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4 best cryptos to mine in 2020

January 2020

If we are to be realistic, the era had gone when Bitcoin was the most profitable coin to mine. This is because the Bitcoin mining block has become overpopulated, and it’s now more difficult and expensive to mine. We can talk about electricity costs, equipment efficiency, and other indices that make it difficult.

But the good thing is, we have several other good alternatives. If you’re about making your crypto mining goals for 2020, we can give you some ideas of the most profitable crypto you can mine. Here are 4 best Crypto to mine in 2020.

Ethereum (ETH)

For many miners and crypto Enthusiasts, if you remove bitcoin out of the equation, Ethereum is the king. And Ethereum is easier to mine than Bitcoin, which makes it very relevant. It's decentralized and open-source network that acts as a backbone for the DApps it holds. This minable crypto is based on the Ethash algorithm, which means you can effectively mine ETH with 4-6 GPUs. Mining this crypto brings a lot of benefits because each block can fetch you 3 ETH per block, which is a handsome reward.

Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

Bitcoin gold forked from Bitcoin crypto on 24 October 2017. Since then, the coin has become an integral part of the crypto community as it has worn many fans. The coin forked out to create a version of Bitcoin people can mine with GPU. Since it forked from Bitcoin, only its block reward and block timing are the same. It’s far easier to mine with GPUs.

Monero (XMR)

Monero has grown in popularity over the years as its value continues to surge. Crypto miners have also taken note of the ASIC resistant cryo coin. This mining solution is ideal for the AMD Video cards as it uses the CryptoNight algorithm.

However, Monero recently changed its algorithm protocol to RamdomX. As it stands, you can use the Nvidia GPU to mine the crypto effectively. You could do better with more gains if you join a mining pool for XMR. Under 2 minutes with Random X, you could get crypto rewards of 2 XMR.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

This may come as a surprise to many who think Dogecoin is not valuable and serious crypto. Well, it’s one of the most valuable to mine. So, that justifies its inclusion here. But apart from its mining ease and effectiveness, DOGE is an important educational tool as well.

If you want to mine with GPU, DOGE is one of the most effective tools for you. And it’s very easy to mine compared to several other cryptocurrencies out there.

Although it may not make you rich, it still offers valuable mining experience you can use along the way. As a beginner, you would need a simpler mining solution that can help you climb up the ladder to become more proficient. This crypto will provide such valuable lessons for you. Of course, you will earn some money from it too. With a block time of 1 minute, you can mine about 10,000 DOGE through the Scrypt Algorithm.


The above are the 4 best cryptos to mine in 2020. These are many that came close the list, including Zcash (ZEC), Aion (AION), and Ravencoin. But the ones above are the most efficient, easiest, and most rewarding to mine in 2020 for both experienced and inexperienced miners.

Author: Ali Raza for

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