3 Christmas gift ideas for Cryptocurrency lovers

December 17, 2019   Bitcoin

With less than two weeks to go before Christmas, the countdown to buy the best present is on. While everyone if looking for the usual, why not surprise your friends with something special?  And who says you can’t find crypto Christmas presents for that crypto trader who is your friend?

 If you are looking for the best Christmas present to offer that crypto enthusiast we have you covered. These top 3 crypto presents will definitely put some smiles on the face of your friend who trades crypto coins.

Info-Cards  and HODL Cards

If you know someone with investments in crypto or multiple Bitcoin wallets, it’s time to surprise them. You can gift them an info card or a HODL Card they can use as a handy reference. They come in different designs. But you can opt for the vintage-style crypto magic ones that have QR reference codes to price information and websites.

Those gifted with the HODL cards can decide to include their personal QR codes, which features the public address of their Bitcoin or cryptocurrency

That way, they can scan the QR code to add Bitcoins or new savings. With this, it can help the person reduce short term trading temptation as it will induce them to stake for the long term. .  It’s a cool gift that any Bitcoin investor will appreciate. It does not only show you care for them but it also shows you love what they are doing.

Grey Trezor Crypto Pockets

The Corazon is a unique gift you can present your loved ones who are trading on Bitcoin. This piece of artwork was actually crafted using technological and mechanical artistry. It is considered the cryptocurrency wallet Rolex by crypto traders. Although it’s a bit heavy, it looks catchy and elegant, which is one of the requirements of a Christmas gift. If your friend is passionate about blockchain and cryptocurrency, they would love this gift.

It comes with a USB wire for connecting smaller devices. The Corazon looks expensive, but since it’s a Christmas gift, it will be a worthy one for your crypto passionate friend. The Corazon is also strong as it does not break easily. This is the type of gift that will last a lifetime for your beneficiary. And with the impact of gifts, they will always remember you as long as they see the gift.

Bitcoin Socks

Okay, maybe you don’t have a lot of cash to spare for a Corazon but still want something fanciful. There is an option for you too. The Bitcoin Sock is another eye-catching gift you can offer your Bitcoin crazy friend.
Sometimes the simplest gifts are the most amazing. If you don’t want to go towards the expensive route, a Bitcoin designed sock will be in order. The Christmas weather makes everyone desirable of a proper pair of socks. It’s an essential item the beneficiary can show off in the office or at home. Apart from Bitcoin socks, there are loads of wearable options you can choose from, including crypto sweatshirts and jumpers.
Final Words

The above are some gift items you can get for your friend or loved one who is a crypto enthusiast. If you don’t have enough cash for the Corazon gift item, a Bitcoin sock or an info card is also attractive. And there are other crypto designed items too. Be creative in your search, you will find the best gift for your crypto enthusiastic friend.

Author: Ali Raza for Crypto-Rating.com

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