How to trade crypto on Forex: fundamental insights

October 14, 2020   Bitcoin

The world of trading is diverse. There is a multitude of assets for investments: you can start trading commodities and try your chances with CFDs, or you can try to catch financial opportunities with stocks of the leading companies such as Facebook or Apple. However, many traders choose currency trading. They are looking for insights on how to trade Forex, craft optimized strategies for Forex, and boost their investment potential.

Forex trading is worth a shot. Millions of traders who invest in currencies daily have made Forex a popular form of online investments. As of April 2019, the foreign exchange market’s circulation was $6.6 trillion per day. The main argument in favor of Forex is quick and painless access to the market. You need a computer or phone and an internet connection to browse this financial arena. Read on if you are willing to find out how to trade Forex.

How does Forex trading work?

To make a deal on the foreign exchange market, you just need to buy one currency for another. Exchanges provide immediate delivery, meaning you receive a real asset right away. If you believe that the euro, for example, will get stronger, you can buy a certain amount of this currency for dollars at a current price, receive it on the spot, and save it till its value rise. This is how things are done on the spot market. However, if you are wondering how to trade Forex alternatively, you can explore the forward or futures markets.

Those markets do not deal with physical assets. Instead, they offer traders contracts stipulating that the parties that set them up agree to deliver a certain amount of currency at a specific price at an agreed-upon price. The settlement of contracts is done in cash.

Both types of contracts deal with derivatives and can be used for speculation and hedging. Although forward and futures contracts for Forex trading are similar, they are still different in some aspects. While a futures contract is a standardized agreement, a forward one in non-standardized. The first one is traded on the futures exchange, and the second one is traded over the counter.

Contracts for difference are one form of forward contracts. Today traders actively trade CFDs on currencies because they can set up a deal directly with a broker without any middlemen. To understand how to trade Forex via CFDs, get familiar with their main features.

Characteristics of CFDs:

  • Traded with leverage that increases buying power
  • Allow opening short and long positions
  • Cash settlement instead of physical delivery
  • Allow selling the underlying asset before the expiry date

To start CFD trading, you can make a prediction on the future price movements of a selected currency pair. On the spot market, you can hope that the currency you trade will rise in value but still your chances of having losses With CFDs, you can not only open a position for a rising price but also for falling one and hope for profits. If your prediction is correct, you get your reward.

An essential insight into the question “How to trade Forex?” is the concept of leverage. Many traders opt for CFDs because of it. It helps to magnify your investment potential. And even though investors may face considerable risks when trading with leverage, it does not stop them from catching financial opportunities with CFDs on Forex.

Leverage is indicated in ratios. For example, it can be 1:2, 1:4, 1:10, 1:30, 1:50, 1:100 or 1:200, etc. Professional traders usually deal with higher leverage than retail ones because their corporations can give them more funds for investments. Higher leverage can work for you resulting in significant gain, as well as against you, resulting in significant losses.  In case, you trade with 1:2 leverage, you make an initial investment, and your broker multiplies your investment by two, providing more cash for your deal. The size of leverage depends on both the size of a trading lot and the type of your trading account.

To understand better how to trade Forex, you have to remember that with increased buying power comes increased chances to magnify your losses. The Forex market is extremely volatile. You can fail your trade because of unpredictable price fluctuation. And since your trade is leveraged, your broker will require you to cover the losses.

What are the popular trading strategies for Forex?

Currency trading requires a strategy. The Forex market is volatile and liquid, prices change too fast, that’s why traders should keep that in mind while crafting their Forex trading strategies. With them, they can adjust their investment techniques to the market behavior and set a strong trading foundation.

Here are some of the strategies that show how to trade Forex in different ways:

  • Day trading strategy
  • Swing trading strategy
  • Scalping strategy

Day trading strategy

Forex trading is dynamic. It is reasonable to try to take advantage of short-term price fluctuations. This is what day trading is about. You buy and sell an underlying asset within a single day. This is one of the most common approaches for the foreign exchange market. To understand how to trade Forex with this strategy, you must know that it requires full involvement and careful attention to the smallest price movements. Such factors as economic statistics, interest and inflation rates should also be considered.

Day traders focus on fundamental and technical analysis. It allows them to get a big picture of the market performance in the past and make wise insights on the future of price fluctuations.

Swing trading strategy

If you are willing to know how to trade Forex with swing trading strategy, you should turn to technical analysis and pay attention to trend, mean reversion, relative strength, volume, and momentum indicators. They help you to eliminate emotions and subjectivity while you make your predictions and focus on intermediate-term opportunities. Swing trading implies holding an open position during several sessions.

Scalping strategy

With scalping strategy, you buy an underlying asset, hold it for a short period of time, and then close your position. You perform it several times during the day. Traders who chose the scalping strategy believe that small moves are more frequent and reduce market risk. Thus, you can take advantage of multiples small price changes to receive modest gains. They can form a considerable profit overall.

Make a step towards your trading dreams with 101Investing

Stop wondering how to trade Forex and get a real market experience while actually trading CFDs on currencies at 101Investing. 101Investing is a broker that inspire traders for smart and optimized investments. We know how significant your trading goals and aspirations are, and therefore we offer:

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How do I start trading Forex?

To start trading Forex, you need to have a trading account. If you are willing to open an account at 101Investing, you can do it in no time. We designed an easy-to-follow registration, so that you can complete it in 3 steps:

  •  Start by providing us with your name, address, and phone number.
  •  Continue by passing a quick questionnaire about your financial background.
  •  Complete the registration by sending us your ID and proof of residence.

Is it easy to trade Forex?

Forex trading is complex. If you are wondering how to trade Forex efficiently, you would better leave the idea till you are ready to invest a lot of effort into trading education and improve your trading skills. 101Investing offers traders to visit the education center to watch videos, participate in webinars, read e-books, and learn about:

  • Fundamental and technical analyses
  • Risk management
  • Capital management
  • Trading psychology

Do not hesitate to trade on a demo account. Without any deposits, you can practice your Forex trading skills and improve your techniques. How much do I need to start trading Forex? At 101Investing, you can make an initial investment of $250 to open a position.



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