risks. According to statistics, 80% of startups do not achieve their goal and lose investor money. Of course, the digital currency industry is no exception.

However, if you want to increase your money relatively quickly, you should not buy shares of companies. The latter at best will bring a profit of 10-20%. The best option is to invest in ICO projects. In two years, you can double and even triple your investment! Just choose the project wisely, do not fall for scammers! Have a good investment!

In conclusion, we want to remind you that ICO campaigns need to be evaluated by their merits, and not by the hype that is created around almost every one of them. Given the prospects of the blockchain, it is likely that many new ICO projects will work on interesting technologies under the guidance of professional teams. But at the same time, the appearance of plagiarism and scam is inevitable in this area, so do not be lazy to spend time and energy on a thorough analysis of the projects you intend to invest in.

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