Bitcoin Investment: A Guide To Trade Bitcoin

January 12, 2021   Bitcoin

As you may already know, cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin, is the most traded financial instruments in recent history. Bitcoin is a popular digital currency among today’s investors because Bitcoin investment presents a viable alternative to traditional investments like real estate and brick & mortar businesses. Bitcoin was created in 2007 by an unknown technocrat who goes by the name Nakamoto Satoshi.   

Bitcoin investment has witnessed a massive spike compared to previous years, even as governments across the world take steps to regulate the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, it interests people to make bitcoin investment, and there this post is curated with people in mind.

In this piece of information, we will take a closer look at why investing in bitcoin could be considered, things required to kick-start bitcoin trading career, as well as some factors to consider before picking a bitcoin broker. 

What Is Bitcoin? 

Bitcoin is a popular digital currency on the crypto market. It is a virtual currency that is completely devoid of government regulations and third-party interferences. It is stored in a digital wallet, and every bitcoin transaction is usually recorded in a public domain known as the blockchain.

You can buy. Sell, or even transfer bitcoin to your friends or family members. Plus, bitcoin can be converted to paper-based money or other financial assets.   

Why You May Get Involved In Bitcoin Investment? Here is why you may consider looking at bitcoin investment

  • Investment in bitcoin is high on potential
  • Bitcoin investment is a viable and independent alternative to traditional investments
  • There is high liquidity in the cryptocurrency market. 
  • It is simple and straightforward to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

Why It Could Be Risky Getting Into Bitcoin Investment? 

Could end up making you lose all your investment due to lack of knowledge and experience. The high liquidity of the crypto market, which could go against you. 

Bitcoin Exchanges and Brokers 

You need to open an account on a cryptocurrency exchange or broker before you can trade the cryptocurrency of your choice. If you have an account with an exchange, you’d be buying or selling cryptocurrencies directly.

As for online brokers, you’d be buying a CFD, which doesn’t give you the ownership of the cryptocurrency. 

Bitcoin Investment Requirements 

Before you can start bitcoin investment, you should look at the following things: 

  • Trading devices: You need a trading device to buy, sell or transfer bitcoin from one investor to another. A trading device can be anything from a laptop, a personal computer to a smartphone or a tablet. 
  • A strong internet connection: You cannot invest in bitcoin without a strong internet connection, you also need a strong internet connection to monitor market movements, price changes, as well as monitor your investment portfolio.  
  • Trading account: A bitcoin trading account is your first point of call to start trading in bitcoin. A trading account will hold your initial deposit, from where you will buy/sell bitcoin to make a profit. 
  • Bitcoin wallet: Another requirement is to have a bitcoin wallet. A digital wallet is used to store your private keys. 
  • Starting Capital: Finally, you need a starting capital. The minimum amount required to start investing in bitcoin varies from one exchange to another. So, before you pick an exchange, ensure you find out the minimum deposit that investors must maintain to be allowed to operate a trading account. For some exchanges, you can start trading with as low as $50.  

How To Pick A Good Bitcoin Broker?  

If you do a dig down with searching for the best bitcoin broker, you would be greeted with a list of different brokers for you to choose from. As a newbie, you would be overwhelmed by the list you would see.

So, how do you determine an exchange that would not only meet your trading needs but would offer a lending hand to give you the knowledge in real-time? Here are possible options you need to look at before choosing a broker:

  • Authenticity and Security. A good bitcoin broker should take the issue of security very seriously. Before you settle for a broker, ensure the broker is genuine, and they have measures in place to protect traders’ funds. You can check with regulatory authorities in your country of residence to know whether they are genuine or not. 
  • Deposit/Withdrawal Methods. Deposit and withdrawal option is another critical area you need to look into before choosing a bitcoin broker. A great and reputable broker should have multiple withdrawal and deposit options. Suppose you are in a location where using credit/debit card for online transaction is restricted, you should be able to fund your trading account via bank transfer or with the use of payment processors like PayPal, Skrill, or Perfect Money. Therefore, look out for a broker that supports various deposit/withdrawal options. 
  • Fee Structure. The last thing you would wish yourself is to trade bitcoin or be involved in CFD trading on an exchange that would take most of your profit as a transaction fee. Since additional charges can take a toll on your profit margin; therefore, using a broker with lower fees is a better choice.
  • Regulation. It is dangerous and risky to trade bitcoin on an exchange that is not regulated. Why? Because fraudsters may steal all your investments or life savings. At best, before you choose a broker, conduct a background check to find out whether or not the broker is regulated.   

Why You May Trade With T1markets 

T1markets is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges on the crypto space. Investing in cryptocurrency or digital currency can be simper here, especially for beginners. And that with the track record of helping newbies to become professional traders in real-time. Other reasons why our customers prefer us over our competitors are: 

  • Regulation: We are regulated to offer cryptocurrency trading services to different categories of bitcoin investors.  
  • Mobile Trading: Whether you are on the go or you are far away from your laptop, you can still trade bitcoin with a snap of the finger. We have a highly intuitive mobile app where you can monitor your investment portfolio.  
  • We have a team of experienced traders who will give you the knowledge to help you understand the nitty-gritty of the cryptocurrency market and how to trade with confidence.  
  • Withdrawal and deposit options: We have a range of deposit and withdrawal options, which includes credit/debit card or bank transfer facility. Also, withdrawing your earning is very simple with no additional fees or long time waiting. 
  • Trading Instruments: If you want to diversify your portfolio by trading other financial instruments like commodities, iron, indices, or metal, we have got you covered. We have more than 350 tradable assets listed on our platform.  

How To Trade Bitcoin On T1markets? 

Wondering how to trade bitcoin on our platform? The process is rather straightforward, ao simply follow the process below: 

  • Create a trading account
  • Fill the account opening form
  • Choose your preferred language from the language drop-down – English, Italiano, Espanol, Svenska, Deutsch, Netherlands, and Portuguese
  • Check the boxes and proceed with the process
  • As part of the KYC process, you would be required to upload some documents to verify your identity
  • Immediately you verify your trading account, proceed to make your first deposit
  • Navigate to the trading section and look out for bitcoin
  • Start trading CFDs in bitcoin
  • If you are stuck, reach out to us, and we would be happy to assist you 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Bitcoin worth investing? 

Bitcoin investment might be worth trying but also carries significant risk for the investor. You can exchange bitcoin for assets or cash. Plus, there is high liquidity associated with trading bitcoin along with high market demand, which makes it an attractive investment option but can be equally risky if not carried accurately. 

How do we trade bitcoin in the Netherlands? 

If you live in the Netherlands, below is how to trade bitcoin: 

  • You need a trading device (either a PC or a smartphone)
  • Head to a bitcoin exchange and open a trading account. NB: the exchange should be licensed to operate in the Netherlands
  • Make your first deposit and review your transaction
  • Move to your dashboard
  • Start trading bitcoin 

What is the minimum investment in Bitcoin? 

The minimum amount to invest in bitcoin varies from one exchange to the other. For instance, in our exchange, you can invest as low as $50. There are also some exchanges where you can invest below $100.  

Final Thoughts 

In today’s high-paced and competitive financial markets, bitcoin investment may be amongst the most viable investment options. You could gain positive outcome with the right trading tools, market information, and reputable crypto exchange in the cryptocurrency market.

One sure-fire way to start trading is to open a trading account on the T1markets exchange. We have different trading tools and indicators to support your strategies, which could help you benefit. However, it also contains an equal amount of risk if not followed with other safety measurements.

Whether you are interested in CFD trading or you want to buy commodities, it all could be a lot simpler through us. Since our knowledgeable team comprises of experienced traders who understands the dynamics of the bitcoin market and is always ready to guide.



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