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A Guide to Ethereum Trading

Ethereum is one of the most promising technology in today's fast-paced world. Since its creation in 2015, its growth seems not to slow down anytime soon. The ETH project aims to create a “world computer” by replacing old model servers with a new approach or nodes provided by volunteers. 

The team behind it seeks to introduce an alternative model for apps and data that doesn’t rely on big tech companies. While it is an open-source network, Ethereum trading means investing in the network and a unique transformational platform.

In this article, we will move you through what the Ethereum project is about, the benefits and risks of trading it, and how to trade CFDs on it. 

What is Ethereum? 

Ethereum is an open-source network featuring smart contract functionality. It was developed by a Russian-Canadian programming prodigy, Vitalik Buterin. By market cap, it is the second-largest cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin. The native currency of the Ethereum network is Ether. And is the blockchain with the most use case in the world.  

What Are The Features of Ethereum Trading? 

Bitcoin vs. Ethereum - What's The Difference? 

The major difference between these two is that Ethereum is a platform, while Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. Transactions involving ETH may be executable codes; however, those of bitcoin are primarily monetary.

In terms of transaction speed, transactions on the Ether network are much faster than Bitcoin. What's more? Bitcoin is a medium of exchange and a store of value, while ETH is not. Ethereum developer created the network as a complement to Bitcoin, but it turns out to be a competitor. 

How Can I Do Ethereum Trading in CFDs? 

You have two options before you – the first option is to buy directly from an exchange so that you own the coin. This option is usually a long-term method, as you have to wait until the price of the coin increases, then you sell to make a profit.

The second option is to trade a contract for difference (CFD) on it and speculate on the price differential with an aim to make a profit. At its core, a CFD is a contract between an investor and a broker, where one party pays the other the difference in the opening and the close price of ETH.

While trading CFD on it, you can either hold a short position (that is, speculating that the price of the coin will fall) or a long position (speculating that the price of the coin will increase). Trading CFD on it is a short-term investment.   

Ways to Trade it 

Ethereum trading requires discipline, attention to detail, and robust knowledge of how the cryptocurrency market works. 

So now you know about Ethereum trading and how it works, let's give you a heads up to help you have a better idea. Below are other things to keep in mind before placing your first trade. 

How To Trade CFDs Ethereum With 101investing?

Below are the steps on how to access ETH CFDs on our platform: 

Why Trade Ethereum With 101investing 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Ethereum a good investment? 

As of the time of writing this article, Ethereum has outshined crypto giants like Bitcoin and other digital currencies due to the recent DeFi bandwagon. Hence, we can say that Ethereum is a good investment in the cryptocurrency market. If you start now to invest in ETH, you may reap the reward later in the future if the market doesn't go south. 


You can now see that Ethereum trading with CFDs is an alternative way to access the crypto market. Due to the recent upsurge of the DeFi bandwagon, Ethereum is now one of the best crypto investments to consider.

Ethereum trading requires the ability to follow with discipline and requires a high level of meticulousness. In short, trading Ether requires a robust understanding of the market. You need to know exactly when to open and close a trade position so that you don't get caught in the market risks.

Once you create a trading account, you can test platform features with a demo account before you start trading. We have a user-friendly demo account that you can take advantage of. Our demo account is very similar to a live account. A demo account can give you the confidence to trade in a live trading environment.


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