TRON (TRX) Changes Its Stance to Bearish

November 19, 2020   TRON

In the previous TRON (TRX) price prediction article, we were weighing the possibilities of TRX resolving the symmetrical triangle. It appears that the sellers are slowly getting the upper hand in this battle for resolution as the price is gradually slipping to the downside and out of the triangle construction. 

And as you can see on this year-to-date chart, the resolution to the downside would entail a much deeper correction.

Year-to-date TRX chart

After hitting the year’s high at $0.05 and ultimately falling down to $0.025, the altcoin has been puttering about that price level, which had a detrimental effect on its performance profile over the past 30 days, which has turned red across the board:

  • 4% against USD;
  • 31.06% when opposed to Bitcoin;
  • 22.9% in the ETH market.

Needless to say that such a massive slump against the rival cryptocurrencies was caused by the latest surge of BTC and its domination that always leads to a significant weakening of altcoins. Therefore, the current TRON price prediction will have a bearish bias.

The selling pressure grows

The macro (monthly) chart reveals the real situation in this market as TRX appears to have failed to establish a high since both candles that finalized the bull rally actually closed way below the close of the 2019 rally, which served as a previous lower high of the macro downtrend that now stands at $0.029. 

1-month TRX/USDT chart

This leads us to the conclusion that despite the achievements of late, TRON remains locked in the confines of a perpetual downtrend, which is exacerbated by the showings of key indicators.

  • Stochastic is pointing at the radical change of momentum from bullish to bearish that occurred after the corresponding crossover to the downside at the beginning of October. The shift in the momentum signals that the price might go below the support at $0.022 to $0.019 or even $0.014;
  • The Accumulation/Distribution (A/C) indicator is at the lower extremities, confirming the trend direction.

Key price levels on this time frame:

  • $0.029 - the resistance that is going to remain relevant for the next several months;
  • $0.022 - current support that is being threatened to be broken to the downside;
  • $0.019 - the most probable area of support during the lingering correction;
  • $0.14 - an extremely deep trough that still could be obtained, given the bearish outlook on the macro level.

On the weekly time frame, the price has already broken below the support of the 12% consolidation channel that had been held for the past six weeks. This week’s candle opened at $0.0257, below the close of the previous candle, and now threatens the support at $0.022.

1-week TRX/USDT chart

Stochastic signals strongly about the bearish momentum, while A/C provides no hints at the reversal. The lowering of Stochastic into the oversold zone will correspond with the strong test of $0.022 to the downside.

1-day TRX/USDT chart

On the daily chart, TRX is demonstrating an even stronger bearish tendency. We see the price making lower highs, as well as a massive red engulfing candle that is prepared to take out all gains from the previous small rally, which would inevitably lead to a more sizable price drop.

Key price levels:

  • $0.024 - the interim support, the breakage of which could trigger a drop;
  • $0.027 - the resistance of consolidation channel, the rise above which may result in a quick rally to $0.029.
 Author: Alex Paulson for

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